Are Nick Uhlenhuth and Savannah Palacio From Perfect Match Back Together? Did They Get Married?

Feb 20, 2023 @ 9:57 GMT-0500
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Are Nick Uhlenhuth and Savannah Palacio From Perfect Match Back Together? Did They Get Married?

Nick Uhlenhuth and Savannah Palacio are not back together but the couple seems to be on good terms as they both follow each other on Instagram and occasionally comment on each other's posts. Since Savannah got eliminated right after Nick chose Ines Tazi for the next match-up, we don't think the couple ever got or will get married.

In order to create new reality dating series, Perfect Match, which debuted its first four episodes on Tuesday, February 14, Netflix decided to gather singles from its catalog of reality dating shows, including Love Is Blind and Too Hot To Handle. However, the new series remarkably raises the stakes: hopeful romantics are forced to pair up in order to stay in the villa—of course, there is a villa—and couples who win challenges can break up other pairings or send their own match packing.

The majority of the series cast is paired based on attraction, but that isn't always the case with Nick Uhlenhuth and Savannah Palacio who had before met on Netflix in another dating series, The Circle. But on this new show, they clearly indicated an interest in other people—Nick has feelings for Francesca Farago, who is paired with Dom, and Savannah wants to get to know Dom.

Given that Savannah and Nick both starred together before, the two have a lot in common. However, the public first saw their bond in action during the duo's time on Perfect Match. The two's easy friendship, combined with their ability to be strategic, allowed the formation of a strong connection that dominated the reality show for as long as it lasted. People are naturally curious to learn if the duo is still together or if they get married. If you're wondering the same thing, we've got the answers.

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Nick Uhlenhuth and Savannah Palacio From Perfect Match: The Couple Is Not Back Together Yet, However, They Do Follow Each Other on Instagram and Occasionally Comment on Each Other’s Posts!

As of this writing, we believe Nick Uhlenhuth (@nickuhlenhuth) and Savannah Palacio (@savpalacio) are not back together but are still good friends. of course, the two never got married. Though she was upset about her elimination from the show, it does not seem that she let it affect her relationship with Nick. After all, the two continue to follow each other on Instagram and, as seen above, frequently comment on each other's social media posts.

In other words, while their relationship may not have been the best on a dating show, it was certainly a sight to behold. If nothing else, the two seem to be on good terms and pleased with each other's success.

While Savnnah gained recognition as a result of her appearance in the second season of The Circle, Nick actually appeared in the third season. This meant that their interaction prior to appearing on the Netflix dating show was at best minimal. Despite this obstacle, the two formed a strong bond, though there was no romantic spark between them. In fact, Nick was wishing to connect with Francesca Farago, whereas Savannah was eager to speak with Dom Gabriel. However, both of their preferred partners ended up matching.

Savannah and Nick decided to pair up because they knew they needed every advantage possible for the upcoming compatibility challenge. They spent the night talking with each other and devising strategies to help them become the best of the best. Their hard work paid off when they won the first compatibility challenge and were invited to the boardroom. With the option of welcoming two new males into the house, Savannah wanted to make sure that the newcomers were also potential matches for her.

However, Savannah and Nick were once again paired up when it came time for the second match-up night because they were unsuccessful in finding other potential romantic matches. Meanwhile, Nick couldn't help but bemoan Savannah's unwillingness to give them a chance to be more than a strategic alliance. He wanted to impress his on-screen partner during the kissing challenge. While The Circle star enjoyed her kiss with Nick, she was not hoping to pursue a romantic relationship and get married.

But when Anne-Sophie Petit and Chase DeMoor decided to set Nick up on a date with Izzy Fairthorne (@izfairr), everything changed. Savannah decided to focus on Dom, knowing that the arrival of two new girls would increase her chances of eviction, but her plans did not come to fruition, resulting in a fight between her and Francesca. Meanwhile, Ines Tazi began talking to Nick and manifest interest in a match-up with him. Finally, Nick chose to pair up with Ines and was wishing to explore his connection with Izzy, which resulted in Savnnah's elimination.

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