Wendy Williams’ Nose Job: The Shape Has Changed Undergoing Surgery!

When Wendy Williams joked about doing more plastic surgery in the future, people suspected she had gotten a nose job. Till now, she has not admitted or denied the rumors, but due to her slightly changed shape, people are sure of her having done something. Although she has confessed to doing numerous plastic surgeries, people don’t seem to be enough with the gossip.

Kevin Jr. has expressed his fear because of his mother’s condition. His mother, Wendy Williams, is currently in a wellness facility, where she is receiving treatment. Kevin’s fear seems to be very real, and fans have been the biggest support these days. Is she okay? What is her current condition?

Recently, Kevin said that his mother’s mental and physical health has been in jeopardy since she was placed under guardianship last year. However, it looks like there is good news for Wendy’s fans, as she is getting better. Her manager has recently given some hopeful news, as he stated that she is doing her best to be her best.

After the rumors, many people want to know more and more about her surgeries, including the rumors about her having a nose job. In this article, we will be talking about the rumors and her current situation. To know if the tv personality has done a nose job or not, read this article.

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Wendy Williams Hasn’t Admitted to Having a Nose Job, but There Are Changes in Shape!

Wendy Williams (@therealwendywilliamsonline) has not admitted or denied the rumors of getting a nose job, but due to her slightly changed shape, people are sure of her having done something. Previously, she admitted to having different major and minor surgeries, including Jawline surgery, a botox-tightening facial, a boob job, and full-body liposuction.

Wendy Williams before and after a nose job. celebsindepth.com Wendy Williams before and after a nose job.
Source: Celebs In Depth

Wendy, who has been in the entertainment business, has always been open about her thoughts and work. She has always addressed every rumor she has heard, and actually, she seems to love involving herself in the paparazzi. She has admitted to going under the knife many times, but the rumors of her having a nose job are still not addressed.

Wendy has faced much criticism for going under the knife but she doesn’t care more about the negative comments. Everyone has the right to do things that make them happy and we the audience have no right to criticize or accuse them. Do you think she has done a nose job?

When Did Wendy Williams Have a Nose Job?

Wendy Williams‘ fans have been accusing her of doing something to her nose since they saw her artificial and odd nose in 2021. Her health and work seem to be a little tougher these days, which can be the reason she is not addressing the rumors. However, when people saw that the talk show host appeared to be much thinner than she used to be, they suspected she had had a nose job.

Comparing Wendy’s before and after looks, we also think that it has a perfect sharp touch. Before joining the TV show, she used to have a fat nose, but the spotlight seems to have changed her a lot. Well, it won’t surprise any of her fans that she has done a nose job, as she has always been open about her love for plastic surgery and has even joked about getting more procedures in the future in international shows.

Wendy Williams Did Film Her Having Cosmetic Procedures!

If you know Wendy Williams, then you must have seen her video of getting Jawline Botox. Yes, she has filmed herself getting a cosmetic procedure during an episode of the Fox talk show. She showed close-up, graphic footage of Botox injections in her jawline. She also revealed that the result of the backstage operation was a sharpened jawline and a little cheekbone in the back. She stated;

I feel like I’m 35,Look, my doctor is in the building right now and I’ve been dealing with her for more years than this show was invented, If you see something, do something. Don’t just assume that your skin don’t crack.

Wendy Williams had undergone jawline Botox surgery. celebsindepth.comWendy Williams had undergone jawline Botox surgery.
Source: Celebs In Depth

Beside having Jawline Botox, she has also admitted to having a tightening facial, a boob job, and full-body liposuction. During the 2021 episode of The Wendy Williams Show, she confessed to getting some work done on her face. She announced that she went to Jersey to have Dr. Shapiro improve her looks. She also told the audience a story and mentioned doing every procedure as she stated;

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Wendy and in 1994, she got full-body liposuction, breast implants, went back to more liposuction, did the damn long before all these other girls, trap queens or whatever they are today, talk about being proud because they got liposuction.