As a Zionist Alan Garber Is an Anti Israel Protester – Born to Jewish parents Alan Garber might be a Zionist and seems to support Israel. Jewish students at Harvard University feel unsafe, and as interim president, fans believe Alan will ensure to stop anti-Israel protests on campus.

Alan Garber is an American physician and health economist who now serves as Harvard University’s interim president. He was the provost and chief academic officer at Harvard. He has been a provost at Harvard for almost 12 years and a professor of economics, healthcare policy, and public policy. In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Harvard Corporation characterized Garber as a distinguished and wide-ranging scholar. His extensive and deep expertise, astute judgment, collaborative attitude, and exceptional institutional understanding will be used to carry forward critical initiatives and steer the university during this interim phase.

As provost, he has also been involved in several high-profile dean searches and has frequently led discussions with Harvard employee unions. Many students protesting against Israel left Jewish students reported feeling frightened. So after the news of him serving as Harvard University’s interim president came out, fans have wondered if he is a Zionist and what he will teach his students about the Israel-Palestine war.

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Alan Garber Has Officially Not Stated if He Is a Zionist or Not but Supports Israel

Although Alan Garber has not said by himself or revealed any statement regarding whom he favors in the ongoing Israel-Palestine war, fans believe he is a Zionist. He replaced Claudine Gay, as she declined to classify demands for Jewish annihilation as harassment or acknowledge that Jewish students had a right to feel safe at Ivy League universities. So will he be able to guarantee safety after being interim president? Does he support Zionism?

Alan Garber was raised by Jewish parents. celebsindepth.comAlan Garber was raised by Jewish parents.
Source: Harvard Gazette

At Harvard University, students demonstrate against Israel. Many Jewish students reported feeling frightened as a result of the prolonged protests and the university’s response to them. So as Harvard University’s interim president, what steps will he take to stop such protests? Did he sign an open letter to Joe Biden supporting Israel?

Well, he hasn’t taken any steps showing or favoring either Israel or Palestine, but we for a fact know that Alan Garber is a Jewish, so he might be a Zionist. Garber, who was raised by Jewish parents, has expressed remorse about Harvard’s first response to the war in Israel and Gaza, describing the blowback to Harvard’s response as the most significant problem the university has encountered during his 12-year tenure, including the COVID-19 outbreak. He admitted that he regretted making the initial statement. And said;

Our goal is to guarantee that our community feels safe, protected, and supported.

Alan Garber Has Criticized the Use of the Pro-Palestine Phrase

According to one sophomore, Jewish students at Harvard University continue to feel unsafe on campus due to antisemitism, which the school might be doing more to prevent. Alan Garber stepped down yesterday amid claims of plagiarism and criticism for Claudine Gay’s appearance at a congressional hearing, in which she was unable to state unequivocally that demands on campus for the annihilation of Jews would violate the school’s behavior rules. Following the departure of Gay, Harvard’s provost and professor Alan has been named interim president. What steps will he take?

Alan Garber may stop anti-Israel protests on campus. celebsindepth.comAlan Garber may stop anti-Israel protests on campus.
Source: Harvard Gazette

Alan Garber lamented the school’s initial statement on Hamas’s October 7 onslaught, which failed to condemn the terror group, and did not comment on a letter signed by over 30 Harvard student groups that said “Israel was entirely responsible” for the violence in a November interview with the Harvard Crimson. He certainly regrets his first statement, he told the Crimson. Our goal is to ensure that our community is safe, secure, and feels well supported—and that first statement did not succeed in that regard.

He added that his second statement condemning Hamas’ terrorist atrocities was important in rectifying some of the misimpressions that we created with that first statement. As students return to campus at the end of January, Garber must take the initiative to heal the schisms caused by the Israel-Hamas war.

He decried the use of the pro-Palestine phrase From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free, which was used by many during the recent protests. He did, however, speak to Harvard Hillel during a Shabbat meal in October and underlined the value of free expression. Bernat‘s anti-semitism committee was formed in response to outrage over the school’s response to Hamas’ deadly attacks on Israel, as well as the ensuing anti-Israel protests on campus, which saw Jewish students harassed by demonstrators chanting Intifada and From the River to the Sea—two phrases considered calls for genocide against Jews.

Alan Garber earlier expressed sorrow for the school’s initial statement on the Israel-Hamas conflict, which sparked campus division. He hopes that his tenure will serve to heal and enhance the university he loves and that this Israel-Palestine war, which has affected students, will be stopped.