AD’s Eyes Look Terrible in Love Is Blind! – Fans of Love is Blind have called out AD for having terrible eye extensions. They are so big that they make viewers uncomfortable. Some have even suggested she change her technician or go for the short one.

Love stories from Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind’ sixth season will undoubtedly stick in viewers’ memories for a very long time. After going on a few rounds of speed dating with possible matches, the participants go on longer dates with the people they click with the most. The dates happen in specially designed pods that prevent the competitors from seeing the person they are speaking to. A couple is only permitted to meet one another and begin planning for their impending wedding after a marriage proposal has been made and accepted by both parties. But not every engaged pair ends up married, and not every married couple has a happy marriage.

Amber DesireeADSmith is one of the singles who joined the show. She’s always been prepared, but occasionally she meets people who are lying to her or are just partially prepared. Her appearance on the show has caused a great deal of discussion, either about her hair or her eyes. Fans on Instagram are having several discussions about it. Let us get into a detailed explanation of her eye extensions.

AD’s Eyes in Love Is Blind: They Looked Uncomfy and Terrible!

When we saw AD first on Love Is Blind, her eyelashes were the most eye-catching thing, and fans even called it a terrible look.

You must admit the fact that she is using artificial lashes, and they were not bothering her at all. She chose to use a very big one, which made even viewers uncomfortable to watch. To draw attention to her gorgeous eyes, she should have gone for shorter, more natural-looking lashes, which she did not.

AD should have gone for shorter, more natural eyelashes. celebsindepth.comAD should have gone for shorter and more natural eye extensions.
Source: Instagram

AD is not the only female contestant from the show who is using fake eye extensions or wigs; there are several other women who have done several works on their bodies to maintain their appearance. To draw attention to your gorgeous eyes, go for shorter, more natural-looking lashes. In my opinion, someone who wants to be on a reality dating program is the kind of person who would go to such lengths to improve their appearance.

Apart from her eyes, she really looked good, and fans on Reddit have also appreciated her for going for natural makeup on her skin. Talking about her appearance, one user said that her physique seems natural. Not just her butt, but her legs and thighs are really thick. Well, fans have even suggested having a good eyelash technician who would help her.

Suggestions to Improve AD’s Eyes

After the Netflix show, AD has still not fixed her eyes, and some people users have suggested some tips to improve them.

After Love is Blind, AD has yet to fix her eyelashes. AD still has not fixed her eye extensions.
Source: Instagram

You can go and check out her several Instagram posts where she has been using the same types of eye extensions that were used on the show. It doesn’t look like she is trying to improve it. Also, it is not that she has not learned all the comments about her fake extensions. One user said,

AD’s eyelashes are so over the top, I honestly think I‘d have a hard time not breaking out in laughter if I ever saw this in person

While the other replied;

The lashes make it so hard for me to even look at her. I find it so unattractive, which is the irony, I guess. Well, at least that’s how I see it.

Another user said;

Aren’t taste and beauty merely personal preferences? You don’t have to like it, but really, who gives a damn? Trying to weigh everyone’s thoughts about how you should appear is exhausting, and all that matters to me personally is that I like the way I look, and I guess that’s how most people feel as well.

Well, she has not said any statement regarding the comments she has been getting about her eyes. Apart from that, she has fixed her hair. They have also suggested she go for shorter, more natural-looking lashes. And maybe she will soon try to fix her extensions using the short ones, choosing the best technician who could help her out.

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