Why Is Ann Coulter Always Against Trump?

Feb 19, 2024 @ 7:54 GMT-0500
Why Is Ann Coulter Always Against Trump? celebsindepth.com

celebsindepth.com - Ann Coulter started slamming Trump after he betrayed his supporters by not finishing the much-discussed wall along the US-Mexico border to halt the flow of illegal immigration.

Ann Coulter is a well-known commentator who began her career as a lawyer before becoming a popular writer, media personality, and novelist. Throughout her career as a conservative TV analyst and author, she has maintained a public profile. She has been on several television shows, radio broadcasts, and political events. Most of her speaking engagements focus on political and social concerns. She is a Republican who believes in speaking out against liberal ideas. She is also a best-selling novelist who has written 12 books about various political events and government policies.

Prior to becoming a well-known author, media analyst, and novelist, she practised law. She has a passionate following among conservatives because of her willingness to speak out against liberal orthodoxy, but she has also faced criticism from others who don't agree with her views. She continues to have a considerable presence in conservative media, impacting discussions and swaying public opinion on important national topics in spite of criticism and controversy.

She was recently rumoured to be sick, but her recent interview, in which she showed hatred towards Trump, has made this another topic of discussion. Ms. Coulter was one of his most well-known backers, but now she has been criticizing him and showing hatred toward him, and it is a publicly known fact that she doesn't like the former President.

Ann Coulter Doesn’t Leave a Space to Criticize Donald Trump

Ann Coulter started hating Donald Trump after accusing him of betraying his supporters by not finishing the much-discussed wall along the US-Mexico border to halt the flow of illegal immigration. She turned against the former president, starting the hate.

This Saturday, Coulter once again showed her despise for the former president, criticizing him for his immigration policies. He won't close the border, she asserted. She continued on X, mispronouncing the name of the massive investment firm Goldman Sachs. She said that he would push for amnesty, allow anchor babies and sanctuary cities to continue, ban bump stocks, propose taking guns away without due process, and hire half of Goldman Sachs.

Ann Coulter is criticizing Trump for his immigration policies. celebsindepth.comAnn Coulter criticizes Trump for his immigration policies.
Source: Business Insider

She added that there is no value to the presidential election. She started criticizing and hating him because of what she saw as his shortcomings with immigration, a subject she has written and talked about extensively. Her grievances with Trump included his backing of DREAMers, the minor offspring of undocumented immigrants brought to the US as children and awarded permanent residency under the DREAM Act.

As well as his subsequent inability to construct the much-discussed wall along the southern border with Mexico, increased her hatred towards him. When asked what the former President could do to help us take America back, Ann didn't hold back. And she remarked, saying.

Maybe he could die?

In a podcast interview that was published on Thursday, conservative pundit Ann likened Republicans' desire for the former President to be re-elected to that of an abused spouse defending their partner. She claimed that after he broke his campaign pledges to erect a wall along the border between the United States and Mexico, presenter Patrick Bet-David behaved like a battered woman and supported him in the 2024 election. It looks like her hatred for him is increasing.

Here’s How Ann Coulter, Once a Supporter, Turned Against Trump

Ann Coulter was once a supporter of Trump, but his unsolved flow of illegal immigration made her go against him. Being an early supporter and a prominent voice on the fringe, where the President's most ardent supporters live, her defection is noteworthy. Despite the turmoil at the White House and the shocking allegations of pornography, she remained by his side. She feels deceived and is sick of his incompetence, mostly because he didn't build the wall. The former President lost her.

Ann Coulter turned against Trump after accusing him of betraying his supporters. celebsindepth.com Ann Coulter turned against Trump after accusing him of betraying his supporters.
Source: New York Post

The author of 'In Trump We Trust' and former MAGA supporter has switched her allegiance to the president in the last several years, stating that she was a very stupid girl for backing him when he first started his ascent. Since then, she has changed her mind about the former president, labelling him the biggest wimp ever to serve when he abandoned her recommended full border shutdown.

Coulter turned against the former president after accusing him of betraying his supporters by abandoning the construction of the much-discussed wall along the US-Mexico border in an attempt to stop the flow of illegal immigration. Since then, she has been a vocal opponent of the former President, calling him a gigantic baby who can barely speak English and the biggest wimp ever to serve.

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