Tyler Howitt

Tyler Howitt is not really a mainstream personality yet as he carries only a few acting credits to his name, most notably Behind Her Eyes (still in development) and Apple Tree House (2017). However, he is set to receive the biggest fame of his career so far through the British fantasy adventure series.

Tyler Howitt is portraying Billy Costa in ‘His Dark Materials’

In the books, Tyler’s character Billy Costa is a gyptian boy who gets captured by the Gobblers. He manages to escape from Bolvangar with the aid of Lyra Belacqua (Dafne Keen).

Talking of Billy’s early life in His Dark Materials, he was raised on a gyptian boat by his mother and brother Ma Costa and Tony Costa, respectively.

The boy gets captured by the Gobblers during the Horse Fair in Oxford. This results from his unfortunate mistake of running off in the middle or holding a horse trader’s horse. A few other children including Billy and Roger Parslow get taken to Bolvangar.

At the Horse Fair, Ma Costa, along with Lyra and a few other children, begin a search for him. Sadly, he is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Roger gets taken later the same day.

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Soon enough Lyra and her daemon Pantalaimon arrive at Bolvangar. Merely a day later, Pantalaimon sees Billy behind Lyra in the lunch queue. Subsequently, Billy, Roger, and Lyra sit together and talk about the site. Billy tells Lyra she heard from one of the nurses that children were taken further south. Roger, though, shares a piece of more positive news as he claims he found a loose ceiling panel. He further reveals he’s discovered the fact one could crawl above the whole site.

A fire drill occurs later that afternoon and Billy opts to stay guard with Roger, whilst Lyra and Serafina Pekkala’s daemon Kaisa free the severed daemons from the site. Meanwhile, Billy never saw the daemons sail away in the sky.

After the children escape from Bolvangar, Billy finally gets reunited with his brother.

Tyler Howitt appeared for a single episode in ‘Apple Tree House’ back in 2018

Tyler Howitt featured as Reggie in one of the episodes in Apple Tree House titled ‘Carnival’.

Apple Tree House, shot in Bromley-by-Bow, is a drama series catering to children below the age of 11. The TV show originally proposed as an animation series is produced by CBeebies. It is set on the imaginary Apple Tree House estate in London, United Kingdom.

The actor’s career, meanwhile, is on a rise as he’s also starring in Behind Her Eyes playing the role of Adam for six episodes.

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