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Alexander Calvert is a superstar, well, not exactly to the rest of the world, but ask any of the Supernatural fans and they will tell you how awesome and amazing the actor is. Though not a newbie to the show business, the actor was around since 2005 when he appeared as a 12-year-old boy in the TV series The Dead Zone, the most famous role of his career came in 2017 when the actor was hired to play a character in the beloved series Supernatural.

With over 25 acting credits to his young acting career, the most prominent role by far for the actor was as Jack in the beloved long-running series on The CW. This was also not the first time the actor appeared in the channel with his appearance in the hit TV series Arrow being his first foray in The CW.

Alexander Calvert answering questions at comic-con while talking about Supernatural.Alexander Calvert was hired to play the character of Jack in Supernatural.
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Born on 15 July 1990, the Canadian actor came up as a Nickelodeon star and slowly transitioned into the major leagues with appearances in movies and TV shows. While working was when he came in contact with South African beauty and model Jenna Berman, and to the delight of both, they fell in love, and 2014 was the year when they started dating.

Alexander Calvert’s Relationship with Girlfriend Jenna Berman, Is She His Wife?

Alexander Calvert and his girlfriend Jenna Berman.Jenna Berman and Alexander Calvert met and fell in love with each other a long time ago.
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Jenna Berman is an Instagram celebrity, and she is also a model, and she first started to appear alongside the Jack actor since 2014. She was also the first person he posted about when he opened his Instagram account. The actor and the model struck up a relationship pretty soon, and they were inseparable for the most part.

Though Jenna is coy about posting her pictures with Alexander on the photo-sharing site the actor, on the other hand, loves showing off his girlfriend to the world and then while sharing one of the videos of the couple together, the actor wrote in the caption, “Wifey is cute AF,” which was a shock to the fans all over the world.

“Wifey” in layman’s term means wife, so all of a sudden the actor dropped a truth bomb on all of us, and everyone is left reeling from the fact Alexander just called Jenna his wife. There is no clear indication the couple got married, they lived together then, but no idea there was a marriage happening. Maybe it was just a cute way for the couple to get serious in their relationship, but it’s still confusing.

They kept going strong with each other to support their every move and then reports started to come in that the couple tied the knot in September of 2018. There were no images or even a ring on their finger to signify they got married, but speculation and rumors started to circulate. Most people were theorizing they shared their vows in secret and are husband and wife now, but there was no basis for this theory.

Jenna Berman in Paris.Jenna Berman and Alexander vacationed together in Paris.
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This was supposed to be the first marriage anniversary month of the couple, and there is no sign of post or congratulations or “I Love You’s” which leads us to believe the love birds are not married. If they were, why hide the whole thing for this long and not tell the world both of you are off the market.

Are They Broken Up?

Alexander Calvert in front of The CW banner promoting 'Supernatural.'Alexander Calvert and Jenna were in love but they stopped posting about each other.
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The thing is Alexander is always posting and boasting about his beautiful “wifey”, but the posts and pictures dried up a little over the past couple of weeks. The last time we saw an Instagram post from the talented actor about Jenna was 17 weeks ago when the head-over-heels lovers were still in Rome for their vacation.

Since the black and white picture of the model, the actor opted to post only his picture on his Instagram page and on 2 June 2019 was the last time he tagged his image to Jenna and then even the tagging stopped.

A black and white picture of Jenna Berman in Paris.This is the last image Alexander posted of Jenna on his Instagram page.
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Jenna, on the other hand, is vacationing with her friends and posting topless photos on her photo-sharing platform. The couple seemingly is taking a break and enjoying some time apart, but considering the things on display, the lovers are more than likely separated and on the verge of being broken up.

If they are broken up, then what will happen to the cat, Lord Tyrion, who himself is an Instagram celebrity? The couple needs to think of the cat also before deciding on breaking up. Again, they probably are only taking a small break from one another, but this whole situation is a little suspicious.

Jenna Berman and cat Lord Tyrion.Lord Tyrion and Jenna Berman are on the bed together.
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We hope everything is fine between the two lovers; they make a cute couple, and all we want is to see Alexander gush about his girlfriend/wife more and more every day.

Playing Jack in Supernatural and Returning for the Final Season

The actor was hired to play the character of Jack in Supernatural a couple of years ago. The character of Jack was the child of Lucifer and a human which meant he would be the bringer of the apocalypse, but staying with the Winchesters changed the kid and he started to use his power for good.

Jack’s story was the main arc of the series for the past two seasons and when the season finale of Supernatural season 14 arrived, the character was again at the forefront with Dean not killing him, resulting in God to reveal himself and laying the groundwork for the final season of the long-running beloved series.

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Alexander will be seen next in Supernatural Season 15, which is also the final season of the series, and he is playing a pivotal role in the last ride for the series. The final season premiers on The CW on 10 October 2019.

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