Sukihana’s Boyfriend in 2023: Still With Kill Bill, Baby’s Father!

Sukihana is single and doesn’t have a boyfriend as of 2023. She was dating her boyfriend, the baby’s father, Kill Bill, but they are no longer together. She is the mother of three children: two sons and a daughter, who spend their time in Atlanta with her grandmother.

Sukihana captured the internet’s attention after an OnlyFans film about her personal life went viral on social media sites. The news comes after YK Osiris was accused of kissing her forcibly, prompting a flood of support for the media personality.

She has amassed a sizable fan base since her debut on the show. Many people are unaware that her first reality TV program and television debut was Love & Hip Hop: Miami. The rapper‘s Instagram is frequently filled with photos of her embracing her boyfriend, Kill Bill: The Rapper. Sukihana, on the other hand, has apparently called it quits on their relationship. And fans have been wondering about her new boyfriend in 2023.

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Sukihana Doesn’t Seem to Have a Boyfriend as of 2023!

Known for her high-profile relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Kill Bill (@killbill2_), Sukihana‘s (@sukihanagoat) fans have now wondered about her dating life in 2023. Did she find someone new in her life? Who is her current new boyfriend?

Sukihana is single as of 2023. celebsindepth.comSukihana is single as of 2023.
Source: Instagram

Well, as of 2023, Sukihana doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend. The 29-year-old social media personality, who had a massive following after her Kodak Black remix, “Kodak Snack,” went viral, seems to be single. She has made a brief surprise appearance in Cardi B‘s music video for “WAP, and has great popularity, but she seems to be enjoying her single life.

She has been around and is still active on her social media channels, producing music and doing interviews here and there, but she has not shared any posts related to her boyfriend. Well, still, there are some posts with different guys, but they are not her boyfriends, just her friends or co-workers. She might have realized that she can go on her own without having a partner.

Sukihana and Her Ex-boyfriend, Kill Bill, Are No Longer Together!

Sukihana acknowledged her relationship with ex-boyfriend Bill in March 2020, but it was widely assumed that they had been dating since late 2019. They were so serious that they discussed babies, although they were frequently on and off. They had been engaged at the end of 2020, had a brief separation four months later, and then remarried soon after.

Bill proposed to her while she was at home with her children, and she was on Instagram Live at the time. She revealed on Instagram in February that she had “been single for a while now,” adding, “I just don’t want to put you all in my business.”

Sukihana with her ex-boyfriend, Kill Bill. celebsindepth.comSukihana with her ex-boyfriend, Kill Bill.
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They reunited not long after, but separated in September. Sukihana split up with Bill because her mother, producer, and friends persuaded her to do so since he was “costing her career.” The singer said on Instagram that it kills her to have to walk away from her engagement and the people she loves, but she needs to do what is best for her happiness, children, and dreams. She truly wishes him the best; she hopes he is not wounded, imprisoned, or killed, but she is powerless to stop it. Bill also detailed his side of the breakup in a video released on Twitter by The Savage Room. He said;

At the end of the day, I did my part. I was always there to back you up; I never put you down. I was always there for you, in whatever situation. I can’t go on battling.

It comes after Bill allegedly engaged in a heated confrontation with Sukihana on Instagram Live on September 20. She was heard repeatedly urging her lover to leave the house, but he refused, claiming ownership of a section of the land. She said;

You said you hope your baby mama and your son die. Inform them of what you did. Tellthemthetruth.

However, Bill reportedly denied these claims.

Meet Sukihana’s Children and the Baby’s Father!

Because Sukihana routinely posts photographs of her children on social media, it is curious for followers to know more about her children. The rapper is the mother of three children: two sons and a daughter. Her children spend the majority of their time in Atlanta with her grandmother.

Sukihana with her children and the baby's father. Sukihana with her children and the baby’s father.
Source: Atlanta Black Star

She had had her first child when she was 18 years old. Having a child at such an early age is difficult, but it demonstrates her determination to succeed in life. She shared a snapshot of her children with her ex-boyfriend, Kill Bill, and her baby father in a now-deleted Instagram post. She took a moment to express her joy that her aspirations were coming true.

Fans of Love & Hip Hop: Miami may have seen her children on a previous episode when the rapper mentioned that she had to work hard to support the family. One of her sons expressed regret that Sukihana was not present but finally understood.