Liam Gallagher Didn’t Get Any Surgical Enhancement on His Face! – Liam Gallagher surely looks good, aging gracefully without choosing any cosmetic treatments. He has not gone under the knife, and he has also revealed that he likes his wrinkles and avoids Botox.

Liam Gallagher is best known as the main vocalist for the groundbreaking rock band ‘Oasis’. Oasis’ rapid rise, propelled by singles like ‘Wonderwall’ and ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’. He has had a career full of epic highs and terrible lows. With his unusual vocal style and loud public attitude, he has become a music industry stalwart, personifying the essence of Britpop. His musical accomplishments, both as a member of Oasis and as a solo artist, have earned him widespread recognition. He still has a long journey through the music industry, his ventures outside of singing, and the personal philosophy that has driven his career.

The cover of the Spring 2024 issue features Liam Gallagher and John Squire. This collaboration stands out as one of the more surprising products of the current 90s renaissance. What grabbed fans attention other than their collaboration is the singer’s appearance, some questioning if he had gone under the knife.

Liam Gallagher Has Chosen a Natural Appearance, Having Wrinkles

Liam Gallagher has not had any plastic surgery and has said that he loves his wrinkles. It appears that he would rather be natural than have an unnatural appearance. However, people believe he has undergone some procedures. Let’s talk about that!

No doubt, Botox, fillers, and a facelift are the cosmetic procedures that most people like to have, but he doesn’t seem to be the one to get them all. Apart from his music career, the singer has experimented with fashion and movies, showcasing his broad creative abilities. His journey into design, with the debut of his clothing line, Pretty Green, has proven successful, appealing to fans of his music and distinct style, but he looks natural.

Liam Gallagher didn't choose botox or fillers. celebsindepth.comLiam Gallagher didn’t choose Botox or fillers.
Source: Instagram

The singer, together with fellow Manchester native and modern-rock icon John Squire, has published an album. And this moment, whether driven by an innate need to create or merely the call of rock ‘n’ roll, can undoubtedly be termed a THRUST upon them. And despite the fact that fans are speculating on him for having enhancements, the musician does not appear to have undergone any cosmetic procedures on his face, as he appears to have aged naturally.

According to reports, Liam Gallagher underwent substantial dentistry work before introducing the world to his new band, ‘Beady Eye.’ According to the Mirror, the former Oasis singer underwent a variety of treatments, including dental veneers, when his management noticed that his teeth were not quite up to scratch. However, he didn’t choose to avoid aging like most celebrities do by having Botox fillers.

His wrinkled face is noticeable in every appearance he makes and even in his Instagram pictures, so we are surprised to see why these speculations regarding him having any treatment to change his look started. If he had had botox or fillers, his face would have fewer wrinkles and a slightly stiffer face. However, that’s not the case. If you look closely, he has been aging like people really should, not trying to be young.

Liam Gallagher Openly Denied Having Botox or Other Procedures!

Liam Gallagher has shared his thoughts about not having any unnatural appearance and that he chose to have wrinkles.

Liam Gallagher likes his wrinkled face. celebsindepth.comLiam Gallagher likes his wrinkled face.
Source: Instagram

Sure, Liam Gallagher looks great, but is it because he looks youthful? No, he looks good, despite his age. I understand that many people do not consider 51-year-olds to be attractive, but he just looks his age, with wrinkles and lines and a little sagging, and he looks fantastic. He has never had anything even somewhat invasive, such as Botox or fillers, and he has rarely undergone major surgical procedures. In the year 2021, he said;

I love my wrinkles f*ck Botox

Surely he does love his wrinkles and doesn’t choose any botox or filler-like procedures.

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