A Quick Look at Will Compton’s Dental Transformation

Feb 28, 2024 @ 0:58 GMT-0500
A Quick Look at Will Compton’s Dental Transformation celebsindepth.com

celebsindepth.com - Will Compton's before and after pictures confirm that he has had dental treatments in recent years. However, it does not look natural at all.

Will Compton is a former football linebacker National Football League (NFL) player. Beginning his career first, he attended college football at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln before signing with the Washington Redskins as an undrafted free agent in 2013.

He has previously played with the Tennessee Titans and the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders. He chose the University of Nebraska over Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, and others. He was redshirted in 2008. The following year, he was named a starter for the Nebraska Cornhuskers. His big break came on April 29, 2013, the Washington Redskins signed Compton to a three-year contract.

Will has a huge fan, and throughout his career, he has achieved a lot. Since retiring in 2023, his appearance has changed significantly, especially because of his dental transformation. As a result, many people wonder if he has gotten any kind of dental work.

Will Compton Looks a Lot Better After Fixing His Dental Problems

Will Compton had crooked and bad teeth, but he has now fixed them, and they look good on him. If you have followed him since his early career and the first time he was on the field as a player, you may be aware that he never had good dental health.

He had not fixed his dental condition until a few years ago. And even if you look at all of his pictures on the internet, you will most probably find the bad ones. They were not straight and had gaps. He was even suggested by many of his fans to fix them during those times. As he was a well-known player, no doubt fans wanted to see him look good.

Will Compton's new teeth are even called fake, which is untrue. celebsindepth.comWill Compton's dental condition is perfect since fixing it.
Source: Instagram

A smile makes people look better and improves their appearance. So whenever he was in the field and showed his smile, his bad dental condition was visible. Maybe he got more insecure about the comments made about his appearance, as people had made several comments on his appearance. However, Will finally decided to fix it.

As a result, it is clear that he underwent dental work to address the situation. However, the player had never disclosed any information regarding the treatment he actually underwent. He may have originally straightened them with braces, but we have not seen braces in any of his games, and it is not easy for players to put braces on while playing. Furthermore, there are no photos of him wearing braces. He obviously had veneers.

Comparing Will Compton’s Photos Before and After Fixing His Dental Health

Looking at Will Compton's before and after pictures, you can easily notice how his dental health has improved after receiving some kind of treatment.

Will Compton's before and after fixing teeth. celebsindepth.comWill Compton's before and after fixing his dental problem.
Image Source: Celebs In Depth

Still, fans remember the former NFL player by his old dental condition, but after having some procedures, he seems to look different. Before fixing them, he seemed insecure, used to smile less, and didn't really show his dental condition as people used to make fun of his dental health. However, it's not the same case anymore. If you've been observing him, you might have noticed that he does not hesitate to smile these days.

His before and after pictures suggest he had Veeners, a custom-made, wafer-thin shell that is made of porcelain or resin composite to fix your dental problem (shape, color, length, and size.)

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