What’s up With Matthew’s Behavior in Love Is Blind?

celebsindepth.com – Matthew from Love Is Blind season 6 is suspected of having autism because of his unusual behavior and personality in the show.

In season six of its popular matching series ‘Love Is Blind’ on Netflix, a fresh batch of singles are seeking love. Some of the couples get engaged at the conclusion of the 10-day experience, embark on a week-long group trip with the other couples, and have their first in-person encounter. Those who are still unmarried at the end just return home. Subsequently, they share a four-week residence together in a simulated setting before being married and making their marriage decision. Although the creators of the show believe that marriage is the ultimate outcome of love, this is not always the case.

One of the singles in season six who is seeking love is Matthew. According to him, who calls himself a hopeless romantic, his dedication to this experiment proves that he is willing to sacrifice anything for the right person. The 37-year-old financial advisor is aware of how emotionally guarded he comes across. However, after a short period of time looking at his behavior in several episodes, some viewers wonder if anything is wrong with him.

Matthew’s Unusual Behavior in Love Is Blind Is Suspicious

There are several possibilities that Matthew, the cast member of Love Is Blind season 6, is autistic. Some of his character matches that of people with autism.

In an interview showing a short trailer and introduction, he points out what he wishes to have in his partner. However, while in the show, he provoked outrage in the show due to personality and behavioral habits that appeared to clash with the show’s emotional foundation, which led several fans and viewers to believe that he was different.

Matthew on Love Is Blind looks like one of those autistic people. celebsindepth.com Matthew acts like he has autism.
Source: Business Insider

In some episodes, he struggled not only with interaction but with other things too, like a person with autism does. A person with ASD struggles with A developmental disorder brought on by variations in the brain known as an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Social communication and involvement, as well as limited or repetitive behaviors or hobbies, can be problematic for people with ASD. It’s also possible for people with ASD to move, learn, or pay attention differently.

Furthermore, Matthew’s abrupt exits from the pods during chats, frequently without explanation, reinforced the impression that he was insensitive and disrespectful to the courting process. This mismatch was seen not only by viewers but also by other participants, who found his interpersonal techniques disturbing. No doubt fans noticed all this unusual behavior that a normal person doesn’t do.

Matthew Has Yet to Respond to the Speculation About His Strange Behavior

In the show, Matthew stated that he was not adept at discussing his sentiments; of course, he has not clarified anything about his unusual behavior.

Matthew has not talked about his autistic behavior. celebsindepth.comMatthew has remained silent about his behavior in the Netflix show.
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In season six, he hoped to discover someone in the pods who is intelligent, caring, considerate, hardworking, and driven. However, due to his behavior, his struggle to interact and properly express his feelings didn’t let him find one. Specific occurrences involving him fueled flames, including his parallel intimate pod chats with Amber and AD.

Expressing the same intention to propose and getting the blessings of both women’s fathers emerged as critical factors. The later finding that he had imparted nearly similar phrases and future intentions to each lady sparked intense sentiments of betrayal. This could indicate his trouble with emotional communication, which is common among those on the autism spectrum.

Despite all these speculations and all these possible discussions, he has neither verified nor rejected the rumor. So it is inappropriate to draw inferences about his health without his consent. Maybe he is an introvert or, less expressive. It’s important to note that all this discussion is just based on his behavior.

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