Are Jedward Gay? Reddit & 2023 Update!

As of 2023, Jedward are not gay. They are straight. The duo previously clarified that they are into women. However, some Reddit users don’t believe they’re straight. 

John and Edward Grimes, who are two identical brothers, are an Irish singing and television-presenting duo. They have a collective name known as Jedward. They gained fame after appearing as a duo on X-Factor, and then they appeared on different TV shows, including Celebrity Big Brother.

Recently, Jedward have been in the news after they posted a new reel promoting the Subway Series. After the reel went viral on Instagram, many people started commenting about their experiences. Some of the people in the comment section were very harsh to them, saying that they didn’t know Jedward are still working in this field.

After the reel started flooding all over the internet, people wanted to know more about Jedward’s personal life. In this article, we will talk about their personal lives, sexuality, and dating history. Do you think they are gay? Let’s find it out.

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.Jedward Previously Denied the Rumors of Being Gay!

Many people thought that Jedward (@jepicpics) are gay, especially John, as he has not mentioned any details about his partner till now. Well, he has denied the rumors and revealed that he dated many girls privately. They said that none of their relationships had ever been bigger than their careers until 2023.

When Jedward posted a picture of themselves with rainbow hair on June 24, 2023, they were labeled as gay. As it was Pride Month, every LGBTQ+ family and every non-LGBTQ+ family were celebrating the month. Many people started assuming that they had been secretive about their private lives for a year due to their sexuality.

Jedward are not gay. celebsindepth.comJedward are not gay.
Image Source: Instagram

Jedward have been very private and secretive about their love life, which is another reason people have been claiming them to be gay. Well, it was not the first time that they were assumed to be gay. In 2021, a random Reddit user post his thought and said that one of them is gay according to his friend who went to the same University with them.

They have faced much backlash and negative comments about their sexuality for a long time. In 2017, when they gave an interview, Edward expressed his feelings, which were getting affected by people’s comments.

Details on Edward Grimes and John Grimes’ Suicidal Feelings!

At the time of the interview, Edward clearly denied all the allegations about being gay. He said neither John nor he is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. They love to support everyone and celebrate small to big festivals. John also clarified the misunderstanding of the people at the time and said;

I think because on stage we wear sequins people go ‘oh they must be a bit out there’, We never tone ourselves down. We’re not lad lads but we’re comfortable enough to just be on stage and do Prince vibes

Jedward even claims that all the sexual comments have made them feel suicidal once. Not only Edward but also John has denied being gay. He said that he and Edward do whatever they want to and talked about his past relationship, which was private. He stated;

We have had relationships, but it’s never been our number one priority to showcase them, the 26 year old said. It’s like a career movement that me and John were never like. Other people who are ‘oh God let’s do the OK! spread, let’s tell them about the break-up, the marriage, the kids’, that was never us. Girls are more career driven like ‘oh I want to do this’. But it’s nice now because this programme takes the edge of us being so public with our private lives.

Jedward’s Dating History!

Talking about the personal life of Jedward, there are very few things they have revealed. Both brothers have admitted to dating many girls from different countries, but until now they have not given any details about their partners.

However, Edward was once in a relationship with a Swedish beauty named Sabina. The couple first met each other through the MTV reality show Single AF in 2017.

Edward once dated a Swedish beauty named Sabina. celebsindepth.comEdward once dated a Swedish beauty named Sabina.
Image Source: Instagram

Sabina and Edward were seen in love during the show, but as soon as the show ended, their relationship status was not updated, and Edward said that they broke up during the pandemic period.

Similary, John admitted during an interview that he had two long-term relationships that were private and weren’t part of his career. All the statements prove that they are not gay but secretive about their personal lives.