Tony Hinchcliffe’s (Girlfriend) Wife: Rumors With Joanna Jedrzejczyk!

Tony Hinchcliffe seems to have remained silent about revealing his current girlfriend. He was once married to his wife, Charlotte Jane, which was a secret weeding, but it looks like they are no longer together. He was also rumored to be dating Joanna Jedrzejczyk. which is untrue.

Renowned American stand-up comedian, writer, and podcast presenter Tony Hinchcliffe is renowned for his sharp, dark humor, and deft improvisational abilities. At an early age, he started his humorous career by practicing his trade and giving shows at neighborhood comedy clubs. His distinct brand of humor frequently consists of satirical commentary on a range of social issues, with a particular emphasis on pop culture and current affairs. He has a devoted fan base thanks to his incisive delivery and capacity to captivate listeners with his thought-provoking topics.

Tony Hinchcliffe is a gifted and energetic performer who has had a lasting influence on the comedy industry thanks to his distinct sense of humor and deft handling of touchy subjects. He continues to captivate audiences across the globe, and now those audiences and his fans are interested in learning about his girlfriend.

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Tony Hinchcliffe Is Silent Regarding the Topic of His Girlfriend; Rumors With Joanna Jedrzejczyk!

Tony Hinchcliffe (@tonyhinchcliffe) has done comedy in front of millions of people, but who would have thought that his life would be messed up? The comedian seems to be never revealing about his girlfriend after his marriage didn’t last long. He has made sure that no one could find out about his girlfriend or his dating life in the current time.

Although Tony Hinchcliffe has not revealed anything about his girlfriend, and we are not sure if he has anyone, he was rumored to be dating Joanna Jedrzejczyk (@joannajedrzejczyk) a few years ago, captioning ‘Thanks, Joanna, for only landing this one shot’. The comment section was full of comments about their relationships, calling them a match made in heaven and a perfect couple.

Tony Hinchcliffe was rumored to be dating Joanna Jedrzejczyk. celebsindepth.comTony Hinchcliffe was rumored to be dating Joanna Jedrzejczyk.
Source: Instagram

You must be aware of Joanna Jedrzejczyk, one of the deadliest and most reliable strikers in UFC history. She is well-known for her accurate and potent striking, uses a sprawl-and-brawl tactic to overwhelm her opponents by drawing on her background in Muay Thai kickboxing. When she first learned Muay Thai as a teenager, she began her career in mixed martial arts. She participated in and won numerous amateur and professional Muay Thai titles prior to joining the UFC. Her exposure to the championship matches facilitated her rapid ascent to UFC fame.

Fans were really rooting for Tony Hinchcliffe and Joanna Jedrzejczyk during the time he shared the picture, but it looks like they have sperate plans and have never been seen together since then, leading us to believe that it was just a normal meet-up, and we made it big by thinking of them as a couple. And the comedian seems to be single and focused on his career, or maybe he is still keeping something private.

Tony Hinchcliffe’s Relationship With His Wife, Charlotte Jane!

Some of you may be surprised, while others who have been following him for years must be well aware that Tony Hinchcliffe was a married man and had a beautiful wife. As a comedian, he has shown his versatility as a comedian and entertainer by appearing on multiple comedy specials, TV shows, and podcasts during his career. And during his comedy, he made revelations about his marriage.

In 2015, the comedian made the first confession of being married to his partner at a live comedy event. Many, however, didn’t take his remarks seriously and assumed he was kidding. He revealed his engagement to Charlotte Jane (@charlottebabyjane) on Instagram in 2017 and shared a picture of the two of them there, along with an engagement ring.

Tony Hinchcliffe with his wife, Charlotte Jane. celebsindepth.comTony Hinchcliffe with his wife, Charlotte Jane.
Source: Glamour Buff

Similarly, a few years later, Tony Hinchcliffe said that he would marry Charlotte, the daughter of Australian race car driver Bob. Most people assumed he was kidding even after this second statement, but then more surprise came towards his fans after an Instagram photo appeared with the caption,

Married as f–k. Honeymooning in La Jolla, doing four performances at @comedystorelj this weekend before heading to Australia in Nov.

To those wondering about Tony Hinchcliffe’s wife, Charlotte Jane, she is an Instagram model, and her exact profession is unknown yet. She has over 28k followers on Instagram. Although we are not sure if the couple is still married or not, many sources have claimed that they are no longer together. But for years, neither Tony nor Charlotte had posted anything or even referenced each other. Going through one of the Reddit discussions shows that they are already divorced.

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