Are Joey and Kariselle Still Together? An Instagram Update About Their Relationship!

It’s unknown if Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow are still together, but looking at their Instagram, they are still following one another. Having said that, we believe that a passionate and affectionate bond like theirs has most likely survived the show, making it a perfect match. But they have not shared any Instagram posts together yet.

Perfect Match, Netflix‘s latest dating show, brings together several of the streaming service’s reality TV alums for a wild new dating competition, and it turns out that there are some old loves among the ensemble. Joey Sasso, the winner of The Circle‘s first season, and Kariselle Snow, best known as the panda from Sexy Beasts, are among the singles entering the villa on night one.

The former bartender and pageant queen (whose first reality show was MTV’s Are You The One? Season 8, which featured an all-sexually-fluid cast) had a lot of history before they were cast on Perfect Match, so they quickly became one of the most interesting couples as they tried to give their relationship another chance.

While it’s always exciting to see new couples form on reality TV shows, it’s often heartwarming to see established couples try again. Kariselle Snow and Joey Sasso’s experience on Netflix’s ‘Perfect Match’ was no different. The dating series not only revealed the specifics of their history together but also showed them attempting to rekindle their relationship. People naturally want to know if the two are still together, and we are here to answer that question!

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It’s Unclear Whether Joey Sasso and Kariselle Snow Are Still Together, but They’re Still Following Each Other on Instagram!

Joey Sasso (@joyesasso) stated in Perfect Match Episode 1 that Kariselle Snow (@kariselle) DMed him and that he was immediately attracted to her. They knew each other from outside the show. Sasso was taken aback when he saw who the female cast members were in the early stages of Perfect Match season 1.

Joey appears to have been pretty busy in the outside world, since he had relationships with both Perfect Match cast member Kariselle and Too Hot To Handle actor Francesca Farago (@francescafarago). He admitted to having had affairs with both Francesca Farago and Kariselle Snow. As his connection with the former appeared to have faded, the season 1 winner of The Circle gravitated towards Kariselle, claiming that their relationship was quite intricate and long.

The two reality stars first interacted after Joey was revealed to be a member of The Circle.’ Kariselle messaged him on Instagram, and he wasted no time in admiring her beauty and setting up a meeting. Soon after, the ‘Sexy Beasts‘ actress jetted out to Los Angeles, California, for an unforgettable night with him.

During her appearance on the show, she revealed that Joey had confessed his love for her and stated that he would marry her one day. Unfortunately, they did not speak for some months following that. Despite his apparent reluctance to commit, Kariselle decided to give him another shot. Their second relationship, though, appears to have failed as well.

While she was not thrilled with Jeoy’s inclusion in the Netflix series, Kariselle ended up spending a lot of time with him since he claimed that their appearance on the show was a sign of fate. Kariselle and Joey eventually chose to pair up on the first night. At the first compatibility challenge, Kariselle and his cheerful spirits vanished. During the challenge, he stated that he was still not over his ex, with whom he had broken up four years before.

Kariselle was enraged because she couldn’t understand why Joey would promise her a relationship if he couldn’t let go of the past. Needless to say, when she was put up on a date with Chase DeMoor, she was eager to see how things went. Kariselle and Chase had a great date, and they came into the house hand in hand. Although angered by the development, Joey stayed out of the way of the two, though he did notice them kissing. This sparked a disagreement between Joey and Kariselle, who couldn’t help but question why her partner said it was fine to witness her with someone.

Despite the fight, Kariselle ended up spending the night with Joey. Their relationship was chilly at first, but they quickly began to warm up. The fact that they both gave each other a perfect 10 during the kissing challenge added to their bond. Although the show has only recently begun, fans are already taking to Twitter to voice their opinions on this season’s pairs. Unfortunately for Joey and Kariselle, things aren’t going well. One follower tweeted:

Joey gives out a good aura. Kariselle exudes energy. They do not belong together, yet they are highly likable as individuals.

Kariselle and Joey have not made any official declarations about their relationship as of this writing. Their close bond throughout the show suggests that the two are still together. It should be noted, however, that they currently following one other on Instagram. Having said that, we believe that a passionate and affectionate bond like theirs has most likely survived the show. But they have not shared any Instagram posts together yet.

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