Did Ambika Mod Face Criticism for Her Ethnicity?

celebsindepth.com – Ambika Mod’s ethnicity is Asian, as she belongs to India, as her parents are originally from India. Her mother was born in India but was raised in the UK, while her father arrived in the UK in his 20s. She has not talked much about her parents and her early life till now, but people are guessing she is very attached to Indian culture. And she has been facing criticism for her ethnicity.

Ambika Bhakti Mod better known as Ambika Mod is a British actress, comedian, and writer best known for her roles as Shruti Acharya in the BBC drama series This is Going to Hurt. Recently she has been in the news after people love her performance on Netflix miniseries One Day. When was the role of Ambika?

One Day is a British television series based on the 2009 novel of the same name by David Nicholls as well as the film adaptation. It premiered on February 8, 2024, on Netflix, and it has a 7 rating on IMBD. In the series, Ambika played the role of Emma Morley, who gets hit by a car and dies there in the street. She is married to Dexter in the series, and the couple experiences a few blissful years of love and marriage.

After watching her in the movie, many people seem confused about her ethnicity. Her accent and facial structure seem to be the reason for people’s misunderstanding. In this article, we will be talking about her personal life, her love life, and who her parents are. To learn more about her nationality and ethnicity, read this article.

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Ambika Mod Is Facing Criticism After Learning Her Ethnicity

People seem to be confused about Ambika Mod‘s ethnicity after her character, Emma Morley doesn’t suit her appearance but her accent matches the role. People think that she has typical South Asian features, and she is trying very hard to fit into the role. While some of the people gave a positive response to her hard work, some of them seemed to be very disappointed with the series, as they are saying that a guy like Dex would never go for a girl like her in real life.

Ambika Mod was interested in acting from her teenage day. celebsindepth.comAmbika Mod was interested in acting from her teenage day.
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Ambika Mod’s ethnicity and Asian features have also been a topic on Reddit, and some of her fans seem to be offended by people’s thoughts. One of the users posted on Reddit about her appearance and asked why people were being harsh on a storyline where a white guy felt for a brown woman. The users also asked why people do not appreciate her talent and asked her to have light skin.

Ambika Mod Was Criticized for Her Role Because Her Ethnicity Is Indian

Many brown women seem to be offended by what British people think, and many of them share their thoughts in the comments. One of the users said that it was refreshing to see someone like Ambika Mod as the strong female lead and as someone as traditionally attractive as Dexter, finding Ambika’s character attractive and seeking a relationship or friendship with her.

Ambika Mod's parents are Indian. celebsindepth.comAmbika Mod’s parents are Indian.
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However, people also find it disappointing to read all of the comments about her physical appearance. Ambika Mod herself has also talked about this role and said that she was very confused about taking the role because it was written as a white woman. She doesn’t think her ethnicity was the problem but imagining herself in the romantic role made her confused. She said that;

I did feel the pressure of what this might mean to young women, and the relevance of Emma especially. She was written as a white woman, I assume, and I think there’s so much of her identity that [for] women like me – who do feel marginalised, who do feel that they’re not seen on television, that they’re not represented – actually there’s so much of her that we can relate to.

Where Is Ambika Mod From? Her Parent’s Ethnicity Is Indian?

Talking about Ambika Mod‘s ethnicity; her parents are from India. Her mother arrived in the UK as a child, and her father arrived in his 20s. Her parents met each other in the UK for the first time and started getting married soon after some years of knowing each other. Her parent’s names are not publicly known yet, but they live in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

As part of her education, Mod attended Dame Alice Owen’s School, and she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Studies from St. Mary’s College, Durham. She was interested in acting from the very beginning, and she used to attend lessons at the Theatrix Drama School, based in the Abbey Theatre, St Albans, Hertfordshire. She has also performed improvised comedy at The Free Association in London.

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