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Alexandra Maria Guarnaschelli was born in 1972 to parents John Guarnaschelli (father) and Maria Guarnaschelli (mother). She went to Barnard College and graduated in 1991.

Guarnaschelli previously worked as the executive chef at The Darby restaurant before it shut down. She is currently the executive chef at Butter restaurant located in New York City. In addition, she’s a television personality appearing on several Food Network shows, most notably Chopped, The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Iron Chef America, and Guy’s Grocery Games.

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Alex, the winner of Iron Chef America in 2012, published her first cookbook titled Old-School Comfort Food: The Way I Learned to Cook a year later in 2013. The book provides details of her favorite professional recipes she adopted from her home.

Alex Guarnaschelli was married to her husband, Brandon Clark

Alex Guarnaschelli with her former husband Brandon Clark.

Alex Guarnaschelli with her former husband, Brandon Clark.
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Alex Guarnaschelli and Brandon Clark’s love story is one made for fairytales. The way they met, fell in love, got married, and tragically divorced is nothing short of a script for a movie.

No matter how good one’s relationship is, you can never guarantee it can last a lifetime, and so it proved for these soulmates. Everything that begins must come to an end.

First meeting

Alex Guarnaschelli and Brandon Clark first met in 2006.

Alex Guarnaschelli and Brandon Clark first met in 2006.
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Alex Guarnaschelli met Brandon Clark in the Spring of 2006. She was teaching a fish class at the Culinary Education Institute in New York at the time, while Brandon was one of the students.

Clark, a personal jury lawyer, told the New York Times,

I thought she was hilarious. Some people found her intimidating. I found her funny, playful, exciting and adorable.

Brandon, who had developed a crush on Alex, was looking to switch his career and become a professional chef.  To avoid mixing ‘romance and cooking’ at the time, he requested a part-time job at Butter, where Alex served as the executive chef. Although they worked together, Brandon could never gather the courage to express his feelings for her.

Brandon, however, would often find the excuse to spend time with her by confiding in her about his school assignment problems.


Alex Guarnaschelli and Brandon Clark got engaged after an amazing proposal.

Alex Guarnaschelli and her husband, Brandon Clark, got engaged after an amazing proposal.
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A few weeks later, Brandon sent an email to Alex stating he’s decided against a cooking career. However, the chef was having none of it as she convinced him to continue to pursue food making.

Brandon took the initiative and decided to take their relationship further up a notch. They were no longer merely ‘teacher and student’ after they began dating.

Brandon subsequently asked her to marry him in front of her restaurant. He dropped the proposal in the most amazing manner by serenading her with a guitar.


Alex Guarnaschelli and Brandon Clark got married in 2007.

Alex Guarnaschelli and her partner Brandon Clark got married in 2007.
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The couple exchanged vows on 29th April 2007 in a beautiful wedding ceremony attended by 125 guests in the subterranean tavern at Butter.

A few days after their wedding, Alex talked about the significance of her better half in the family.

When I met Brandon I was borderline grieving that I would never have a family.

Alex was already pregnant before their married life began. The couple subsequently welcomed their daughter Ava Clark in September 2007.


Alex Guarnaschelli and Brandon Clark finalized their divorce in 2015 after eight years of married life.

Alex Guarnaschelli and her husband Brandon Clark finalized their divorce in 2015 after eight years of married life.
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The once fairytale lovers got distant by 2013, and the sense of inevitability was approaching. The couple officially divorced sometime in 2015. She later confirmed the unfortunate news during an interview by describing Brandon as her ex-husband.

It was widely reported Brandon Clark cheated on his wife with two women that led to the demise of their marital relationship. Meanwhile, Alex Guarnaschelli is currently dating her new boyfriend Michael Castellon.

Alex Guarnaschelli’s Net Worth

Alex Guarnaschelli earns close to $500,000 per year from her TV appearances. Initially, she competed in Iron Chef America (2007), and Next Iron Chef (2011). She later hosted several cooking shows, most notably The Cooking Loft, Food Network Challenge, Chopped, Cooks Vs. Cons, and The Best Thing I Ever Ate.

Guarnaschelli is an author who’s written a few cookbooks as well. Taking into account her overall career, Alex Guarnaschelli’s net worth is estimated to be $3.5 million.

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