Tom Houghton From The Circle Season 5: Learn About the Comedian on Instagram!

Dec 30, 2022 @ 13:54 GMT-0500
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Tom Houghton From The Circle Season 5: Learn About the Comedian on Instagram!

Tom Houghton is one of the cast of Netflix's Circle season five. Tom, 36, an English stand-up comedian, joined the game after the first two players are barred. He is active on Instagram and describes himself as a former resident of the Tower of London, best known for being the location of the Crown Jewels in his bio.

In The Circle, a reality game show on Netflix, contestants from all walks of life segregate themselves into separate apartments within the same building to compete in a unique competition. Following a rotating cast, the objective is to become very popular on the titular voice-activated social media site using nothing but one's wits, charisma, and execution.

The Circle on Netflix is a reality competition series where players are paired up in the same building but in several soundproof flats. It is based on the same-named British program. They must maintain their isolation and avoid making physical contact with other players or the outside world to maintain the mystery of the situation. They are free to be any version of themselves and are only permitted to communicate with one another through text, images, and biographies on a certain social media site. The only difference in the fifth season is that it is titled The Circle Singles and includes a subtitle. It only involves single players, as you may have already realized, so things are probably going to grow even more intriguing.

While the majority of The Circle contestants adore the luxurious suites they stay in while competing on the show, one Season 5 participant finds the flats to be a significant decline. Everyone was startled when Tom Houghton disclosed that he resides in the Tower of London, a medieval fortress that guards England's Crown Jewels. The audience is now more curious about him. So let's talk more in-depth about him.

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Tom Houghton Is One of the cast of Netflix’s The Circle Season Five; As per His Instagram Bio, He Is a Former Resident of the Tower of London!

In Episode 2 of Season 5 of Netflix's The Circle, Tom Houghton (@honourabletom) joins the game after the first two players are barred. He is an English stand-up comedian, who lives in the Tower of London, as he states in his introduction. It's like the more refined British cousin of the opening information you hear on MTV's Next.

He is rather well-known on TikTok and Instagram, where he has a total of 358k followers and 58.9k followers respectively. Tom describes himself as honorable on Instagram. As per his Instagram bio, he Is a former resident of the tower of London.

He is from the UK and is 36 years old. He resides in The Tower of London, best known for being the location of the Crown Jewels. High-ranking military officials frequently reside in the Tower of London. Additionally residing at the Tower of London are the Resident Governor and Keeper of the Jewel House.

Another inhabitant of the Tower of London is General Sir Nicholas Houghton, his father and former chief of the defense staff. Tom's father received two knighthoods as well and eventually received the rank of baron. Tom consequently spent some time residing at the Tower of London. His dad became Baron Houghton of Richmond in 2017. Royal guards are posted outside the Tower of London, and his father is a significant role in the British military, which supports the royal family. Tom has no personal connection to the royal family. But since Tom is a comedian, he has discussed the late Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family in his stand-up performances.

However, Tom clarifies in a TikTok video that neither power nor royalties are associated with his title. He only has his title because he is a baron's descendant. Additionally, Tom is referred to as The Honorable Tom Houghton when he is introduced at a gathering. While many of the audience members at one YouTube-posted show may not be fans of the monarchy, he argues that they can't dislike the queen.

A joke about the Queen's birth and the following birthright follows. Although Tom is not a member of the royal line and only has the title that was bestowed upon him by his father, his fellow Circle candidates are sure to be impressed by him. If they don't first think of him as a catfish, that is. Tom, a British stand-up comedian, enters The Circle with a lot of self-assurance. In his introduction video, he claims,

I have a career of walking into rooms and making people like me instantaneously. That's exactly what I'm going to do here, I'm sure of it.

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