Young Royals English Dub Cast: Meet the Netflix Show Voice Actors!

Nov 7, 2022 @ 12:12 GMT-0500
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Young Royals English Dub Cast: Meet the Netflix Show Voice Actors!

EwaMaria Roos, Gustav Levin, Kristian Stahlgern, Goran Engman, and Susanne Barklund are the Young Royals English dub cast. The remaining cast members from the original show, are themselves the voice actors. On Netflix, you may watch the version with English subtitles.

The Swedish teen drama Young Royals is available on Netflix. The tale of Wilhelm and Simon is continued in Young Royals, the gay adolescent royal romance series that is more than just The Crown x Heartstopper, which has just returned for its second season on Netflix.

In the television series Young Royals, Wilhelm, a young Swedish Crown Prince, enrolls at Hillerska Boarding School and develops feelings for Simon. Sadly, there are many obstacles in the way of their relationship, and Wilhelm's responsibilities as the future king of Sweden make things much more difficult.

After the break, the LGBTQ+ drama's second season begins. After the stunning season 1 finale, Wilhelm is seeking retribution against August and attempting to regain Simon's confidence. But in doing so, he brings about issues that endanger the entire monarchy.

The three creators of the Netflix original series were Lisa Ambjörn, Lars Beckung, and Camilla Holter. Let's talk about the Young Royals English dub cast for those who haven't started watching but would like to do so in either the English dub or the original language.

The Young Royals English Dub Cast Are: Ewamaria Roos, Gustav Levin, Kristian Stahlgern, Goran Engman, and Susanne Barklund!

The Young Royals English dub cast are EwaMaria Roos, Gustav Levin, Kristian Stahlgern, Goran Engman, and Susanne Barklund.

Dan Bratt

Young Royals' Ludvig was originally played by actor Magnus Rossmann, but Dan Bratt is currently doing the English dubbing. Dan is a Swedish voice actor best known for portraying Tenzin in The Legend of Korra, Utoniom, Mayor, Ace, and Wakko Warner in Animaniacs.

Bratt mostly works as a dubbing director and voice actor. His voice acting credits also include The Adventures of Tintin, Cars, the 2010 Yogi Bear (narrator), Space Jam (Bill Murray), the newly remade Mary Poppins, and many others.

Edvin Ryding

Prince Wilhelm's original character, Edvin Ryding (@edvinryding), is a member of the English Dub cast. The Swedish actor Ryding is well-known for his roles in the Gsmamman series and his Swedish dubbing of English-language movies and television shows like High School Musical.

Ewamaria Roos

Pernilla August plays the role of Kristina in the original show, but Ewamaria Roos (@voiceflow) is cast in the English dub. Swedish singer and actress Ewamaria was thirteen years old and won a talent contest on the radio program Landet Runt, which launched her career.

She performed in other revues as well, including one in which she shared the stage with Hagge Geigert in 1970 at Lisebergsteatern in Gothenburg. She also dabbled in theater, playing Dolly Tate in Annie Get Your Gun at the China Theater.

Gustav Levin

Gustav Levin dubs the character Boris, originally played by Cales Hartelius. Swedish actor Gustav Levin attended Skara Skolscen before attending the Swedish National Academy of Mime and Acting. His roles in Tre kärlekar (1989), Snoken (1993–1996), Woman with a Birthmark (2001), and Oskyldigt Dömd (1999) are well-known.

Goran Engman

Goran Engman dubs the character Mr. Englund, originally played by Peter Carlberg. His acting credits include Trophies (2015), Som man Ropar (1988), and Utanför din dörr (2002).

Kristian Stahlgern

Leonard Terfelt plays the role of Micke in the original show, but Kristian Stahlgern is cast in the English dub. The Swedish dubber Kristian Sthlgren is well-recognized for his work on animated films. His voice-acting credits include Home on the Range, Joseph: King of Dreams, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas, and Antz.

Susanne Barklund

In the original series, Aminah Al Fakir plays the part of Miss Ahdal; however, Susanne Barklund is cast in the English dub. She has appeared in hundreds of theatre productions, musicals, television shows, and films across Europe and the US since graduating from the esteemed National Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg.

Susanne Barklund is best known for her role as Krisse in the cult comedy SOS: En segelsällskapresa as well as for playing major roles in the popular Swedish TV series Sjätte Dagen and Goda Grannar.

Meanwhile, the remaining cast member from the original show is themselves, the Young Royals English dub cast or voice actors.

Make sure English is selected under the audio options by clicking the speech box, which is the third symbol displayed in the bottom right corner after it starts playing.

On the other hand, for those who prefer to watch in the original language, choose Swedish in the audio column right beneath English, and then choose the desired subtitles in the second column.

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