Why Did Jen Kill Steve in Dead to Me: What Happened to Him? Where Is His Body?

After a violent argument, Jen killed Steve to death with a wooden bird. Although Jen stated that she killed Steve in self-defense, she later assured Judy that her husband Steve had provoked her with foul language, which caused her to become enraged and kill Steve. Judy and Jen had buried Steve’s body in the Angeles National Forest.

The Netflix original show, Dead to Me tells the narrative of Jen and Judy, who meet while coping with their losses. Judy is devastated by the loss of her fiance, who was murdered in a hit-and-run accident. The women end up becoming friends despite having radically different personalities, and things start to get better.

The women start acting as each other’s confidantes and support systems, but eventually, the web of secrets breaks, and a different aspect of their friendship emerges. The relationships they have with those around them, especially with Judy, affect their paths in addition to the bond they share.

The third season of Netflix’s Dead to Me wraps up the story and puts an end to Judy and Jen’s murderous and secretive antics. The first episode of Season 3 picks up after their accident, complicating their lives further. By the end of the series, the pair has been through a lot, but they still turn to one another for support. They can also find solace in their other friends and family members. However, the truth regarding Steve’s death comes out, and viewers wonder, Why did Jen kill Steve? Well, let’s find out the truth.

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Jen Killed Steve With a Wooden Bird After a Violent Argument and His Horrible Comments in Dead to Me!

The audience finds out that Jen did not kill Steve Wood in self-defense, despite what she claimed to Judy Hale a full season later. After a violent argument, she killed Steve to death with a wooden bird. No matter how far Jen had gone in forgiving Judy for the hit-and-run in the series’ climactic moments, she nonetheless has a history of explosive temper tantrums for the most obvious reason.

If you recall, Ted, Jen’s husband, was killed by Steve and Judy in a hit-and-run (Judy was driving). Steve made fun of Jen by joking that her spouse had wanted to get hit since it would be better than remaining wed to Ted. Jen finally admitted to murdering Steve to Detective Perez (Diana Maria Riva) (@dianamariariva) after suffering from guilt for the entirety of Season Two.

One thing is certain when you go to Dead to Me, season 2: Steve Wood (James Marsden) (@james_marsden) is dead. The Netflix drama’s first season ends with Steve, Judy Hale’s (Linda Cardellini) (@lindacardellini) ex-boyfriend, floating in Jen Harding’s (Christina Applegate) opulent pool. Steve does not move. His eyes are fixed open, and blood is oozing from his skull into the water.

As season 2 gets underway, a new plot twist is introduced by the idea that Steve isn’t dead. The arrival of Ben Woods at the end of the episode shows that tiny seed of uncertainty. Ben is, as the second chapter reveals, the semi-identical brother to Steve. All of Ben’s appearances in Season 1 imply that maybe just maybe Ben could be a secretly alive Steve in a very useful disguise after such a too-good-to-be-true twist.

However, in season 2, we saw Jen pull a gun on Steve after confronting him and demanding to know where Judy is after showing up at her house. We last see Steve alive at that point. Jen phones Judy to tell her to come home to the Hardings’ Laguna Beach residence in the last moments of the episode. When Judy arrives, Steve has already passed away in the pool, leaving Judy to speculate as to what exactly happened. Jen claimed to Judy that everything had happened in self-defense at the time, which was a lie and both buried Steve’s body.

Jen attempted to lead the policeman to the location where she and Judy had buried Steve’s body in the Angeles National Forest. Jen didn’t mention to Perez that Judy had assisted in burying Steve’s body. They came upon a woman jogging with her dog as they were looking for the burial place. They stopped looking when they saw another individual nearby.

Jen, who has been overcome with guilt, admits to killing Steve. She goes to the jungle with Perez to find his body, but they are unsuccessful. Perez tells Jen that she’s going to step back from this case and let karma work itself out because she knows Steve was a nasty guy and all of his criminal accomplices are in jail.

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