Bling Empire Cast Andrew Gray’s Abusive Nature: Reddit Users Call Him Manipulative, and Narcissistic!

Jan 23, 2023 @ 3:37 GMT-0500
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Bling Empire Cast Andrew Gray’s Abusive Nature: Reddit Users Call Him Manipulative, and Narcissistic!

In the show, Bling Empire viewers could see Andrew's abusive nature toward Kelly. Many fans and Reddit users have made discussions regarding his abusive behavior and have even called him manipulative, and narcissistic. So what had truly occurred in the show that was considered abusive, then? Let's get into detail.

The Netflix original series Bling Empire depicts the extravagant lifestyles of wealthy Asian and Asian-American socialites who reside in some of the most opulent homes in Los Angeles, bringing Crazy Rich Asians from the screen to reality. As the major focus is still on the cast members, the plot of this series isn't particularly sophisticated.

American television reality series Bling Empire premiered on January 15, 2022, with a total of sixteen episodes. On May 13, 2022, the show returned with a second season on Netflix. Asians and Asian Americans alone can participate in Bling Empire. Kevin Kreide, Kane Lim, Christine Chiu, Anna Shay, Kim Lee, Kelly Mi Li, Jaime Xie, Cherie Chan, Dorothy Wang, and Mimi Morris are among the actors who make up the cast. The show shows each other's connection and their relationship in the show.

But not every relationship in the program works out well. Throughout the series, Andrew Gray is with Kelly, who frequently refers to him as poison and claims that their relationship isn't healthy, but also compliments him on his wonderful heart. On Twitter, and Reddit he is being referred to as the definition of an abuser, and Kelly has to end the connection, according to others. What had truly occurred that was considered abusive, then?

In the Show, Bling Empire Viewers Could See Andrew’s Abusive Nature; Learn What Reddit Users Think of Him!

It is immediately apparent that Kelly Mi Li (@kellymili) and Andrew Gray's relationship on the Bling Empire cast is extremely poisonous, and Andrew is referred to as abusive. The two eventually broke up between seasons, but he returned in Season 3, and fans are not having it. Here's a quick summary of his actions, which many viewers deem abusive, in case you forgot what made people loathe him.

Although Andrew Gray (@andrewgray) and Kelly Mi Li are deeply in love, their relationship also has its ups and downs as all other couples do. Once, when he rebuked Kelly, they got into a fierce dispute. In essence, Kelly left Andrew at the hotel when he was sleeping and continued shopping with her friend Anna. Kelly left him alone and went her separate ways without even telling him, something he couldn't handle.

Although the creators of Bling Empire don't address abuse or forewarn viewers about his poisonous conduct, it is widely believed that Andrew abused Kelly psychologically when they were together. He gaslit her and used manipulation on her.

Viewers find it hard to understand that after yelling at her in Paris, Kelly talks to Anna about it during the party, where of course they will talk about it since Anna was present. And then he starts screaming again when he confronts her about gossiping in the studio. He pretended to be worried about her while cursing at her and saying stuff. He is acting narcissistically and manipulatively by playing on her emotions to achieve his goals and by distorting the facts to place all the blame on her.

A form of emotional abuse is gaslighting. The strategy comprises continuous manipulation and brainwashing to undermine your confidence and has the potential to cause you to completely lose sight of who you are. Gaslighters frequently tell their spouses multiple lies while acting as though nothing happened or creating the impression that they are crazy. Over time, victims begin to mistrust their abilities, which makes them more dependent on an abusive relationship. Online, a lot of individuals have exposed Andrew's gaslighting tactics for what they are. One person said

She keeps attempting to make him feel bad about his rude and selfish behavior, but he does it in the worst way possible. Simply because you don't cheat doesn't make you a decent man. Speaking with others is perfectly acceptable; you can't ask her to endure her suffering in quiet. 

Even a Reddit discussion has been made about Andrew being abusive and narcissistic. One user wrote;

I just started binging, and I came here to say Andrew is 100% a manipulative, narcissistic, psychopath.

However, despite doing their best to work out their relationship issues and even seeking counseling, Gray and Kelly Mi Li ended up breaking up and parting ways permanently. Kelly did meet Andrew Gray towards the conclusion of Bling Empire's second season, but from the look on her face, she appeared to be disappointed. We, therefore, think Kelly and Andrew are not dating, although it appears that Gray is putting effort towards repairing things.

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