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Valerie Ely was born Valerie Lundeen, and she became Ely after marrying the Hollywood hunk of the late 50s and 60s, Ron Ely. Valerie was a model in the 80s, and she gave up all of it to be a housewife and take care of her husband and children. Ron also gave up acting in 2001 to focus on his wife and family, and now their only son is responsible for the death of Valerie.

Murder of Valerie Ely by Her Son Cameron Ely

Valerie Ely was murdered by her son Cameron Ely in their home in Santa Barbara.Valerie Ely was murdered by her son Cameron Ely in their home in Santa Barbara.
Source: Evening Standard

Ron Ely used his earnings from movies, TV shows, and novels and bought a house in the exclusive Hope Ranch in Santa Barbara. This beautiful house was the scene of a crime where a male member of the family called 9-1-1 and asked for the police. The Sherriff’s department sent four deputies to get a look at what was said to be a family disturbance.

When the police arrived at the former actors’ home, they found a woman dead on the scene with multiple stab wounds. The woman was identified as Valerie Ely, and her demise was said to be around 8:15 pm. The police suspected the son was the one who killed his mother, and they started looking for Cameron Ely, who “was located outside the home.”

Cameron Ely was shot and killed about 90 minutes after he stabbed his mother to death.Cameron Ely was shot and killed about 90 minutes after he stabbed his mother to death.
Source: New York Post

The deputies asked the suspect to get down on the ground, but he kept saying he was carrying a gun, and it was his father, the 81-year-old actor, who murdered his mother. According to the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department, “The suspect told deputies that he had a gun, advanced towards the deputies, and motioned with his hands as if he were drawing a weapon.”

Cameron was said to be making a gun drawing motion when the deputies on the scene opened fire and shot 24 rounds at the 30-year-old son of Valerie and Ron. “When deputies were able to safely approached Cameron using a ballistic shield, they found that he had feigned being armed and did not have a weapon,” SBCSD said in a statement.

Santa Barbara Sheriff Department responded to the domestic disturbance call and shot Cameron Ely outside his parents' home.Santa Barbara Sheriff Department responded to the domestic disturbance call and shot Cameron Ely outside his parents’ home.
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Cameron Ely was pronounced dead, and the four deputies involved in the shooting were put on leave, as is the protocol, with the department now investigating the shooting. The names of the officers are still not made public and will be done so after the investigation is complete, and it is determined whether the shooting was clean or not.

The autopsy results are not in yet, and the police are keeping a close eye on the investigation. The Sheriff’s office also stated the father, Ron Ely, is not a suspect in the murder no matter the claims made by Cameron Ely in the final moments before he was gunned down.

Valerie Ely, former Miss Florida pageant winner, left behind a husband, who is suffering from a medical condition, two daughters Kristen and Kaitland, and a grandson who was born in 2018 to Kaitland.

Valerie Ely Miss Florida to Valerie Housewife

Valerie Ely and Ron Ely got married in 1984.Valerie Ely and Ron Ely got married in 1984.
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After getting her high school education in Florida, Valerie moved to DeLand, Florida, where she enrolled at Stetson University. Valerie was a kind-hearted person from her early days, which is why she was given the title of Miss Green Feather for her charitable works.

When she was done with her education at the University, Valerie moved on to her career in aviation here she was hired as a flight attendant. Working for the airline, she also took part in Miss Airline International, where she won the title of Miss Airline in a competition against fellow flight attendants and other aviation employees.

Valerie Ron and Cameron ELy at their daughter's wedding.Valerie Ron and Cameron Ely at their daughter’s wedding.
Source: The Mercury News

Valerie’s success in the 1980 Miss Aviation was a big boost for her, which allowed her to participate in Miss Florida, where she was representing Miami. She won the title of Miss Florida in 1981 and later took part in the Miss America pageant. Ron was also the host of Miss America for 1980 and 1981, but this was not the place where they first met.

The two lovebirds formed a bond after meeting for the first time, and after a little while dating, the couple tied the knot in 1984. This was Ron’s second wedding after the marriage with his high school sweetheart, Cathy Ely, ended after two years of marriage in 1961.

Soon after Valerie Ely and Ron Ely got married, the couple started their family and welcomed three kids into their lives.

Who is ‘Tarzan’ Actor Ron Ely?

Ron Ely made his career with the TV show 'Tarzan.'Ron Ely made his career with the TV show ‘Tarzan.’
Source: New York Post

Ron Ely was born on 21 June 1938 in Hereford, Texas, growing up during the time of world war two and seeing the triumphant movies of the late 40s, Ron wanted to be an action star. He got his big break at the age of 20 when the actor appeared in the romantic musical The Pacific.

But the role which made him famous and a household name in the 60s was his appearance as Tarzan in the show Tarzan. He played the character for 57 episodes in three years and did most of the stunts in the series himself.

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Ron is also famous for playing the only live-action version of the comic character Doc Savage in the movie Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze. The character is not exactly a comic-character; to be correct, the character is from a pulp magazine, and Doc Savage is also known as the world’s first superhero.

Ron Ely gave up acting in 2001 to focus on his family, and even after all the kids were off to college, he was still retired. The actor only returned to play a role in the movie Expecting Amish, which was released in 2014.

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