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Theodora Miranne is an actress who's appeared in more than 20 movies and TV shows in her still budding career. She started her career in show business in 2011 when the actress was cast in the short film These Days. Since then she's appeared in more and more shows and movies which allowed her to carve a little space in the industry where careers come and go in a blink of an eye and it seems Theodora's career is trending up.

Born Theodora Woolley in the early 90s, she is one of two kids of her parents. She's got a baby brother whom she loves a lot and also shares a close bond with, she once shared a photo of her at the age of 5-6 years old holding her little brother who was born in 1996.

Theodora Miranne is currently married.Theodora Miranne is an actress who made her career predominantly through TV.
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The actress grew up in a healthy family environment where her father was her rock and someone whom she looks up to and loves to this day. She is seen sending love to her father and being close with him on Instagram, but there is pretty little sign of her mother.

Theodora's career started in 2011 and with a good support system on her family side, the actress met the man she was going to spend the rest of her life with.

Relationship with Robert Miranne, Are They Married?

Theodora Miranne married her husband Robert Miranne.Theodora Miranne and Robert Miranne are married and started a family together.
Source: Instagram

While the still budding career of Theodora was going on an upward trend, the actress met Robert Miranne who is the son of the successful entrepreneur Joy Mangano. For people who feel like they've heard the name before, it's because the director David O. Russell made a semi biopic on the entrepreneur with the Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence playing Joy in the movie.

Robert and his mother are sporting different last names because he took the last name of his father while Joy used her maiden name from before her marriage. Robert and Theodora met in and around 2014 when he first started to make an appearance in the actress' Instagram page.

Theodora Woolley married Robert Miranne and took his last name.Theodora and Robert are married and they are the parents of a child.
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The two shared a close bond, which grew year over year, and they always celebrated Christmas party together and went on vacations. But then in 2016, Robert got down on his knee and proposed and the two went off to Hawaii to share a magical time and get married. Robert and Theodora tied the knot and exchanged their vows on 30 July 2016.

The actress got pregnant in 2019, she debuted her baby bump in August and there will be a welcome addition to the growing family of Robert and Theodora when their child arrives on earth in January of 2020.

Theodora's Budding Career Including Appearance in the Hit-Show 'The Blacklist' and It's Spinoff

Theodora Miranne played the character of Brooks in the hit show Person of Interest.Theodora Miranne played 'Brooks' in the show 'Person of Interest.'
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The first role in a big production for the actress was in the series Nepotism, where she appeared in one episode. But the first visible or recognizable role for the actress was in the beloved fan-favorite show Person of Interest where she appeared in two episodes of the fourth season of the series, playing the government agent Brooks.

In 2015, the actress was cast in the show Blue Bloods and Broad City for one episode each with Eye Candy being her first long gig on TV. The Night Before, a comedy movie starring Seth Rogen, was her first major movie experience.

Theodora Miranne played Kat Carlson in The Blacklist spinoff and the main show.Theodora Miranne played 'Kat Carlson' in 'The Blacklist: Redemption' and the main show 'The Blacklist.'
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All of these led the actress to her first major performance in the series The Blacklist: Redemption. The spinoff show based on the original series was her first starring role where she appeared in eight episodes playing the character of Kat Carlson, but the show was cut after only half of season one. She appeared in a couple of movies after the series, but she was back playing the character in 2019 when she appeared in one episode of The Blacklist.

Making the Cast of Innovative 'Gemini Man' Playing Kitty

Theodora Miranne is appearing as Kitty In Gemini Man.Theodora Miranne is appearing as 'Kitty' in the movie 'Gemini Man.'
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Gemini Man, was a movie in development for over 20 years when Paramount finally got Ang Lee to direct the movie with Will Smith taking on the main role of the film, him also portraying the clone of himself in the movie.

The movie was lauded for its mastery when it comes to special effects, but it was thrashed by the critics for the lack of meat on the bone of the story with familiar beats ruining the experience for most of the people.

Watch: The trailer for the Will Smith movie 'Gemini Man'

Theodora was cast in the role of Kitty in the movie which sure cost the studio more than $100 million to make. There is not much we know of her character, but she is said to play an important part in the movie and this is without a doubt the biggest production she's been part of.

The actress is currently waiting to give birth to her child but she is also getting ready for the premiere of her starring role in the movie Entangled which is set to arrive on the same day Gemini Man is releasing, 11 October 2019.

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