Abbie Cornish’s Weight Gain: The Blackout Cast Reportedly Gained Weight Over the Years!

With the premiere of Abbie Cornish’s most recent Netflix film, Blackout, fans online noticed that she had gained a little weight over the years. Some fans claim that the Blackout cast used to be more physically fit and that many online believed her weight gain was related to aging. However, Abbie Cornish hasn’t spoken up about how she gained weight.

Actress Abbie Cornish was born in Australia on August 7, 1982. Abbie Cornish was the second of Shelley and Barry Cornish‘s five children when she was born in Lochinvar, New South Wales. Isabelle Cornish, her sister, is likewise an actor. Before relocating to Newcastle, she spent her formative years on a 70-hectare (170-acre) farm. Foreign and independent movies motivated Cornish as a teenager.

At the age of 13, Cornish started modeling after winning a Dolly Magazine contest. For her performance in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation television series Wildside, Cornish won the Australian Picture Institute Young Actor‘s Award in 1999. She later received an offer to play the lead in the feature film The Monkey’s Mask.

Cornish is most known for her appearances in the films Somersault as Heidi, Bright Star as Fanny Brawne, Limitless as Lindy, RoboCop as Clara Murphy, Geostorm as Sarah, and her collaborations with writer-director Martin McDonagh on Seven Psychopaths and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Cornish received her first Screen Actors Guild Award for the latter role. She co-starred with John Krasinski as Cathy Mueller in the first season of the Amazon Video series Jack Ryan in 2018. She co-starred with Anthony Hopkins as Dixy in the movie The Virtuoso.

After the release of her new Netflix movie Blackout, she has been in the spotlight recently among fans online. Fans online wonder if she has gained weight recently. Read this article to know all about Abbie Cornish’s weight gain story.

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Abbie Cornish’s Weight Gain: According to Fans and Followers, the Blackout Cast Abbie Cornish Is More Beautiful After Weight Gain!

Fans online observed that Abbie Cornish (@abbiecornish) had put on a little weight over the years with the release of her most recent Netflix film, Blackout. Some followers assert that she used to be thinner and that many online assumed that her weight increase was due to age. The actress hasn’t made any comments, though, regarding her weight gain process.

Action scenes are not Abbie Cornish’s favorite genre. The actress, 40, said she is completely unconscious about her figure and would always prefer to be in a bedroom scene than to be seen firing a pistol in a movie. The actress stated:

S*x scenes are definitely easier than action scenes. I’m pretty unusual for an actress in Hollywood because I am totally unselfconscious about my body. I’ve never been in better shape than when I did ‘Sucker Punch’ because we had to fight and dance and wear incredibly tiny outfits.

The Australian star acknowledged that she enjoys watching her body alter as she loses and gains weight for different movie roles. According to her, she enjoys the changes that her body goes through and she loves her body no matter what shape and size she is. Abbie added:

I lost a ton of weight when I was a junkie in ‘Candy’, with Heath Ledger playing my boyfriend. I was incredibly thin. Now I’m a lot more curvy because I’m eating what I want. I like to watch my body go up and down in size for the roles that I play; it’s interesting and I have absolutely no worries about taking my clothes off for love scenes. It doesn’t faze me at all.

Therefore, it is abundantly evident that the actress enjoys playing with her body weight and that she is not afraid of any criticism from anyone because she has no self-consciousness whatsoever. Given that fans are always critiquing actors and actresses whenever they get the chance, that is a pretty healthy attitude for an actress to have regarding her body. The majority of actresses have body dysmorphic disorder and will do anything to get the ideal body.

Abbie Cornish’s supporters and followers stand by her and defend her choices. Her supporters claim that she serves as an example for many people who struggle with body image issues and find it difficult to feel confident and content with their physical appearance.

Additionally, many assert that she is beautiful regardless of age and that she now appears even more stunning and exquisite. The weight gain hasn’t affected the Blackout movie cast’s beauty and the charms that she used to have, the actress is still beautiful and flawless.

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