Virgin River Season 3 - Spoiler Got Spoiler! Theories for Third Season

Dec 1, 2020 @ 3:09 GMT-0500

After months of waiting, Virgin River season 2 was finally released on Netflix. It was one of the most highly anticipated shows this year and the final product, especially the finale, did not disappoint. So we are here to discuss the spoiler ending and also theories for Virgin River season 3.

As the title of the article and mentions above has made it clear, there are going to be a lot of spoilers here. So if you are yet to see the finale of Virgin River season 2, then here is where we part. Go watch the show and come back when you are done. So, here are some theories about Virgin River season 3 and our reaction towards the show.

Who Shot Jack in Virgin River Season 2?

who-shot-jack-virgin-river-season-2-calvin-bradyCalvin is the obvious answer to the question, "Who shot Jack in the finale?" but could it also be Brady?
Image Source: Netflix

The second season of Virgin River was not exactly on par with the first season but the finale definitely topped the first one. To say the final shot of Virgin River season 2 was shocking would be an understatement of the year when it comes to TV shows.

There is no getting around what happened in the final shot of the show and the shock fans felt after watching it. And the question in everyone's mind was "Who shot Jack in Virgin River season 2 finale?"

Finally, fans were getting what they always wanted from the moment Mel, played by Alexandra Breckenridge, walked into Jack's bar. Jack, played by Martin Henderson, and Mel were always meant to be together but in the finale of last season, Charmaine's bombshell resulted in her leaving Virgin River.

For months fans longed for those lovebirds to be back together and their dreams came true when the couple finally gave in to their feelings. While Charmaine, played by Lauren Hammersly, became the hatest person on the show's Facebook page, her presence meant the Mel & Jack romance did not get to flourish throughout the season.

But things were changing for the beautiful couple and they even decided to go on a date. Jack was preparing their food when the door squeaked and we knew there was something wrong. Then after a while, Mel walked in and we saw Jack lying on the floor with a bullet wound.

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We were thinking the same thing, who shot Jack, and the most obvious answer we can come up with is Calvin, played by David Cubitt. Calvin was on the verge of getting arrested as Jack's friend was bringing down the heat on the drug dealer.

Calvin was never a fan of Jack and he gave enough warnings to the handsome bar owner that the next time they meet guns will do the talking. When Jack threw himself into the barn purchasing scheme that infuriated Calvin even further.

Then there was Jack's hand in getting a witness to testify against Calvin which resulted in him on the verge of getting arrested. Jack's friend said they were on the way to arrest Calvin so the obvious culprit to the shooting of Jack is the main villain of the show, Calvin.

Well, the writers of the show can complicate things by making it so that it was Brady who shot Jack. Okay, here is our theory, Brady, played by Benjamin Hollingsworth, is made to drive Clavin to Jack's bar.  They enter the bar and since the fight only started on the bar floor instead of the kitchen, Jack had to come out.

Jack probably came out because it was Brady and they started talking. He tells Calvin that the police are coming to arrest him and shut his organization down. It infuriates Calvin and seeing Jack butt in all the time results in him pulling out a gun.

Brady tries to wrestle the gun away from him and the commotion results in the whole mess we see later. In the struggle, Brady gets the gun and it goes off shooting Jack in the belly. This can really mess with the whole dynamic of the relationship between Jack and Brady.

But that is still only a theory and to the question of "Who Shot Jack?" we can almost certainly say it was Calvin.

Virgin River Season 3 - Theories Going Forward

virgin-river-season-3-jack-shot-mel-calls-help-theoriesVirgin River season 2 ended on a cliffhanger, here are some theories to help you.
Image Source: Netflix

With the cliffhanger ending of Virgin River season 2, there is almost a certainty that Virgin River season 3 is happening. Well, if it doesn't there are going to be a lot of pissed off people calling for the heads of people in charge at Netflix.

Let's move ahead with the certainty that season 2 is happening. The budgetary needs of the show are not as big as other Netflix shows and there obviously is a story to tell in the third season of the show. So, Netflix doesn't have good excuses when it comes to canceling the show.

In Virgin River season 3, the most likely opening will be the pickup from the last scene. You should never get shot but if you do a nurse who worked in an ER of a Californian hospital comes in handy. The starting point of season 3 will most likely be Mel doing her best to stop the bleeding before the help arrives.

Will Charmaine Take the Twins Away?

charmaine-twins-portland-hatedCharmaine will most likely take the twins away from Virgin River all the way to Portland.
Image Source: Netflix

Charmaine is getting a lot of hate on social media, as she does on the show. She does not do a lot to endure herself in other people's hearts. But still, she loved a man, got pregnant, and now wants to start a family with that man, there is nothing wrong with that.

Well, if the other person doesn't love you then, yes, she needs to let go. But calling her a b***h for wanting the person she loves is pretty unwarranted. And those of you who will say her decision to take the babies away is what makes her into a horrible person, we just have one thing to say, family.

The second season opened with a monologue from Mel about family and we are asking Charmaine to raise her twins without one. That is not right, she deserves someone who loves her and will help take care of things, something her uncle living in Portland offered.

So, Charmaine has a choice to make, choosing stability and a loving environment or staying in a place where the father of her babies is in love with another person and she has to be home alone. Yes, Jack will help with the babies, he is an honorable man but what about her, who will love Charmaine when her family is not there.

In Virgin River Season 3, the most likely scenario is she stays in Virgin River till Jack recovers and she delivers the baby, then she is moving to Portland. Our guess is she will take the twins and move to Seattle because there is going to be a support system there for her.

Is Mel Pregnant?

is-mel-alexandra-breckenridge-pregnantAccording to our theory, Mel is probably pregnant, and the Alexandra Breckenridge character will be revealed in Virgin River Season 3.
Image Source: Netflix

Okay, this is pure speculation but we are getting the vibe that all those steamy nights resulted in Mel getting pregnant. Just think about it, Mel getting pregnant makes a lot of sense for both her and Jack.

Virgin River season one was so touching because the show handled a tough matter with soft hands and a lot of care. Miscarriage/Still Birth is a taboo topic in our society and the majority of the stress falls on women who blame themselves for the unfortunate event.

Mel also balmed herself even though she is a nurse and knows better. She lost her baby and her husband, and those events haunted her. But Virgin River filled some of those gaps in her heart.

Finally, she is setting down roots and it only makes sense that she gets pregnant again, this time with Jack. Jack will probably lose one family but he will gain another through Mel. And Jack is going to be a good father to both the twins and the child that comes from our made up pregnancy in Virgin River season 3.

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