Bodybuilder Kim Kang Min From Physical 100: Instagram & Height of the South-Korean Star!

Kim Kang Min, one of the contestants of Netflix’s Physical: 100, is a professional bodybuilder from South Korea. He joined the show with his wife, Song A-Reum, who is also a bodybuilder. Meanwhile, the 5′ 7” star and his wife become the first married couple to join the other cast members in the room of torsos. Follow to know more about Kim Kang Min with his Instagram handle (@kang_min_kim).

In 2023, Netflix has a lot in store for its subscribers. Physical: 100 is the first of its unscripted series. In 2022, the series teased 100 contestants with athletic backgrounds to compete and see whose physique reigned supreme. Viewers will be pleased to see another competition series on Netflix, but they may have never seen anything like this before. Fans are treated to displays of muscle, strength, and agility by some of Korea’s most well-known bodybuilders, Olympic athletes, wrestlers, and others.

Kim Kang Min, a bodybuilder who has everyone swooning, has left fans of the show speechless with his physique. Along with Kim Kang Min, his wife Song A-Reum is also a contestant on the Netflix show which premiered on January 24 and also features some of the fittest and most competitive people.

Of course, many viewers have been interested to know more about Kim Kang Min. Well, here is everything you need to know about the South-Korean bodybuilder.

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Kim Kang Min From Physical 100: Standing at the Height of 5’ 7’’, He Is a Professional Bodybuilder From South Korea!

The unscripted survival series got off to a rousing start. In Physical: 100 Episode 1, all 100 contestants enter a room with plaster busts of their torsos. Fans felt palpable tension as each contestant exuded a different sense of surprise, wonder, and even fear. Kim Kang Min, who stands at a height of 5′ 7”, was among the first contestants to arrive. Based on his achievements, it is obvious that he is a South Korean professional bodybuilder.

His wife, Song A-Reum, who is also a well-known bodybuilder from South Korea, is also featured in the show. During the premiere episode, Song A-Reum and Kim Kang Min become the first married couple to join the other contestants in the room of torsos. They’ve been married for six years and have a daughter who is six years old.

When the two enter the Physical: 100 room, fellow contestants ask if Kim Kang Min can lift 1000 kilograms or something. Kim Kang Min also has a popular YouTube channel with nearly 440k subscribers as of this writing. And Song A-Reum works as a fitness model and competes in fitness competitions. When it comes to fitness, she is no stranger to hard physical training or competing against others.

According to Big Bodies, she is from South Korea and placed second and third in women’s bikini contests in 2019 and 2021. As parents, the bodybuilding couple juggles parenthood and their fitness careers. Their little girl has her own Instagram account, (@so. .eun1010).

And yes, both Song A-Reum and Kim Kang Min have a combined Instagram following of nearly 400,000. Song A-Reum can be found on Instagram at (@ssong rme). He can also be found on Instagram at (@kang_min_kim). Additionally, Kim Kang Min also posted a vlog on his YouTube channel showing the two attending the Netflix event for Physical 100.

Review of Physical: 100 Season 1 and the Reality Competition Premise!

This Physical 100 features celebrities from the Netflix Korean dating series Singles Inferno, a K-Pop dancer, Youtubers, rappers, MMA champions, Judo masters, and Olympic Gold medalists, among others. Then there are models, bodybuilders, and farmers, providing audiences with a diverse range of characters to root for.

This series, like the ever-popular Squid Game, has the mantra fight to survive, but thankfully no one dies on this show. It’s about putting your physical and mental strength to the test, as well as pushing yourself and your body to their limits. The challenges are intense, and there are even actual fights. The production and design teams deserve credit for creating some fantastic arenas/spaces. The first challenge is to hang from metal bars until only one remains while hanging over water so that you fall into something safe. It appears to be a lot more painful than you’d think, and many of the contestants were surprised at how quickly they fell.

The first episode features sculpted bodies and contestants walking through them to find their own. In a future challenge, if a contestant loses, they must smash their bust. This is somewhat demeaning, but it is very dramatic. In comparison to similar series, it is much more serious; there is no cheesy host, comedic voice-over, or live audience cheering on the contestants. Everything revolves around the contestants and the challenge.

While there is clear competition, the contestants have a strong sense of teamwork as they watch and cheer each other on. This is fantastic to see. It’s not snarky or manipulative, but each contestant respects the other. They clearly admire and understand what it takes to get here, which has a positive impact on the viewer.

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