Justin Fields’s Girlfriend in 2022: Does the NFL Star Have a GF? Or Is He Married?

Oct 19, 2022 @ 9:31 GMT-0500
Justin Fields’s Girlfriend in 2022: Does the NFL Star Have a GF? Or Is He Married?

Drafted as one of the elite quarterbacks with exceptional stats, everyone has eyes on Justin Fields and they, most recently, want to know who his girlfriend is in 2022. Well, the NFL star seems to be single and focusing on his career. Additionally, no information has been revealed about his past relationships. And yes, he has never ever been married as well.

One of the blazing faces of the NFL for Chicago Bears, Justin Fields is rising among the heap of footballers. He played collegiate football at Ohio State after a brief spell with Georgia, where he twice received the Graham-George Offensive Player of the Year award and participated in the 2021 College Football Playoff National Championship. The Bears made Fields their first-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. While his career is on the boom, fans can't help but wonder who Justin Fields is currently dating as of 2022.

Born on March 5, 1999, Justin Fields hails from Georgia. In Kennesaw, Georgia, Justin attended Harrison High School. Additionally a student at Lost Mountain Middle, Fields accumulated 4,187 passing yards, 41 passing touchdowns, 2,096 running yards, and 28 rushing touchdowns in his two seasons as Harrison's starting quarterback.

As Justin Fields participated in the Elite 11 quarterback competition the summer before his senior year in 2017, he was honored as the competition's MVP. After pulling out of a previous commitment to Penn State, Fields decided to play college football for the University of Georgia in October 2017. The second season of the Netflix series QB1: Beyond the Lights featured a documentary on his senior year.

With his popularity skyrocketing over time, fans are wondering who Justin Fields's girlfriend is coming into 2022. As there's not much out there about the quarterback's personal life, the curiosity is just as blazing. So, here's all you need to know about Justin Fields's girlfriend.

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Justin Fields’s Girlfriend in 2022: The NFL Star Does Not Appear to Have a Partner and Is Definitely Not Married!

Always open and not so private about his personal life, Justin Fields (@justnfields) has shared parts of his life and the people who are important to him with his audience. However, there's little to no information on who Justin Fields's girlfriend/GF is or who he recently dated. And yes, he's definitely not married.

Customarily poised to face any opponent as the No. 1 ranked Ohio State team, Fields's love life however has taken a second seat. The Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year, a 6'3" 223-pound athlete, seems to be single. In truth, Fields has only ever used the word 'girlfriend' to describe the experience of having to break his commitment to Penn State in 2017, after he had already made the decision to play for Coach James Franklin's squad.

Many believe that Fields needs someone who's always going to be around him. Fields chose not to enroll in Penn State's program in large part due to the distance. It would be too far for his family to travel to watch him play games on Saturday as they live in Kennesaw, Georgia. The five-star prospect chose Georgia for his freshman year in order to remain near home. Even though it takes 8.5 hours to get to Ohio State from where he is now, that distance is still shorter than the nearly 12-hour travel to Penn State.

In a similar manner, Fields may not be dating anyone right now, but it's obvious that he values having his family close by very highly. Fields will not only have the support of all the Ohio State supporters during the conference championship game but also his family, who are his closest friends, will be present.

As Justin Fields is one of the expressive players out there who doesn't really like to keep his relationship private or a secret, he would have most definitely posted a picture of his girlfriend, if he had one. Focused on his career and game, Justin Fields seems to have less interest in having a partner currently. He might had have one or two girlfriends in the past, however, all of it has been concealed from the public.

A shining star, Justin Fields has had his share of hardships. Justin Fields claimed on Frida that his epilepsy diagnosis has had 'zero impact on football.' In order to treat his epilepsy, Fields, who received the diagnosis in the ninth grade, takes medication. According to NFL Network's Tom Pelissero and Ian Rapoport, Fields does not experience seizures while taking medication. Both doctors and other family members are confident in him being recovered from the disease.

After Fields dropped out of the top 10, the Bears traded the No. 20 pick, a fifth-round pick (No. 164), and first- and fourth-round picks in 2022 to move up to No. 11 and choose him. Fields possess the face-of-the-franchise skill, but he has recently been a below-average NFL starting quarterback.

As Justin Fields's contract goes, when in the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, the dual-threat quarterback was selected, he agreed to a four-year rookie deal with the Chicago Bears. The youngster receives an annual salary of about $4.7 million under the $18.87 million contract. An $11.085 million signing bonus was also given to him.

With their recent game, Justin Fields expressed irritation over the reasons why Chicago has lost three consecutive games while floundering to a 2-4 start while still partially in uniform and with grass stains all over his white pants during Thursday night's 12-7 loss to the Washington Commanders. He says,

Me, personally, I'm tired of being almost there. I'm tired of being just this close. I feel like I've been hearing it for so long now. At the end of the day, all you can do is get back to work. That's the only reaction you have. You live and you learn. Just get back next week and keep going, keep getting better.

Fields ensured his fans that the Chicago Bears will get over their 'almost there' phase and will bring the trophy home.

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