Is Maya Jama Expecting Her First Baby Child?

Feb 21, 2024 @ 1:56 GMT-0500
Is Maya Jama Expecting Her First Baby Child? - Maya Jama has not revealed anything about being a mother, but it looks like she is not. This is not the first time her rumors about expecting a baby started; they started back in 2021. She doesn't have a baby or any children, but now she is ready to start a family with her boyfriend, Stormzy

Maya Jama, the tv personality joined the 'Love Island' franchise in January 2023 for the winter edition season, following the departure of previous anchor Laura Whitmore. She was known for being snarky, so when she was introduced as the new host of Love Island, fans expected nothing but sass from her. She presented the podcast 'When Life Gives You Melons,' became a Savera UK ambassador, and debuted her apparel line with 'PrettyLittleThing'.

While hosting the show Love Island, she joked about getting back together with boyfriend Stormzy during the 'Love Island All Stars' finale on Monday (19 February), as she appeared to support exes Molly Smith and Callum Jones in their reunion. And you might be well aware that last year Maya and Stormzy were even planning for a baby, so fans have started asking if she is going to become a mother (and also story about her scar).

Maya Jama’s Pregnancy Rumors

The truth about whether Maya Jama is pregnant or not has not been revealed yet. And we can't confirm her pregnancy rumors. Yet there are several speculations and queries among the fans, especially 'Love Island' fans, as she revealed that she is back with her ex-boyfriend, Stormzy, with whom she had thought of having a baby.

Maya Jama hasn't talked about pregnancy rumors. celebsindepth.comMaya Jama hasn't talked about pregnancy rumors.
Source: Instagram

She is a really open person who would discuss every detail with her fans, including her pregnancy, but she has not shared it at the moment. Last year, she openly denied the rumors, and if she is not going to be a mother this year, she will surely deny it too. Maybe she is taking her time and doesn't want to share until some months. As many celebrities don't reveal their pregnancy until 6–7 months, Maybe is also taking time.

Celebrities frequently deal with pregnancy rumors based on their actions or appearances, and this is not the first time she has been rumored of having a first child. So it's important to respect their privacy and wait for them to disclose any updates on their schedule. We will have to wait till she reveals the truth about her pregnancy or until we ourselves notice her baby bumps.

Maya Jama Once Had Denied Her Having a Child Speculations

Maya Jama also openly denied the rumors that she was expecting a baby back in 2021. Although she has previously been transparent about some parts of her private life, it is ultimately her decision to reveal any information regarding delicate subjects like her recent pregnancy.

In 2021, she laughed off pregnancy rumors and flaunted her amazing proportions in a plunging outfit. The well known broadcaster dazzled in a figure-hugging outfit that accentuated her amazing body. She wore her curly hair loose over her shoulder and wore very little makeup. Following her tease of a 'life-changing surprise', Maya Jama brushed down rumors that she was going to be a mother. She continued:

Guys, I have a very, very, very, very big, exciting, life-changing, milestone announcement for me—and for the people that love it—at seven o'clock, so keep an eye on my tings.

Fans who thought the singer might be expecting a baby showered her with notes. Maya laughed and said

I'm dead at everyone saying I'm soon going to be maother... absolutely not, putting an end to the pregnancy rumors. That's also not how I would make the announcement. Gentlemen!

Does Maya Jama Have a Child? She Is Ready to Have a Baby!

Although Maya Jama doesn't have a baby or any child now, she has revealed that she is ready to have one. After a four-year breakup, the rapper and 'Love Island' host are officially back together, and they've consulted a pastor. At the 'Love Island All Stars' finale on Monday, February 19, she made light of her relationship with boyfriend Stormzy and seemed to be in favor of Molly Smith and Callum Jones getting back together.

Maya Jama may soon plan for a baby child with her boyfriend, Stormzy. celebsindepth.comMaya Jama may soon plan for a baby child with her boyfriend, Stormzy.
Source: Radio Times

After being spotted together on several occasions and exchanging heartfelt notes on social media, they got back together in 2023. When Maya shared a photo of Stormzy picking her up from the airport on Instagram in October 2023, it officially marked the beginning of their romance. They haven't been apart since, going to events together and declaring their love for one another in public.

Stormzy and Maya have never stopped loving each other, and they want to do all in their power to safeguard their second chance at a happy life. Stormzy has already informed friends that he's prepared to start a family and have a child baby as soon as next year. Stormzy's mother, Abigail Owuo, has urged the pair to contact her pastor for spiritual guidance as they proceed. Maybe they will soon plan for a baby, child or have already planned it.

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