Did Dom and Savannah From Perfect Match End up Together? What Happened Between Them?

Savannah Palacio had an interest in Dom Gabriel in the show Perfect Match, but unfortunately, Dom was already paired up with Francesca Farago, who led a triangle between them. However, Savannah was eliminated from the show, and we could not see any romance between them. Although fans hoped Dom and Savannah could pair up and end up together after the show, they are not even connected on Instagram.

For the uninitiated, let us begin at the beginning: Netflix chose singles from its previous reality dating shows Love Is Blind, Too Hot To Handle, and others for its new show, Perfect Match, which premiered on February 14 with four episodes. Nevertheless, the new series significantly escalates the stakes: hopeful romantics are obliged to pair up to stay in the villa of course, there is a villa, and couples who win tasks can break up other pairs or send their match PAC match-packing, as long as you can stay in the house, you’re one step closer to your individual.

While it’s always exciting to see new couples form on reality TV shows, it’s often heartwarming to see established couples try again. The dating series not only revealed the specifics of their history together but also showed them attempting to rekindle their relationship.

The majority of the Perfect Match cast is paired based on attraction, but that isn’t always the case with Savannah and Nick. They met on The Circle, but on this new show, they displayed interest in other people Nick has feelings for Francesca, who is coupled with Dom, but Savannah wants to get to be with Dom. It should go without saying that anyone who gets in Francesca’s way should say a prayer.

Perfect Match’s first four episodes are already out, and there is already a lot of conflict between certain cast members, notably Francesca Farago and Savannah Palacio. In the first few episodes, the two women argue about another co-star, Dom Gabriel. As we see, Savannah has an interest in Dom, so they end up together. What happened between them?

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Savannah Palacio Had an Interest in Dom Gabriel in the Show Perfect Match, but Unfortunately, They Didn’t End up Together!

At the beginning of the perfect match, Savannah Palacio (@savpalacio) had her eyes on Dom Gabriel, (@dontcalldom) but Dom laid his eyes on Francesca Farago (@francescafarago), which caused a triangle between the three of them. Savannah Palacio is well-versed in game show competitions. You may recall her from Season 2 of The Circle, where she was a strong early contender before being eliminated due to a rivalry with another candidate.

Dom first appeared in Netflix’s relaunch of The Mole, a popular reality game presented by MSNBC anchor Alex Wagner. Dom rapidly established himself as a capable contender in the streaming revival by playing an honest game and connecting with others. The incredibly earnest musician, however, was eliminated in Episode 4 of the competition and thus did not obtain the prize money he planned to earn for his mother.

Things heated up when she discovered Savannah was interested in Dom. After swiftly developing feelings for Dom Gabriel, the Too Hot to Handle alum didn’t want The Mole star to consider dating other competitors. Savannah, on the other hand, wasn’t afraid to make a move, much to Francesca’s chagrin.

But, of course, the drama continues to loom over them. Savannah Palacio makes a pass at Dom in the third episode, which irritates Francesca. As the Too Hot to Handle star approaches Savannah, the two dispute about the matter before Francesca brands the Circle alum a shady piece of shit and orders her to keep away from Dom.

Unfortunately, Savannah Palacio was eliminated from the show, and we could not see any chemistry between Savannah Palacio and Dom., and Francesca and Dom continued their relationship in the show. But, we do not believe the two are still together because Damian’s presence appears to have caused an irreparable gap between the couple. Meanwhile, Farago has spoken out about her spat with Palacio, stating she has no remorse about it. Farago told Us Weekly;

I had no idea who she was before entering the villa. I guess I just got weird vibes from day one, and there were a couple of things in the beginning tasks and things she was saying and doing around the house that rubbed me the wrong way.

Fans have shown support towards Savannah Palacio. On her Instagram post, one fan wrote;

 I feel like this show portrayed you as a villain when I know you’re not! You’re beautiful, intelligent, and trying to play the game!

As another person stated:

You handle yourself like a confident queen, girl! I just finished watching the first batch of episodes. You certainly deserve someone as wonderful as Dom! He was simply blind.

Although fans hoped Savannah and Dom could pair up after the show, they are not even connected on Instagram.

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