Anna Akana Girlfriend 2021 – Bisexual Jupiter’s Legacy Actress Details Her Dating History!

Anna Akana was 21 years old when she started her YouTube journey, a decade later she has millions of subscribers and followers, a hilarious Ant-Man cameo and a budding movie and TV career. But over the years the actress has also caused some stir with her relationship reveals and coming out as bisexual while drunk during an award show. So, here is some details on her past and girlfriend details in 2021.

The Jupiter’s Legacy actress was born on 18 August 1989 to her Asian American parents. When she was young, owing to her father’s work, the family moved around the country and abroad a lot, even spending four years in Japan. When she 18 years old her younger sister committed suicide and since then the actress has been an avid advocate of suicide prevention.

Anna also mentioned Margaret Cho performing on Comedy Central was the turning point for her after her sister’s death. Laughing watching that show opened her to a career as a comedian first, later pivoting to becoming a full time YouTuber. Now, 11 years later she is starring in Netflix series Jupiter’s Legacy as Raikou and there are bound to be people wondering about her girlfriend or relationship status, and that is why we are here.

Anna Akana Girlfriend 2021 – Dating Men to Coming Out as Bisexual

anna-akana-girlfriend-maggie-levin-2021Anna Akana is bisexual and is rumored to dating a girlfriend, Maggie Levin being the big suspect.
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Life is about finding yourself and exploring while you are young, that leads to some good and some bad experiences but one thing is for certain, you are going to end up knowing yourself. That was the journey Anna Akana went on as a teenager and later as an adult. Putting labels on yourself is hard and when Anna tried to show her feeling towards another girlfriend, her friend thought she was trying to be adventurous.

A moment like that can shut a person in within themselves but hiding and suppressing can never lead to great things. That is why Anna decided it was time to explore and let her heart be what it wants to be. So, from a boyfriend to multiple girlfriends, the actress finally realized she was bisexual and now owns that label, wears it with pride as a member of the Queer community.

Anna’s Relationship with Her Past Boyfriend Ray William Johnson

Anna Akana, before she came out as bisexual, was dating a man, you may have hear his name, Ray William Johnson. He as the most subscribed the YouTuber for a few years after inception of the video sharing platform. Ray is still on the platform, after taking a few years off to work on other ventures, but he was a big deal a decade ago.

Anna and her former boyfriend Ray met before 2013 and they were just friends while her YouTube career was also taking off. But by 1 March 2013, they duo were official and dating. Soon after they began dating the couple released a BreakingNYC vlog where they kissed for the first time while in Vegas. But the romance was not meant to last long.

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After a few years of being friends and one-plus year of dating, the couple called it quits in May 2014. It is not clear if they remained friends after the breakup and Anna has hardly mentioned him in her social media postings or even when questioned by fans. Four years after the relationship ended, the actress came out as bisexual.

Coming Out as Bisexual – After Having Sex with Two Ladies, Simultaneously

Anna Akana was taking part in the Buffer Festival where she later won the award for excellence in production. In the award show the organizers allow the winners to engrave the trophy according to their wishes so when a drunken Anna was asked what she wanted her engraving to say, she said, “Hi, I’m Bi.”

She sent the picture to her parents and came out to them, both of her parents receptive of the idea. All of this she detailed in a video post on YouTube later saying getting down and dirty with a girl was only way she could figure out if she liked it or not. Well, having sex with two women sure did the trick for her as the actress explained she was attracted to both men and women.

And when it comes to her girlfriend details or facts about who were the two ladies she experimented with, the actress has been pretty tight lipped. Anna shares a great bond with director Maggie Levin and they have been seen in each other’s Instagram posts but it is not certain if they are together in a relationship.

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Recently on the occasion of Maggie’s birthday, the actress wrote in a Instagram post, “HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY to an amalgamation of glitter, neon light, compassion, purple & string cheese in a human body known as @maggielevin ? I love you so much. Thank you for being a kind voice of reason, a dream creative partner, and a catchphrase generator. I could not be more lucky to have you.”

Well, it is not certain who her girlfriend is but the actress is down to date people of both sexes. But unless Anna Akana comes out with a beautiful girlfriend or a boyfriend by her side, we will not know for certain if she is dating someone in 2021.

Anna Akana Plays Raikou in the Netflix Series Jupiter’s Legacy

Jupiter’s Legacy is a show about heroes and their children and what happens when the ideals of parents are too high a leap for the kids. The story based on a comic series by Mark Millar and conceived during and after the 2008 world economy collapse, the show is a discussion of American idealism or more about blinded idealism.

The story follows characters from 1930s all the way to the present day when old heroes are hoping their super powered kids will be the next in line to protect the American way of life. But when the kids are not up the task and enemies from outside as well as within coming for the throne, a battle ensues, a battle that no one is ready for.

Anna Akana plays Raikou in Jupiter’s Legacy. Raikou is a double sword wielding superhero for hire who does care for the old ways of doing things. She is also down for a little bit of violence and carnage. But the creators of the comic book have said slight changes were made to the character of Raikou for adaptation on screen.

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Jupiter’s Legacy is currently streaming on Netflix. The cast is led by Josh Duhamel as SheldonSampson / The Utopian, Ben Daniels as Walter Sampson / BrainwaveLeslie Bibb as Grace Sampson / Lady Liberty, Elena Kampouris as Chloe Sampson, Andrew Horton as Brandon Sampson / The Paragon, and Anna Akana as Raikou.

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