Angel Rice Boyfriend - Cheer Season 2 Breakout Star's Relationship Details and Illustrious Career!

Jan 11, 2022 @ 0:15 GMT-0500
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The surprise release of Cheer season 2 in January is bringing some fresh faces to Netflix. Angel Rice is one of the new faces and here is everything you need to know about the athletes boyfriend.

Cheer season 1 on Netflix in 2020 was an instant hit as during the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown people flocked to the show and got behind the Navarro College Cheer. On their way to national cheer title the group became a massive hit with the athletes garnering widespread following. Something similar is expected this year when Cheer season 2 comes on the streaming platform.

One of the already ready made stars whose shine will be further brightened in the show is Angel Rice. A famous person on her own right, Angel was only 16 years old when she got her name on the Guinness Book of World Record. Since then she has won multiple world championships and now adding to the list of great achievements Angel is starring in Cheer season 2.

Angel is part of the new school that is challenging for the National cheer championship. She has been featured in the trailer and even been compared to Simone Biles of Cheer. So, fans are excited to see what Angel brings to the table and even more are interested to know if the star is dating a boyfriend. Those interested, here is everything you need to know about Angel Rice boyfriend.

Angel Rice Boyfriend - Relationship Details of The Cheer Season 2 Star

angel-rice-boyfriend-malik-hobson-cheer-season-2Angel Rice is rumored to be dating boyfriend Malik Hobson. It is not clear if they are together but speculations are rife.
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Angel Rice first burst into the limelight about 8 years ago when she was invited to set the world record. Since then various viral tumbling videos of the athlete has caused her to garner a massive following on social media. Her social media is a collection of fashion, career achievements, family bits and moments with her friends. All this has also piqued the interest of fans regarding her boyfriend.

While most people are open about their relationships, Angel, it appears, is a private person. There are pictures of the athlete with numerous guys but most of them are her teammates and friends. Still, some speculate if there is a hidden boyfriend with whom the Cheer season 2 star is carrying on a secretive relationship.

In our search for her boyfriend, we did come across one person who could be someone special. There are no cozied up pictures featuring these two but the understated nature of the picture is what giving us some pause. Even some fans started speculating if NBA 2K player Malik Hobson is her boyfriend. Angel shared a few snaps from a gas station and though they are not in the picture together, there is a vibe that most fans caught.

Well, except for that almost relationship, there is little to no information regarding the romantic life of the athlete. Angel Rice may have a boyfriend, but considering her future plans, relationship may not be the right things for her right now. So, despite the rumors of a secret boyfriend, it appears Angel Rice is currently single and not in a hidden relationship with a partner.

23-Year-Old Angel Rice Wants to Represent US in the Olympics

Depending on the country that is hosting the Olympics, there are various sports that get included or cut from the showcase event. But one thing that has never gained recognition is Cheerleading so Angel always thought her dream of being in the Olympics would never come true.

Angel Rice was born on 4 December 1998 to her mother Tonyona Ebony Olriedge. She was the younger daughter of Tonyona and from a young age Angel showed interest in gymnastics as well as Cheerleading. Not being able to afford two daughters taking classes, Tonyona taught Angel herself. And since she was six-years-old Angel wanted to be an athlete as well as represent the USA.

Well, as it turns out the IOC gave Cheerleading full recognition in 2021 and after years of dominating in state and national level, Angel Rice may soon get her chance to represent her country at the biggest stage. But for now we get to see her beat Navarro butt in Cheer Season 2.

Cheer Season 2 is Introducing New Faces and Bringing Back Navarro College Cheer

The first season of Cheer was an unexpected hit as the reality TV/competition following aspect of the show was an instant hit. Considering Last Change U and other sports reality TV being a success on Netflix, it should not have been a surprise. But with people in their homes, the enthusiasm of Navarro College Cheer and their coach were fuel enough to keep everyone going during tough times.

Bring the same level of heat is Cheer season 2 as Navarro College Cheer athletes deal with the fame they have garnered over almost 2 years. And they also deal with one of the teammates getting arrested and possibly going away to prison for 15 years. All of that combine to bring in real drama for the defending champs as new power teams come to take the throne.

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One of the key contenders are Trinity Valley Community College with their former football player coach and some exciting talents. Cheer season 2 is gearing up to be a massive success and we cannot wait to see where the fan-favorite show goes from here. Cheer season 2 is coming to Netflix on 12 January 2022.

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