Meet Ksi’s Girlfriend, Who Was Under a Waterfall With Him!

Ksi recently shared a post with his girlfriend under a waterfall as an Instagram story. Without a doubt, he have a girlfriend in 2023, but the identity of his partner, who was with him under the waterfall, is unknown. He was previously in a relationship with Seana Cuthbert.

Ksi is a YouTuber, rapper, and social media star from the United Kingdom. He rose to prominence through his gaming videos, mainly his FIFA gameplays, but he has since broadened his output to include challenges, pranks, vlogs, and music. His music career began in 2015 with the release of his debut single, “Lamborghini,” which went viral and peaked in the United Kingdom. Since then, he’s had a string of hit singles and albums, including “Dissimulation,” which debuted at number two on the UK Albums Chart in 2020.

Ksi is well-known for his vivacious personality, wit, and sense of humor. He has had a significant impact on internet culture, paving the path for other video creators to pursue their passions and turn their pastimes into lucrative enterprises. Recently, a video of him under the waterfall is going viral over the internet, which has raised the possibility that the girl could be his girlfriend. So what’s the story, and who is the girl? Let’s get into detail.

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Ksi Had a Date With His Girlfriend Under a Waterfall, as Seen in His Instagram Story!

Undoubtedly, Ksi (@ksi) has a girlfriend, and the proof was his Instagram story with a girl in a waterfall. The YouTube celebrity who rose to prominence through producing gaming commentary videos. He is also well-known for his music and boxing battles with other YouTubers. His popularity has elevated him to the forefront of the internet entertainment world, and he has utilized his platform to assist a variety of charities and causes. With 12.9 million followers on Instagram, his fans caught their eyes on a story that he had shared.

Ksi with his girlfriend under a waterfall. celebsindepth.comKsi with his girlfriend under a waterfall.
Source: YouTube

Ksi has kept his girlfriend a mystery, but he is now in a relationship. Most recently was the one he shared, which generated uriosity among fans who are eagerly waiting to learn the girl’s identity. The Youtuber, who has received prizes for his work, including the Shorty Award for Best YouTube Comedian and the NME Award for Vlogger of the Year, is silent regarding his current girlfriend, who was with him  under a waterfall.

When his documentary, In Real Life, was aired on Amazon Prime on January 26, 2023, it drew media attention because he revealed details about his personal life that had previously been kept hidden from the public. The news of Ksi rekindling his relationship with his unnamed girlfriend after he earlier stated their split in a YouTube video piqued the interest of his supporters.

So it might be possible that after many failed relationships with his ex-girlfriend, he is maintaining privacy regarding his current partner. Well, from a Tiktok video shared over the internet, where the screen shot of Ksi with his girlfriend under a waterfall went viral, it is clear that they are together and want to keep their relationship private but not secret.

Details of Ksi’s Dating History, Including With Seana Cuthbert!

Ksi has been in several relationships, and his prior girlfriends include YouTuber Marina Joyce, Olivia Boo Rolland, Seana Cuthbert, and model Lois Sharpe. His most recent romance ended in November 2021, but the girl’s identity is unknown since he helped keep her out of the public glare. He did, however, acknowledge the breakup in a YouTube video posted on November 4, 2021, saying,

I’ve been in my relationship for three-plus years now, and I think me not letting anyone know who she is has been a huge factor.

As a well-known YouTuber, Ksi’s relationship with Seana Cuthbert is very well known. They began dating in high school and apparently parted ways in 2014, which was his most noteworthy relationship. Seana was featured in multiple YouTube videos during their relationship, which coincided with Ksi’s ascent to stardom, making their relationship and subsequent breakup.

Ksi was in a relationship with Seana Cuthbert. celebsindepth.comKsi was in a relationship with Seana Cuthbert.
Source: Daily Star

Some fans and sources have speculated that Ksi may have been in a relationship with famed singer Anne Marie. This myth originated as a result of their songwriting partnership and subsequent collaborative appearances on numerous shows. His fans took notice of their obvious chemistry, raising the possibility that Anne Marie is the unknown girlfriend referred to by the Youtuber. He did, however, clear the air by confirming that the two were not romantically involved and were merely working together on a song.

And others relationship rumors with Marina Joyce, Olivia Boo Rolland, and model Lois Sharpe might just be rumors, or if they had something, further details are unknown. The repercussions of his split with Seana Cuthbert are thought to be what motivated Ksi to keep his following relationships discreet.