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The show Emergence is making headway on ABC and the reason for the success of the show is the amazing one-two punch of the cast with Allison Tolman leading the cast and Alexa Swinton bringing life to the magnificent character of Piper. The actress is only 10 years old and she is mature beyond her age and you can see it evidently on her appearances in the show.

Alexa was born Alexa Skye Swinton in 2009 to her parents, father Rolfe Swinton and mother Inna Swinton. Her father is Canadian born and her mother was born in Latvia, and she is of both Scottish-English and Russian Jewish ancestry. She is the middle child in her family, with an elder sister who is a singer and younger brother who is a comedian and actor.

Alexa Swinton peering through the door.Alexa Swinton comes from a family of performers.
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Alexa Swinton comes from a performing family, and she is also the distant cousin of Tilda Swinton. From an early age, Alexa was interested in singing and dancing which started from as early as she was one year old. Her hard work and dedication paid off with the actress appearing in more than 10 movies and TV shows and she isn’t even in her teens and all you need to do is watch Emergence to see the immense talent she possesses.

Being Cast in ‘Emergence’ as Piper

Alexa Swinton on Emergence, playing Piper.Alexa plays the character of Piper in the show ‘Emergence.’
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When a little girl points out a plane crash site to the police but doesn’t know anything about her past or how she knows of the crash site, the mystery of Emergence begins. Allison Tolman’s character is the police chief who finds the kid, played by Alexa Swinton, and takes her in. While the investigation goes on, she stumbles into a conspiracy and realizes the kid got some powers whose extent is a mystery to everyone.

Alexa was cast as Piper in the show, and she was cast after a mass audition where she needed to do two callbacks but the actress said, the moment she read the script this character was someone she needed to be a part of. The actress killed the audition which allowed for a callback to LA where she did a scene with Allison, and she was hired for the job.

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When she was asked by Build about the casting process, the actress said she was ready and she wanted the role and also complimented her co-star in the show of being the greatest person in the world and a tremendous actress.

The show recently aired its fourth episode, and there is not much catching up to do, so better head on over and watch the series. It is going to be huge, and you do not want to miss out.

Her Career in a Nutshell

Alexa played young Claire in Flesh and Bone.Alexa played the character of young Claire in ‘Flesh and Bone’.
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The actress started her career pretty early, but her first major role came on the TV series Mythos where she appeared in four episodes of the first season. Then she appeared in what she calls her first acting job, which was in the horror movie River of Fundament.

Then she went on Flesh and Bone to play the younger version of Claire in the series, she appeared in one episode of the series and then acted in the short film Rest in Peace.

Alexa Swinton in the pilot episode of Billions as Eva Rhodes.Alexa Swinton played Eva Swinton in the series ‘Billions.’
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The actress was also a part of Saturday Night Live where she appeared as an extra in two of the episodes of the long-running hit sketch comedy series. Another plane crash series was on the cards for the actress with her appearing in the show Manifest for a single appearance.

She also took the role of Eva Rhoades in the series Billions where she played the daughter of Axel Rhoades in 12 episodes in three years, and now she is leading the cast of Emergence with the role of Piper.

Relationship With Her Siblings and Working on Their YouTube

Alexa started a YouTube channel with her older sister Ava Swinton and younger brother Maxim Swinton in 2016. Their mother writes the material for them while they do a sort of Weekend Update segment for the kids.

Alexa also revealed she wrote and directed a short movie Veggie Burger, and the movie is starring all of her family members and it will arrive on the YouTube page. The Swinton Kids channel is a fun place to see some talented kids and people should definitely check it out, little Maxim is a great comedian.

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All of the siblings seem to love each other, which is nice to see and all of them are actors and singers which means they know what it takes to make it in the industry. It’s also a nice thing they’ve got each other for support along with guidance from their mother.

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