Alesha Dixon’s Plastic Surgery: Skincare or Cosmetic Procedure, Reason for Her Beauty?

May 15, 2023 @ 6:47 GMT-0500
Alesha Dixon’s Plastic Surgery: Skincare or Cosmetic Procedure, Credit for Her Beauty?

Alesha Dixon has gone through a massive makeover, which might be due to plastic surgery. However, she has denied having any procedures and has said she wants to age gracefully without Botox or a facelift. She even credited her skincare routine for her never fading beauty.

Viewers of the Eurovision Song Contest appeared to be divided when Alesha Dixon returned to hosting duties. The Britain's Got Talent judge switched from ITV to BBC One to see the world's biggest music competition's grand final. She has appeared several times this week, hosting the contest's two 2023 semi-final programs alongside Ted Lasso actress, and Ukrainian singer Julia Sanina to take the stage. However, as the final began on Saturday night (May 13) at Liverpool's M&S Bank Arena, the trio was joined by Eurovision great Graham Norton.

Alesha Dixon took over as host again. Fans couldn't help but notice her, a singer-turned-TV personality, as she went out in a sparkling, ab-baring costume. The singer looked amazing in a bedazzled blue gown with a waist cut-out to show off her toned figure and a super-high split to show off her toned pins. With her stunning appearance, fans have claimed her beauty is the result of plastic surgery.

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Alesha Dixon Has Denied Having Plastic Surgery but Credits Her Skincare Routine for Her Beauty!

Alesha Dixon (@aleshaofficial) has gone through a massive makeover throughout her career, and fans claimed it was not natural and that she had plastic surgery. The effervescent TV actress believes she needs to continuously convince people that she hasn't had cosmetic surgery. However, according to various images that have circulated in some forums, she shows no symptoms of aging. That's why a rumor about her Botox and facelift surgery surfaced on the internet.

Alesha Dixon has a massive makeover after plastic surgery.Alesha Dixon has a massive makeover after plastic surgery.
Source: Celebs In Depth

Alesha Dixon appears younger than her true age in the before-and-after photos. Her face appears to be less wrinkled. Botox and facelifts appear to be helping her age gracefully. She never made any definitive statements about the rumor of plastic surgery. Although the rumor is controversial, many people feel that Botox and facelifts aid in her beauty improvement.

When Alesha Dixon returned to host the Eurovision Song Contest, viewers were astonished by her appearance. She has made multiple appearances this week, hosting the contest's two 2023 semi-final shows alongside Ted Lasso actor and Ukrainian singer Julia Sanina. But more than the show, people discussed her never-fading beauty.

Alesha Dixon's latest appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest.Alesha Dixon's latest appearance in the Eurovision Song Contest.
Source: Instagram

In response to her plastic surgery suspicions, Alesha Dixon claims that no one believes her when she claims she hasn't had any work done. The Britain's Got Talent judge stated that she eats whatever she wants and avoids cosmetic procedures. However, the actress stated that she wouldn't rule it out in the future. She said;

because I don't know how I'll feel in years to come. I'd like to think I'd age gracefully, but I can't predict the future.

When asked about her skin care regimen, she stated that she always keeps Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream in her suitcase. Alesha Dixon been using it for years and gets worried when it runs out, so she buys two at a time. She also likes Sisley face creams. The Black Rose Cream Mask is stunning. She also swears by coconut oil. She said;

Because of my employment, I'm quite busy. When I'm at home, I prefer to be the polar opposite. I prefer to let my skin breathe. I don't think I need to wear makeup, especially since I'm tanned. I'll put on some lip gloss and mascara, and I'll be ready to go.

Alesha Dixon once mentioned talked about surgery. She went on to say that she wants her children to be happy with their bodies and not feel pressured to have surgery to correct 'imperfections,' saying, 'I hope that I can raise my daughter to be comfortable in her skin and accept who she is, and not feel the pressure to try and look like everyone else.' 'Whenever I speak to ladies who are getting older, they all seem to be comfortable with it,' Alesha continued. It appears like the media is the only one upset about it.

Beauty begins within. The natural radiance that comes from leading a healthy lifestyle is unrivaled. What makes you beautiful is who you are, not what you carry in your handbag. She also stated that she works out with a trainer two or three times each week but does not have a defined plan. She enjoys walking dogs. Walking is just as effective as running. All of her songs are upbeat, so when she comes off stage, she feels like she's done a cardio exercise.

Alesha Dixon credited her skincare routine for her never fading beauty.Alesha Dixon credited her skincare routine for her never fading beauty.
Source: Instagram

When asked if she wants to change anything in her body, she said the good thing about getting older is that you just don’t care as much. I have imperfections in my body, but that’s okay. However, whether or not Alesha Dixon had any surgeries performed on her body, she looks great with her current appearance, astonishing many of her fans.

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