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Ashton Meem is not known in the general sense because she is neither a celebrity nor a daughter of a famous person; neither was she involved in something which resulted in her being recognized. But the one reason she is known, or you will come to know her is because of her relationship with the leader of the Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson.

Ashton was born in Richmond, Virginia, to her parents, father Lang Meem and mother Molly, on 6 September 1987. Most of her early life was spent in Richmond, and it was also the place she got her education. She joined St. Catherine’s High School, where she enrolled to get her first education, and also while studying, she encountered the man who was going to be her husband.

Ashton Meem and her ex-husband Russell Wilson.Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem met while they were still in high school.
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For so long, Russell and Ashton were a couple, and they managed to go through so much and finally ended up on the altar. This was so sweet, a football player marrying his high school sweetheart is something which happens in the movies, and here it was playing out in real life, but the marriage was not to be.

Meeting Russell and Falling in Love

Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson got married after college.Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem met at a summer party and the two started dating.
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As mentioned above, Ashton and Russell were in high school when the duo met, and even though the two were studying in different high schools, fate brought them together. She was studying in St. Catherine’s, and he was studying in Collegiate School, which was about 6 miles apart from one another.

It was a brief meeting between the two while they were in high school, and nothing came off of it, but then they met again during a summer party, and it was the catalyst to their relationship. They started seeing each other soon; it was a full-blown relationship between the two. The couple was together for a period of time in school, but soon, they needed to go off to college.

Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem got engaged while in college.Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem got engaged while still in college.
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Ashton went to the University of Georgia, and Russell joined North Carolina State University. For three years, the duo was involved in a long-distance relationship, and they made it work, but then in 2010, she moved to NC State also, and Russell was playing football for the team; they were together for a few months when Russell transferred to Wisconsin.

The Super Bowl-winning Quarterback stayed there for about a year when he committed to the 2012 NFL Draft. While the two lovebirds were together in 2010, they got engaged, and marriage soon followed.

Getting Married and the Controversial Divorce

Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem got married after he was drafted into the NFL in the third round.Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem got married after he was drafted into the NFL in 2012.
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The two got engaged in 2010, and he went off to play one more year of college ball before enlisting in the 2012 Draft. He was already drafted twice by the MLB, but the player wanted to play football, and in the 3rd round of the 2012 NFL Draft, Seattle Seahawks stepped up to the podium and took Russell Wilson.

This was also the year when the couple decided to make things official and get married. On 14 January 2012, Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem stepped on the altar, exchanged vows, and kissed while the priest pronounced the two, man and wife. The wedding took place in Virginia, and the couple was happy together while Russell’s career in the NFL was taking off despite most of the pundits writing him off as a top-level signal-caller.

Ashton and Russel at the NFL Honors Awards.Ashton Meem and Russell Wilson separated after some rumors and personal matters.
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But the marriage was not to be, there was some trouble between the couple and the controversy ruined their relationship.

Golden Tate and Russell Wilson’s Wife Controversy

Golden Tate and Russell Wilson's wife were said to be involved with each other.Golden Tate and Russell Wilson’s wife were said to be involved with each other.
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There started rumors the wife of Russell Wilson cheated on him with his teammate, Golden Tate. The rumor was enough to instigate the player to file for divorce, and in 2014, after two years of marriage, the couple was separated and soon got divorced.

Golden Tate was not happy he was dragged into the domestic case between the married couple, and he clarified he did not get involved with a married woman and even talked about Russell not talking to him before filing for divorce. The marriage ended the years-long relationship in an unceremonious fashion which was not what anyone wanted.

Aston Meem and Golden Tate were rumored to be in a relationship.Ashton Meem was rumored to be cheating on Russell Wilson with Golden Tate.
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Ashton was pointedly avoiding media and not talking about the end of the marriage, and Russell also gave a vague statement of not wanting to talk about any of the personal matters. He later stated the whole thing was hard, considering they were in love since high school, but he believed God would show him the way.

Moving On

Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem got divorced.Russell Wilson and Ashton Meem went their separate ways after the divorce.
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Ashton’s Instagram and other social media accounts are private, and she never appeared in any relationship rumors except for the one, which ended her marriage. To this point, we are not certain whether she ever remarried or is currently in a relationship. She loved her then-husband, but the relationship was not to be, and the most probable scenario is she moved on with her life just like Russell did.

About a year after his divorce from his wife, Russell Wilson was seen with R&B singer Ciara who also recently got out of a relationship with the rapper Future. They started dating in 2015, and soon in 2016, Russell decided she was the one which is why he proposed, and the couple made the engagement public on 11 March 2016.

Russell Wilson and Ciara got married and they welcomed their daughter.Russell Wilson and Ciara got married and welcomed their first child together.
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Almost four months after the engagement, the player was married to his new wife. The ceremony took place in Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, England, on 6 July 2016. After the marriage, Russell became the step-father to Ciara’s son from her engagement to Future, and soon Future Zahir became a big brother when Ciara gave birth to the couple’s first child, Sienna Princess Wilson.

The couple is still married and they went on their honeymoon a year ago. Russell also became the highest-paid football player when he signed a $140 million contract with the Seahawks, so things are going good for the Wilson family.

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