Elena Kampouris Boyfriend – Does Jupiter’s Legacy Actress Chloe Have a BF in 2021?

Elena Kampouris came to mainstream attention with her starring role in sequel of massively successful My Big Fat Greek Weeding. The actress has since appeared in numerous movies and TV shows with her latest being a turn as a superhero, Chloe, in Netflix series Jupiter’s Legacy. Career on point, everything in perfect alignment, now fans want to know if the actress is dating a boyfriend in 2021.

The Jupiter’s Legacy actress was born on 16 September 1997 to her French-American mother Ivey Barry and Greek father Alexander Kampouris in Bridgewater, New Jersey. She was the second child of her parents, and the actress has one brother, Emmanuel Kampouris. Elena was raised in Bridgewater where she also attended high school until her senior year when she got a private tutor instead of going to the school.

By the time the role of Paris in My Big Fat Greek Weeding 2 came around for the actress, she had already been in a handful of shows and movies. But that film put her on the map and started her career’s ascend to a leading lady. Now, at the age of 23, the actress is popular on social media and is set to play a superhero which is why fans want to know personal detail about the actress, including if she has a boyfriend.

Elena Kampouris Boyfriend 2021 – Is the Actress Dating a BF?

elena-kampouris-boyfriend-2021-alex-wolff-rumorElena Kampouris was rumored to be dating boyfriend Alex Wolff. The actress is single in 2021.
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With years in show business and starring opposite to some of handsome teenagers Hollywood has to offer, there has been constant speculation regarding the relationship status of the actress. People want to know which one of her co-star is her real life boyfriend, some of the rumors are just that, rumors, but there are also some wishful thinking from fans.

But we are here to clear the air on whether the actress is dating someone in 2021 or if she spent the pandemic with her bf last year. Sorting through all the rumors is going to take a while so here are few that caught our eye. Plus we also went through all her Instagram posts to pin point dates, here is everything we found.

The One with Alex Wolff

As we have mentioned before, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 was the big break for Elena. She played Paris in the movie, daughter of Toula and Ian, in the movie. A reclusive teen who was fed up of the close knit family and everyone being in her business. She wants to get away from it all while also having a crush on a boy from her high school.

The boy was played by Alex Wolff and after the movie was released some fan pages were shipping Elena and Alex together. They were good together in the movie and looked amazing on the red carpet during the movie premiere but they were not dating. Elena Kampouris appeared in a movie with Alex and they became friends but he did not become her boyfriend.

Same with Cameron Dallas?

After the wishful thinking of fans subsided another rumors was fueled when Cameron Dallas and Elena appeared in a short lived TV show together. Both of them were appearing in American Odyssey and their relationship in the show dominated fan blogs. While the show did not last very long, romantic scenes involving the two can still be found on the internet with comments from fans wishing the two were together.

Again Elena Kampouris was not dating Cameron Dallas. They appeared in a show together and over active imagination of some fans gave birth to the rumors. Cameron is not her boyfriend and we are still to discover pictures of the two together away from the show. So, it is clear, friendly relationship may have persisted but there was never a romantic involvement between the two.

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As for her relationship status during the COVID, it appears most of the lockdown the actress spent down under. She lived in Australia and had fun watching Kangaroos but there was not a romantic partner she was sharing her home with during that time. Now the actress is back in the US in 2021 and we can confirm that she is single at the moment.

Elena Kampouris Plays Chloe Sampson in the Netflix Series Jupiter’s Legacy


Jupiter’s Legacy tells tells the story of the Sampson‘s as the parents make way for their children to take over the leadership of their superhero group. Taking place over a timeline of nearly a century, the heroes of the world are now revered elders with the next generation of heroes expected to take their place. But those expectations are going to be bigger than what their kids signed up for in the first place.

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While most of the kids signed up for taking over the superhero job from their parents, Chloe is not interested one big. Elena Kampouris plays Chloe in Jupiter’s Legacy and she is not one bit interested in saving the world. She has powers similar to that of her parents but all Chloe wants to do is party and be as far away from her parents’ idealism as possible.

Her disregard for their legacy and lack of interest towards everything they achieves in their lifetime makes up for the first season of the highly anticipated Netflix show. Her need to be as cool as her father and good looking as her mother plays into most of the self serving or horrendeously bad deicisons of her life and everything will be be there to see for fans in Jupiter’s Legacy season one.

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Jupiter’s Legacy will be released on 7 May 2021, only on Netflix. The cast is led by Josh Duhamel as SheldonSampson / The Utopian, Ben Daniels as Walter Sampson / BrainwaveLeslie Bibb as Grace Sampson / Lady Liberty, Elena Kampouris as Chloe Sampson, Andrew Horton as Brandon Sampson / The Paragon, Mike Wade as Fitz Small / The Flare, Matt Lanter as George Hutchence / SkyfoxTenika Davis as Petra Small / The Flare II, and Anna Akana as Raikou.

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