Ellis Platten’s Girlfriend: Who Is the Girl on His Instagram?

Ellis Platten is reportedly dating his girlfriend, Jordie Mae. As evidenced by the Instagram post, the couple has been in a relationship since 2020. However, the couple has yet not disclosed any information about their relationship.

Born in Norfolk, England, Ellis Platten is a YouTube celebrity. He is a football vlogger known on YouTube as AwayDays where his football videos have won him over 90,000 subscribers. Furthermore, he has also vlogged games, challenges, and personal vlogs on his channel. In addition to his YouTube channel, he has a popular Twitch channel, AwayDaysYT.

Recently, Ellis Platten has been a highlight due to his social media post.  he has been sharing multiple photos of himself with one girl on his Instagram. As a result, many people have been curious to know if the girl is his girlfriend. Well, here is what we’ve discovered.

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Ellis Platten Appears to Be in a Relationship With His Girlfriend, Jordie Mae!

Dating refers to a moment in a person’s life when he or she is actively seeking romantic relationships with various people. If two unmarried celebrities are seen in public together, they are frequently labeled as dating, which indicates they were seen in public together and it is unclear if they are just friends, exploring a more intimate relationship, or romantically connected.

Similarly, Ellis Platten (@ellisplatten) likes to maintain his personal and romantic life, including the information about his girlfriend, to himself.

Ellis Platten is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Jordie Mae. celebsindepth.comEllis Platten is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Jordie Mae. 
Image Source: Instagram

According to reports, Ellis Platten is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Jordie Mae. They started posting pictures of themselves on social media to confirm their relationship. However, the couple has yet not stated when they began dating. However, based on their social media profiles, they appear to have been together since the beginning of 2020.

According to an Instagram post, Ellis Platten’s girlfriend has been spotted encouraging his successes and accomplishments both on and off the camera. She’s been seen going through his ups and downs, and he is happy to have her by his side. As a result, we hope to discover more about their love story and wish them luck in both their professional and personal life.

Ellis Platten Financed the Creation of His Over 25K Subscription YouTube Channel by Working at McDonald’s!

Ellis Platten was eager to demonstrate his Youtube channel (@awaydaysfootball) and its audience in order to gain admission to the university. He eventually opted not to attend university, but the channel is still active and has 293,000 subscribers nearly a decade later. He now works full-time on content creation, but this was not always the case.

Earlier in his journey, he worked part-time at a McDonald’s location to fund the creation of videos for his AwayDays channel. He told the Yorkshire Evening Post:

The aim was only ever to get experience on camera and then the videos snowballed to the point where I was at a crossroads with what I wanted to do. I wanted to get into football and presenting but then I sort of realised I was already doing it. I was already doing what I wanted to do, just through a platform.

Ellis Platten currently has over 293,000 subscribers on his YouTube Chanel. celebsindepth.comEllis Platten currently has over 293,000 subscribers on his YouTube Chanel.
Imahe Source: Instagram

Likely, Ellis Platten remarked that he did not put forth any effort until the lockdown in 2020. He practically utilized it as a video blog, documenting me and my pals attending football games. He was simply demonstrating his experiences. He then added,

I grew up up as a Leeds fan in Norwich because my mum’s side of the family are from Leeds. Getting to Leeds each week was three and a half hours there and three and a half hours back. I’m from a working class family and we just didn’t have the money. I worked at a McDonald’s part-time to fund doing the videos. I was going to local games and then slowly but surely started branching out.

Football content on the channel ranges from matchday vlogs to football kit shopping and collaborations with other social media entrepreneurs. In a recent video, he even took on the role of York City’s mascot Yorkie the Lion for a day, and his content has helped him earn presenting roles with the BBC, GOAL, and the Emirates FA Cup.

Ellis Platten has also utilized his position to aid people who are addicted to gambling. In addition to being frank about his own experiences. He collaborated with former footballers Paul Merson and Gilly Flaherty on a campaign to assist people stop gambling. Furthermore, while he wants to keep doing presentations, his YouTube channel won’t be taking a back seat any time soon. He said:

The aim is to still try and kick on. I’m really aware of the lifespan of what I do. You either have to evolve as a creator and find a new audience or avenue, or it just dies off. It’s like being a footballer – with less pay and a shorter lifespan.