Alex Terrible’s Scar: Fake, Real, or Makeup?

Alex Terrible has a face scar, which has sparked several discussions. We don’t exactly know how he got the scar, but fans have called it scarification. Well, it might be true, as he has had changes in his scar, sometimes scarily big and sometimes only a little mark. A variety of treatments are available to help improve the appearance of scars, but this one seems to be on purpose, calling it fake and makeup.

Sasha Shikolay is a well-known metal singer. He is also well-known as the founder member and lead singer of the deathcore band Slaughter to Prevail, better known as Alex Terrible. He also founded the Russian Hate Project, a gym-goer band that plays extreme metal.

Alex Terrible has a sizable fan base. Fans always notice even a single detail about their favorite stars, and the same has happened in his case. The musician has been seen sporting a prominent scar on his face. Is the injury real or fake? Let’s get into further detail about his scar.

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Alex Terrible Has Not Revealed the Reason Behind His Face Scar!

Many viewers have been curious about Alex Terrible‘s (@alexterribleofficial) scar since he captured their attention. He’s made a name for himself as the manic vocalist for Russian deathcore band Slaughter To Prevail, as well as through his numerous YouTube vocal covers, many of which have gone viral over the years. He has a noticeable scar on his face, and viewers question if it is a birthmark, an accident scar, or makeup.

Alex Terrible made scars on purpose, calling them fake and makeup. celebsindepth.comAlex Terrible made scars on purpose, calling them fake and makeup.
Source: Instagram

How did Alex Terrible obtain his scar? Well, as per sources, he battled for a high ball with an opponent and collided heads with the defender, breaking his nose and cheekbone and requiring an operation to place metal plates into his face. But that’s not what others think; many sources and Reddit discussions have some different theories regarding his scar.

For a long time, Alex Terrible had a scar. Scars are skin scars that remain after a wound or injury heals. Scarring is an expected side effect of the healing process. Most will fade, but never totally disappear. Scars can be as small as a faint line, as large as a pitted hole in the skin, or as an unnatural overgrowth of tissue.

Alex Terrible's face scar is clearly visible on his face. celebsindepth.comAlex Terrible’s face scar is clearly visible on his face.
Source: Instagram

Sometimes his scar is big, and sometimes it is small. Well, that might be due to his makeup, as makeup can hide any scar or make it look huge and dangerous. Alex Terrible might have treated it well, but a complete scar can’t be treated. Although complete scar removal is not possible, most scars will diminish with time. A variety of treatments are available to help improve the appearance of scars and make them less apparent.

Reddit User Thinks Alex Terrible’s Scar Is a Scarification!

Alex Terrible fans have started a Reddit discussion regarding his scar; some think it’s fake. So what’s the reason? Let us get into detail and find out if the scar is real. With the discussion of the topic regarding his scar, Reddit has put out a statement saying,

I absolutely love their music, but for the longest time it’s confused me. It looks too perfect to be a real scar; is it makeup?

Well, to be honest, the discussion is fair if you have followed him since the beginning of the scar on his face. You have undoubtedly noticed that he has changes in scar sometimes scarily big and sometimes only a little mark. What has the singer said regarding the statement, what is the discussion, and how have others responded to the statement? Let us find out.

One of the users said that it is called scarification. Which means you create a wound in the shape that you want the scar to be when it’s healed. Well, that comes as no surprise if you have noticed his scar from close range. And recently, his scar discussion has become a more discussed topic.

Alex Terrible had scarification for his face scar. clebsindepth.comAlex Terrible had scarification for his face scar.
Source: Instagram

One of the users went on to say that he went to a lady to do the sacrification. He stated in an interview with Revolver that he simply enjoys bodily alterations. He stated that it was excruciatingly painful and that he despises pain and has a low tolerance for it. For someone who despises pain, he sure enjoys extremely unpleasant body alterations. Fans commented that the scar was done deliberately, and others considered it lame. Well, he might want different modifications to make a scar on his face; it’s his choice. But Alex Terrible has not made a statement regarding it yet.