How Did Maya Jama Get a Mark on Her Shoulder?

Feb 27, 2024 @ 6:27 GMT-0500
How Did Maya Jama Get a Mark on Her Shoulder? - Maya Jama has a mark on her left shoulder, and it's not her birthmark. During her first job, she was badly injured by one of the workers, which led her to be in a wheelchair for months. The accident also ripped a nerve from her, and she couldn’t feel it for days.

Maya Indea Jama better known as Maya Jama is a British television presenter and radio DJ. She is best known as a co-presenter of BBC One's Peter Crouch: Save Our Summer alongside Peter Crouch and Alex Horne. Recently, she has been in the news after she puffs on a suspicious-looking roll-up with her boyfriend Stormzy (starting pregnancy rumors). What was she hiding?

While flying home from South Africa after the Love Island All-Stars final, Maya was seen with a suspicious look. She was spotted with her boyfriend, Stormzy, outside Cape Town International Airport this week. According to the onlooker, Maya and Stormzy had a smoke before checking into their flight to London, and it didn’t seem like Maya was used to smoking as she started coughing in one puff.

On the other hand, many people also have been curious to know about the mark on her shoulder. Is it a birthmark? Or is it the result of some incident? Let's find it out together.

Maya Jama Got a Mark on Her Left Shoulder After an Injury

Maya Jama got the scar on her left shoulder in her early days. During an interview, she mentioned that one of the particulars left her badly injured, so she needed a wheelchair during her first job. She also mentioned that she has not totally recovered from the accident till now.

After Maya was seen in the red dress during Valentine's Week in 'Love Island All-Stars', people started talking about her mark. Some said that it was the birthmark, while others said that it was because of the smoking.

Maya Jama has told the story behind her scar during a podcast. celebsindepth.comMaya Jama previously revealed that she got the mark following an injury.
Source: Instagram

Although many people thought about her gorgeous look and dress, some people started messaging her to know the story behind the mark. As we know, Maya Jama has always been very open about her personal life, and without any hesitation, she posted the story behind the mark and said that it was not the birthmark.

Maya Jama Previously Got Badly Injured by One of the Workers

When one of Maya Jama's fans tweeted and asked Maya if she could catch her shoulder with the hair straighter, she replied and mentioned the story behind her mark. She said that she was shoulder dancing in a sparkly dress, and it scratched at the 'Brits xx'. Many people praised her for being open about the incident, while others seemed inspired by her courage.

Maya Jama has a scar on her left shoulder. celebsindepth.comMaya Jama has a mark on her left shoulder.
Source: Instagram

Well, this is not the first time Maya has talked about the incident. In 2023, during a podcast, 'Pretty Little Thing’s Behind Closed Doors', she mentioned how she got a mark on the left side of her arms. She said that during her first job, one of the particulars left her badly injured, so she needed a wheelchair.

What Was Maya Jama’s Age While Getting the Shoulder Mark?

Conducting the interview Maya Jama said that she was 17 while hosting Charlie Sloth’s show, Fire in the Booth. She didn't mention how many years old she was when she met with an accident, but people are gushing that she was in her early 20s.

Maya revealed that the day before the actual beach party thing everyone was supposed to be hosting, she ended up slipping on a bit of mashed-up curb. The incident left the scar as a mark for a lifetime as remembrance on the left shoulder.

Jama explained the hard phase of her life and said that she had to go with it during that time and that the bottom of her foot was hanging off and she had to be in hospital for two days and ended up in a wheelchair for the rest of the time. She ripped a nerve and couldn’t feel it for days. She also stated:

I was getting carried into the ambulance like ‘wahey…’ not knowing that I might not be able to bend my f***ing toes. The big one doesn’t bend… it can bend but it doesn’t tuck. I will never forget that trip

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