Where Is Emily Riedel on Bering Sea Gold? Still on the Show?

Emily Riedel spends almost half of the year digging for gold on ‘Bering Sea Gold’ off the coast of Nome, Alaska. She will be back on the show as per her Instagram; she is actively working on Gold Rush Getaway.

Bering Sea Gold is a reality television series produced by Thom Beers. The program made its debut on the Discovery Channel on January 27, 2012. The reality series, which involves fishermen catching crabs in the Bering Sea, is produced by the same people who made “Deadliest Catch,” another Discovery Channel reality show. Diverse dredger crews that mine for gold from the sea and the ocean bottom can be seen in Bering Sea Gold. The television show centers on boats that are outfitted with various devices, including sluicing equipment for finding gold and diving life support systems.

Bering Sea Gold details a different sort of gold mining, which differs from the conventional image of gold mining on land. One of the well-known cast members is Emily Riedel, who has been well recognized throughout her appearance on the show, and now fans have wondered about her current situation.

Emily Riedel Is on the Coast of Nome, Alaska, and Is Digging for ‘Bering Sea Gold!

Emily Riedel (@emsau1) from Bering Sea Gold is the captain of the suction dredge, Eroica. Viewers of Bering Sea Gold are worried about Emily because she has been missing from the show’s 14th season. They are now curious about her current situation. So where is she now? Let us get into more details.

In her current position as captain of the “Eroica,” Emily Riedel spends almost half of the year digging for gold in the Bering Sea Gold off the coast of Nome, Alaska. She asserts that while this may appear very different from her vocal performance training at UNCSA, the core abilities of discipline and self-reflection have been crucial in helping her reach where she is now.

Emily Riedel digs for gold in the Bering Sea. celebsindepth.comEmily Riedel digs for gold in the Bering Sea.
Source: Instagram

Emily Riedel had missed the Bering Sea Gold series because of difficulties related to her COVID-19 infection. The virus, which the celebrity caught in January, initially caused moderate symptoms until it left her with excruciating chest agony. In a YouTube video where she discussed her health, she said, “It was a mild case at the time; it seemed like it was pretty routine.” However, she continued to experience symptoms of the virus, including chest discomfort, exhaustion, and shortness of breath, while she prepared for the upcoming season of the show.

After that, she got married. About six months after Emily and Alex were married in late 2021, she first found that she was pregnant. She shared an elegant and carefree pregnancy photo. And now she has a baby. Once a gold prospector, always a prospector! In fact, Emily Riedel and her husband, Alex, are enjoying their baby. When Evelyn was just approximately nine months old, Emily posted a photo of the family cross-country skiing in December! Even more recently, they took Evie on a hike in Homer, Emily’s hometown. Emily Riedel has shared some of her posts about her new-born baby enjoying family time and living a good life.

Is Emily Riedel Still on the Show, Bering Sea Gold?

The majority of the regular cast members will be back for Season 16 of Bering Sea Gold, which will excite fans of the show. Viewers might anticipate recognizing names like Shawn Pomrenke, Vernon Adkison, Zeke Tenhoff, Kris Kelly, Andy Kelly, and Jane Kilcher from the promo trailer. Fans have wondered if Emily Riedel is still on the show. Although the official statement has yet to be released, there are posters of her in the new season.

Emily Riedel is actively working on Gold Rush Getaway. celebsindepth.comEmily Riedel is actively working on Gold Rush Getaway.
Source: Instagram

In contrast to the many different reality television programs that are currently available, Emily Riedel claims that her work on “Bering Sea Gold” provides a honest view of a group of people doing their everyday jobs. She and the other actors in the show said, that there on the Bering Sea, they were living their lives, working hard, and trying to achieve our goals. In relation to the abilities she acquired at UNCSA, she claims that her background in the arts has inspired her to approach her part in the series with objectivity and planning. She said;

I approach being on this show as my job. My role is to be Emily Riedel, a real person on a show who is true to myself.

Maybe Emily Riedel will be back on the show; she has not released the official statement regarding her appearance on the show, but as per her Instagram, she is actively working in Gold Rush Getaway down to the Eroica for a tour that ran for almost two hours!