Alessia Zecchini’s Tragedy in Egypt: Is She Still Alive?

Talking about Alessia Zecchini’s tragedy, her dedicated coach and safety expert, Stephen Keenan, previously died while assisting her to cross The Arch in Dahab, Egypt, after she drowned. As of now, she is still alive.

The Deepest Breath is a documentary film directed and written by Laura McGann set in 2023 that follows Italian freediver Alessia Zecchini on her quest to achieve a world record with the assistance of safety diver Stephen Keenan. The film made its global debut at the Sundance Film Festival on January 22, 2023. Later, Netflix acquired distribution rights before the show’s debut. It was recently shown in the Special Premieres section of the 2023 Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival.

However in the film. Director has expertly revealed a tragic event that occurred with Alessia Zecchini and her coach in the picturesque backdrop of Dahab, Egypt, crafting a tapestry of suspense and generating profound emotions. So, if you have yet not watched the show and wonder about the tragedy that Alessia went through, we are here to help.

Alessia Zecchini’s Safety Expert, Stephen Keenan, Died in a Tragedy in 2017 While Assisting Her to Cross the Arch in Dahab, Egypt, After She Drowned!

Alessia Zecchini (@alessia.zecchini) is an amazing free diver who holds several world records representing Ireland. However, a tragic adventure occurred for her on July 22, 2017, as she began outdoor training with the acclaimed international coach and safety diver, Stephen Keenan. Unfortunately, tragedy struck during a training accident, and her couch died while assisting her to cross The Arch in Dahab, Egypt. Later, she discussed Keenan’s life and death impact on the freediving community, saying,

Stephen saved so many people’s lives over the course of his career. So a lot of people owe their life to Stephen. He was also a great friend to a lot of people. There’s a bond that happens when you do a dive and you’ve got somebody by your side who’s there to save your life… It’s a massive loss and a massive loss for Alessia. And it’s a massive weight for her to carry for the rest of her life.

Alessia Zecchini's safety expert & boyfriend died in tragedy while assisting her to cross The Arch in Dahab, Egypt. celebsindepth.comAlessia Zecchini’s safety expert & boyfriend died in tragedy while assisting her to cross The Arch in Dahab, Egypt.
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However, unaffected by the loss, Alessia Zecchini pursued brilliance under the tutelage of Martin Zajac, who guided her through the thrilling 2018 competition season. During this memorable year, she accomplished a historic feat by shattering the AIDA world record in the Vertical Blue competition on May 10. Later, she swam to a mesmerizing depth of 104 meters against the gorgeous background of Long Island in the Bahamas. The competition saw a succession of spectacular dives, with Natalia Molchanova‘s six-year record in constant weight (CWT) at 101 metres being broken not once, but three times.

On May 6, Alessia Zecchini plunged boldly to 102 meters, setting a new world record. However, the narrative did not finish there. Only four days later, Hanako Hirose, inspired by the spirit of exploration, descended to 103 meters. In an astonishing turn of events, she went on to detach the tag at 104 meters, etching her name into the annals of history and setting yet another world record.

More About Alessia Zecchini!

Born on June 30, 1992, Alessia Zecchini is a wonderful individual who has made a significant influence in the field of freediving. She has accomplished incredible things in her relatively short life. Her free diving experience has been distinguished by dedication, enthusiasm, and a never-ending pursuit of excellence. As of now she is still alive and continues to dive and compete in competitions worldwide.

Alessia Zecchini is still alive now and continues to dive and compete in competitions worldwide. celebsindepth.comAlessia Zecchini is still alive now and continues to dive and compete in competitions worldwide.
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Despite being a youth, Alessia has established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of freediving. Her accomplishments and records attest to her extraordinary abilities and unwavering commitment. With each dive, she pushes the limits and inspires others with her incredible talents and brave attitude.

Alessia Zecchini competed in rallies with the national team from 2007 to 2010, though she was too young to compete in the top division. She finished second in her debut Italian championship in Turin in 2011, followed by impressive finishes in consecutive years, earning her a spot on the national squad.

Similarly, Alessia Zecchini experienced exceptional success in the CMAS World Championship in 2013, winning gold in static freediving and medaling in a variety of events. She also established a CMAS world record with the monofin in constant weight. She then continued to flourish in the years that followed, setting multiple world records and winning gold in international contests under both AIDA and CMAS. Furthermore, her accomplishments demonstrate her extraordinary abilities and passion for the sport.

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