Tiffany Valiante’s Autopsy Report: What Was the Cause of Her Death? Medical Results, Reddit & Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 Update!

Oct 20, 2022 @ 20:33 GMT-0500
Tiffany Valiante’s Autopsy Report: What Was the Cause of Her Death? Medical Results, Reddit & Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 Update!

According to the medical report/autopsy results, Tiffany Valiante from Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 died by suicide. No further information was made public. On a summer night in 2015, New Jersey, Transit train 4693 hit and killed an 18-year-old from Mays Landing. Her death was ruled to be a suicide in the aftermath. Her family, however, insists that the recent high school graduate was murdered. Some Reddit users seek more information about her death. Well, follow for more.

The first episode of Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 on Netflix, titled Mystery at Mile Marker 45, focuses on Tiffany Valiante's cold case. The 18-year-old left the family home and walked out into the dark on Saturday, July 12, 2015, at 9.30 p.m., following an argument with her parents. Unfortunately, that was the last time when she was seen alive.

Tiffany Valiante's death was ruled a suicide, but a closer examination of the evidence, as seen on Unsolved Mysteries, raises the possibility that something more sinister was at work. The episode speculates on whether Valiante committed suicide or whether her assailants got away with murder.

Several key details are missing from Unsolved Mysteries' investigation into the true story of star athlete Tiffany Valiante's life and tragic death. The Transit Police failed to secure Tiffany's death scene and ignored key evidence that could have proven she was murdered. The episode, however, did not mention that the Transit Police investigators also lost a potential murder weapon. Here's everything you need to know about Tiffany Valiante's mysterious case and autopsy report.

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Tiffany Valiante’s Autopsy Report: Medical Results Suggest That the 18-Year-Old Died by Suicide; Reddit & Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 Update!

Tiffany Valiante and her family and friends were celebrating her high school graduation on Saturday, July 12, 2015, in the small town of Mays Landing, New Jersey. Valiante left her house in shorts and a T-shirt, walking barefoot down the drive, around 9.30 p.m., after an argument with her parents. She was last seen alive in CCTV footage as she walked away from her home. To begin with, her decision to go out in the dark was unusual, as her family and friends noted in Unsolved Mysteries. They are all aware of Valiante's aversion to the dark.

Soon after she left, Valiante's parents realized no one knew where she was, and they began to worry when their texts and phone calls went unanswered. They discovered Valiante's cell phone in the grass outside their house moments later. Valiante's body was discovered early Sunday morning, July 13, 2015.

Tiffany Valiante's partially clothed and barefoot body was discovered on a dark stretch of railroad track four miles away from her family's home. Authorities in New Jersey ruled her death a suicide within hours. Valiante was hit by a train, according to the New Jersey Transit Police and the medical examiner's office. It is a decision that continues to baffle Valiante's family and friends.

Unsolved Mysteries mentions Valiante's future plans, her excitement to attend college on a volleyball scholarship, and her genuine mental state, which appeared happy and positive. Dianne Valiante, Valiante's mother, stated in Unsolved Mysteries that her daughter was not depressed. She wasn't considering suicide. Tiffany was overjoyed! She was making plans to go to college, plans with her roommate, and plans to play softball. Moreover, she had plans to go to Great Adventure with friends the next morning.

Meanwhile, Valiante's family and a team of experts working pro bono have been working to figure out what happened to her since her death. They have uncovered a slew of evidence pointing to foul play and calling into question the original investigation into her death. For example, no family members were interviewed immediately after Valiante's death, no psychological autopsy was performed, and no rape kit was completed.

Valiante's body was discovered with no shoes on, only her sports bra and underwear.  Medical reports/results suggested that she killed herself. Three weeks later, her mother Dianne discovered her white headband and shoes almost two miles from where her body was discovered.

Furthermore, the evidence at the scene was either left behind or poorly stored. As a result, the evidence grew moldy and could no longer be used for DNA testing. One piece of evidence missing from Unsolved Mysteries is the discovery of an axe with red markings near where Valiante's body was discovered.

However, the axe, which Valiante's family and friends suspect is a potential murder weapon, went missing while in storage and before it could be tested. Tiffany Valiante's family and many Reddit users believe she was murdered, and her assailant is still at large. They also want the state of New Jersey to change her death from suicide to an undetermined cause.

Additionally, Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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