Tony Revolori

Tony Revolori is a household name now because of his associating with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From an early age, the kid wanted to be an actor, and he got his wish pretty soon after he was born.

Born on 28 April 1996, Tony is one of three kids of Sonia and Mario Quinonez who immigrated from Guatemala. Tony is the middle child and, like his elder brother, an actor. Tony started in the life of acting at the age of two when he was hired to do commercials and soon the commercial doing kid developed a passion for one day becoming an actor.

Tony Revolori posing for a profile image.Tony Revolori played the character of Flash Thompson in the Spider-Man movies.
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The actor was born Anthony Quinonez, but he and his brothers took the name of his paternal grandmother. Mario, Tony, and Benjamin are all extremely close and if the little one also pursues acting full time then we’ll be faced with a trifecta of Revolori brothers.

Tony’s Star Making Performance as ‘Flash Thompson’ in ‘Spider: Homecoming’ and ‘Far From Home’

Tony Revolori played the character of Flash Thompson in Spider-Man.Flash Thompson was played by Tony Revolori in Spider-Man: Homecoming and its sequel.
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Spider-Man was going through a rough spell, Sony owned the rights to the movie and they produced two excellent movies in the Toby Maguire led first and second Spidey flicks, but then the franchise took a tumble when Spider-Man started dancing and became an emo-kid.

The reboot attempt was okay but left much to be desired. Then the second flick in the reboot almost put the nail in the coffin for one of the most recognizable characters in the world. But smartly Sony decided to hand over the reins of the movie to Marvel and Spider-Man: Homecoming was released.

Flash Thomson was played by Tony Revolori in Spider-Man.Tony Revolori came back in Far From Home for an appearance as Flash Thompson.
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Tony was cast in the age-old role of Flash Thompson which was derided by fans, but this iteration of Flash was totally different from what we saw before. The character was not as popular or strong of a bully like in the past flicks. This was a roll-your-eyes at Flash and we loved the fact they tweaked the character.

After the casting was announced and a Guatemalan kid of brown ethnicity was cast in the white boy role of Flash, there was a massive uproar among fans and some even becoming violent and sending the actor death threats and he was privy to some hate mails from the toxic fan base.

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But with his performance, the actor proved everyone wrong and he brought a new spin to a tried and tested character which was a welcome change. Flash Thompson returned again in the second movie Far From Home where his character was even more fleshed out and his battles with Peter were some of the most exciting beats in the movie.

Other Prominent Movies and TV Roles of the Actor

Early on in his life, work was only limited to short films and commercials and slowly the actor started to appear in bit-part roles in various shows till he got his breakout role in the Wes Anderson cult-classic movie The Grand Budapest Hotel where he played the character of Zero Moustafa.

For an actor who was struggling and movies to movies, this supporting role where he was featured heavily was the turning point in the actors’ career. For his portrayal, the actor received multiple nominations and this was by far the best role of the actor to date.

Tony Revolori played Zero Mustafa in the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel.Tony Revolori played the character of Zero Moustafa in the hit movie The Grand Budapest Hotel.
Source: Newsarama

After the display in the movie, the actor was hired in multiple roles from critical and semi-commercial success Dope to the panned movie The 5th Wave which was hated by both the critics and the fans of the book. Then the actor appeared in Lowriders which finally led to the actor being cast in a prominent role in Spider-Man: Far From Home.

While his acting career in the movies was going strong, the actor was also cast in Son of Zorn where he played the character of Scott Schmidt for five episodes.

Tony Revolori appeared in Son of Zorn.Tony Revolori appeared in a few episodes of ‘Son of Zorn.’
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Disney and Sony recently agreed terms to allow Spider-Man to appear in one more solo Spider-Man movie which probably means the actor is coming back to play his role of Flash Thompson. Considering how the last movie ended and the love Flash shows for Peter the new dynamic between the characters will be hilarious to see, but we will need to wait till the end of Phase 4 to see how everything shakes out in the end.

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