Ethnicity of Vika Abbyaeva From Bling Empire: Know More About the Kalmykian Model!

Vika Abbyaeva from Netflix’s Bling Empire: New York is of mixed ethnicity. The 27-year-old model is half Kalmykian and half Russian. Sources report that she was born in Elista, Kalmykia, and later moved to the United States to pursue a better future.

Bling Empire, a hit Netflix series, gives fans an inside look at the personal and professional lives of super-rich Asians in Los Angeles. The group comprises entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and business owners who live on their own terms and with no financial constraints. Given Bling Empire’s success, it’s no surprise that Netflix decided to create Bling Empire: New York, with Season 2 alum Dorothy Wang relocating from Los Angeles to the Empire State.

Vika Abbyaeva, best known as Richard Chang‘s girlfriend on Bling Empire, has proudly revealed her ethnicity in the Netflix New York spin-off. Since her appearance, viewers have been wondering where she came from. Her tumultuous relationship with Richard was a major plot point in the Bling Empire: New York series. However, there is only one thing that piques fans’ interest — and that is the mystery of where it is coming from.

The majority of the performers are Asian and now live in the opulent city, where they attend glamorous parties and events on a daily basis. Vika Abbyaeva, on the other hand, is not Asian, which is why we looked into her ethnicity.

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Vika Abbyaeva’s Ethnicity: The Bling Empire Cast Is Half Kalmykian and Half Russian!

Vika Abbyaeva (born June 12, 1995) is a 27-year-old model of Russian nationality, who was born in Elista, Kalmykia, and later moved to the United States. She is of mixed ethnicity, half Kalmykian, and half Russian: Kalmykia is an Asian republic within Russia, and they are descendants of Genghis Khan. Meanwhile, her parents’ ethnicity has been speculated to be Chinese, but we are unable to verify this without proof.

Sources claim that Vika completed her education in Russia before coming to the United States to continue her studies. While living in New York, Abby learned a lot about other cultures. She visits New York’s Chinatown because of her Asian heritage. She eventually graduated from college and started looking for work, which she found quickly.

Vik is distinguished by her desire to discover new things; she enjoys visiting new places, meeting new people, and learning about different cultures. She began her travels as soon as she became financially independent, visiting the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Brazil, and France.

Abby also enjoys using social media because it has become an integral part of her life. She has been on Instagram since 2014 and has several thousand followers under her handle (@vika.abby). She typically shares glimpses of her most memorable life moments, but she does occasionally post modeling photos. Our team discovered that she has a personal Facebook account that has been inactive for quite some time.

Recently, she has been in the spotlight since her appearance in the Bling Empire New York version. It is not your typical reality TV drama because it features a cast of Asian-American high-net-worth individuals. Vika made an appearance on the program with her Chinese-American boyfriend Richard Chang, who serves as Hudson Medical’s chief growth officer. Stephen Hung, a wealthy business tycoon, also appeared in the show with his beautiful wife, Deborah Hung (@deborahhung).

The Bling Empire New York cast met Richard Chang at a party through a friend. Both had a good conversation and discovered they share a passion for travel, prompting them to exchange phone numbers. They gradually began texting and, eventually, dating. It is unknown when Abby began dating Chang, but photo evidence indicates that they have been together since 2020.

Before beginning their relationship, they went on their own travels; now that they have a compatible partner, they have taken exotic trips to places like Anguilla, Italy, and Amsterdam.

Vika Abbyaeva and Richard Chang’s Relationship!

Richard Chang (@chairman_chang), a former Calvin Klein merchandise planner who now works in the wellness industry, is introduced in the Bling Empire spinoff. Though he was in control of his career, his love life was far more complicated…until Vika Abbyaeva entered the picture.

Richard believes he met the one a year into their relationship after a string of bad dates. Their 11-year age difference seemed to be a major focus of their relationship (though Stephen and Deborah Hung have a 23-year age difference), but that did not deter them…until Richard decided to pop the question. Vika interrupts her boyfriend’s proposal, saying: “If you are going where I think you are going, I have to stop you. Okay?”

She felt rushed and wanted to give their relationship more time to develop. With such an incredible moment, many people have wondered, “Are Richard and Vika still together?” and the answer is, indeed, yes. The couple is still going strong, but they have yet to make their union permanent.

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