Are Francesca Farago and Damian Powers Dating? Reddit Users Examine the Photos/Pictures of Them Holding Hands in Public!

Francesca Farago from Netflix’s Perfect Match and Damian Powers were rumored to be in a relationship after pictures/photos of them holding hands surfaced on the internet in 2020. Reddit users are curious to know if they are still together. However, it appears the couple has parted ways as of 2023 (if they ever dated). Follow to know more about their relationship with their Instagram handles.

Netflix‘s Perfect Match follows the contestants as they live in a luxury villa in Panama with the co-star with whom they believe they have the best connection. The couples then compete in a series of challenges and games to determine which pair is the most compatible. The first four episodes of the series are now available, and we’re seeing some strong relationships form between some of the show’s hottest singles, including a match between a former Love Is Blind contestant and one from Too Hot To Handle.

Francesca Farago may have started the show by dating The Mole‘s Dom Gabriel, but she later went on a date with Damian Powers from Love Is Blind’s first season, and there’s definitely some history there you should be aware of. Anyone who has seen Season 1 of Love Is Blind knows that Farago and Powers have been together before. Three years later, the two reality stars are reunited on Netflix’s new show. As a result, many people, especially Reddit users, have been curious to learn more about their relationship and wonder if they are still in a relationship!

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Perfect Match Update: Francesca Farago and Damian Powers Were Rumored to Be in a Relationship After Pictures/Photos of Both Holding Hands Surfaced on the Internet!

While not everyone finds love on dating reality shows, it appears that Netflix’s Perfect Match cast Damian Powers (@damian__powers) from Love is Blind and Too Hot to Handle Francesca Farago (@francescafarago) may have met their match. Powers is best known as half of LIB’s most adored couple with Giannina ‘Gigi Gibelli. So imagine our revelation when Instagram photos/pictures showed Powers and Farago holding hands with a noticeable Gigi-sized absence.

Holding hands isn’t necessarily cheating, but it is suspicious, especially given Farago’s romance on Too Hot to Handle was a disaster, and she is currently single. It doesn’t help Powers’ case that he has a rocky relationship with Gigi. Fans may recall Powers dumped the so-called love of his life in the season finale (on their wedding day! ), before reconciling.

Rumors about a possible romance between Damian Powers and Francesca Farago first surfaced in August 2020, when they were spotted leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles by a few paparazzi. While sharing a meal does not indicate a romantic relationship, Giannina’s absence sparked a media frenzy. Photos revealed that the two Netflix celebrities from different shows appeared to be very cozy while walking while holding hands. Damian quickly cleared the air with an E! News statement, explaining that they were with mutual friends that night.

Damian revealed that they all chose to leave together after a meal at the Eveleigh in West Hollywood, California, with their shared attorney and a few others. He added, “Francesca grabbed onto me in an attempt to shield herself from the paparazzi as our entire group entered the car. Francesca and I are not dating or romantically involved but remain friends.”  To make sure everyone knew he and Giannina were still together, they shared a few adorable photos in the time since, but not before the Latin beauty had already uploaded a solo one with the caption, “Stay in your lane.”

Having said that, Love Is Blind: After the Altar raised new concerns, especially when Damian revealed that his relationship with Giannina was rocky during a very flirtatious lunch with Francesca. As if that wasn’t enough, Damian invited Francesca to his fellow cast members’ anniversary parties (the Hamiltons and the Barnetts), which would also have been his and Giannina’s second wedding anniversary party if he’d said, “I do.”

Meanwhile, Powers is a shady character. And recent reunion special footage shows him inviting his friend to the reunion special, with whom he goes on a romantic date, shadily implying that his relationship with Gigi is in jeopardy. To make matters worse, during the reunion special (where Farago knows no one except Powers because she was never on the show in the first place), Farago and Gigi argue because Powers implies something romantic or sexual happened with Farago, despite his allegedly committed relationship with Gigi.

We don’t know much about this love triangle, but one thing is certain: Powers is the main antagonist in this story. Despite his claims that he is only friends with Farago, his actions show otherwise. It’s unclear whether Giannina and Damian or Francesca and Damian are dating as of this writing. However, a look at both women’s social media accounts reveals that they are currently living their best lives.

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