Ari Fletcher’s Boyfriend in 2023: Engaged to Moneybagg Yoo? Baby Father!

Aug 10, 2023 @ 3:20 GMT-0500
Ari Fletcher’s Boyfriend in 2023: Engaged to Moneybagg Yoo? Baby Father!

Ari Fletcher' seems to be back with her boyfriend, Moneybagg Yo, in 2023, and he recently tattooed his girlfriend's first name behind his ear. People have been asking if Ari is engaged, but the rumor is untrue. However, the 28-year-old American model does have a child named Yosohn Santana, and her baby's father is G. Herbo.

Have you guys been listening to the news? Ari Fletcher is right now trending on the Internet after she made her appearance at Moneybagg Yo's show. Many of you might know what this is about. A video of the 28-year-old American social media influencer is currently breaking the Internet mostly TikTok. Additionally, Fletcher is seen holding up a placard that is initially hidden in the video but is later shown to read 'F*** me after the show' when she turns to face the camera and she was teasing the rapper.

After Ari Fletcher's this video went viral on the social media, the fans have been asking questions about the social media personality's and Moneybagg and they wanted a clarification if they were really getting back together. Well, in this article we are going to discuss Ari Fletcher boyfriend and her ex-boyfriends. Basically, this article is all about her dating life.

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Ari Fletcher Is Back Together With Her Boyfriend, Moneybagg Yo, in 2023, but She Is Not Engaged!

Ari Fletcher (@therealkylesister) has a boyfriend in 2023 and the rumor about her getting back together with Moneybagg Yo is true. The fans have also been asking questions like if the model is engaged or married but for now she is only dating Moneybagg Yo but she does have a baby and her baby father is reportedly rapper G Herbo, also known as Herbert Wright III.

After the video of Ari Fletcher twerking at Moneybagg Yo's  show went viral, you guys can figure out yourself that the couple are together. Following the release of the video many people were asking Ari if she could somehow provide tickets to her man’s performances and she got sick of this and took to Instagram story to say that she does not work for the tour.

A Picture of Ari Fletcher and her boyfriend, Moneybagg Yo. A Picture of Ari Fletcher and her boyfriend, Moneybagg Yo.
Source: Distractify

The 28-year-old American model and rapper Moneybagg Yo started dating in 2018 when they first met and started getting to know each other. The exact details of how they started dating have not been publicly announced, but it is assumed that they met through mutual connections or their work in the music business.

They have since been open about their relationship on social media platforms, often sharing their love and support for each other. It is evident that their connection and shared interests have played a role in building their relationship over time. Ari Fletcher and Moneybagg Yo's first breakup was reportedly due to a series of disagreements and differences in their relationship.

While specific details may not be publicly disclosed, it is believed that issues such as trust and compatibility played a role in their separation. Like any relationship, conflicts can arise, leading to a decision to part ways. Ultimately, their breakup allowed both individuals to focus on themselves and pursue their own paths.

Ari Fletcher and Moneybagg's second breakup was speculated to occur due to a combination of factors. Some sources claim that trust issues and compatibility problems played a role in their decision to part ways. Additionally, the pressures of their public relationship and personal differences might have contributed to the split. However, as the details surrounding their breakup remain private, it is essential to respect their privacy.

Ari Fletcher’s Boyfriend, Moneybagg Yo, Tattooed His Girlfriend’s First Name Behind His Ear!

Ari Fletcher and Moneybagg Yo (@moneybaggyo) have been in a on-and-off relationship and following their breakup, the couple is again back together and they are official. Whatever differences they had in the past, looks like the couple is trying to work things out this time. You guys might know that the American model said that she might get her man's name tattooed across her chest in the past.

Well, we don't know about her but her man, Moneybagg has definitely got the tattoo of Ari Fletcher's first name to demonstrate that his affection for her is only superficial. Ari posted a picture and a video of her boyfriend's tattoo, which is written in cursive behind his ear and bears the word Ariana in it. Looks like the couple is happy with each other for now and we wish nothing but happiness for the happy couple and we hope that this time they can work things out.

Who Is Ari Fletcher’s Baby Father?

Many fans have been wondering if Ari Fletcher is married or engaged. Well, this rumor is untrue. The 28-year-old American model is currently in a relationship with Moneybagg Yo but they are neither engaged nor married. However, the model does have a baby who is named Yosohn Santana.

Ari Fletcher has a baby named Yosohn Santana. celebsindepth.comAri Fletcher has a baby named Yosohn Santana.
Source: Instagram

In case you're wondering who baby's father, it's rapper and songwriter Herbert Randall Wright III, also known as G Herbo (@nolimitherbo). The couple welcomed their child in April 2018 but their relationship came to an abrupt end after a physical argument and in 2019, G Herbo was arrested for domestic assault. G Herbo made a guilty plea and he was given a $2000 bail after a week, and he then uploaded a video to Instagram accusing Ari of taking his mother's jewelry. Even though they had their differences they are now co-parenting their child and they are now on speaking terms.

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