Barbara Eve Harris’ Face Scar: Is It Real or Fake? Treatment!

Barbara Eve Harris’s scar is fake and not real. Her character in FUBAR had a phony scar created using makeup and prosthetics, so it doesn’t need to be treated and can be removed by a makeup artist.

The Netflix series FUBAR frequently gives the impression that it ought to succeed. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a celebrity of the 1980s, parodying his action persona in a streaming series has a lot of potentials, after all. Leading the amazing FUBAR cast in the brand-new series, which premiered on May 25. The main character of the action comedy is a CIA agent who is about to retire when he is called back in for one last operation to assist another agent—who just so happens to be his daughter. The family gathering develops into a hilarious and exciting spy story.

Barbara Eve Harris plays Dot, the agent in charge of the mission to collect Emma, in FUBAR. She had previously appeared in the HBO miniseries Sharp Objects as Eileen Curry, the Netflix original series Messiah as Katherine Bailey, and Chicago P.D. as Emma Crowley.

Dot Okoye, the CIA director for FUBAR, is portrayed by Barbara Eve Harris and introduced in the second episode of the show. She was observed with a noticeable scar on her left cheek. Is the injury real or fake? Let’s get into detail about the scar and its treatment.

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Barbara Eve Harris Has a Fake Scar for Her Role in Fubar. It Doesn’t Need to Be Treated and Can Be Removed by a Makeup Artist, as It Is Not Real!

Going through Netflix’s FUBAR, we meet Dot Okoye, portrayed by Barbara Eve Harris, and we quickly notice the scar on her face. Due to her character as the agent in charge of the mission to collect Emma in FUBAR, she might have faced the scar, but is it real? Let’s find out!

FUBAR’s Dot Okoye, played by Barbara Eve Harris, appears to be a boss or a leader behind the scenes based on the character’s appearance. Dot is one of the characters to watch out for while binge-watching because little is known about her before the premiere of the new program.

Barbara Eve Harris's scar is fake for her role in FUBAR. celebsindepth.comBarbara Eve Harris’s scar is fake for her role in FUBAR.
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Talking again about her face scar, no, Barbara Eve Harris’ scar is fake. Her face in FUBAR had a phony scar created using makeup and prosthetics. She must fight as an agent to find Emma from FUBAR. This gave her character a more experienced, authoritative appearance, as though she had been through a lot. FUBAR doesn’t explain how Director Okoye acquired the scar, but given her reputation as a fierce CIA agent, it’s likely that she did so on the job. As the scar is fake, it doesn’t need to be treated and can be removed by a makeup artist.

She wants Top Gun: Maverick’s Monica Barbaro as Emma and Arnie’s Luke Brunner as his daughter Emma to work together after a mission gone wrong in Guyana. The strategy, however, is unpopular because Luke and Emma interfered with each other during the previous assignment and had no idea about their individual CIA careers.

Throughout the series, Director Okoye makes another appearance to inform the Brunners and their crew of the mission’s upcoming steps. She may be the CIA director, but her job is more like that of a teacher trying to maintain control over a group of operatives who spend much of their time fighting like a bunch of naughty kids.

To give the character a sense of authority and experience, as it demonstrates that Barbara Eve Harris has seen her fair share of action, the wound will have been applied through makeup and prosthetics. Director Okoye’s scar is not explained in FUBAR, but as a CIA agent, she likely sustained the injury while working in the field earlier in her career. She might have become injured and then decided to work at a desk job, which helped her get the position of director because doing undercover work would have been harder with a large scar on her face.

Barbara Eve Harris's scar can be removed by a makeup artist. celebsindepth.comBarbara Eve Harris’s scar can be removed by a makeup artist.
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From 1994 to 1996, she starred in the Canadian drama series Side Effects. She was nominated for a Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Continuing Leading Dramatic Role for her work on the show. She appeared as a guest star on American television shows such as Revenge, Party of Five, The West Wing, Commander in Chief, Private Practice, Criminal Minds, and Knots Landing. She additionally made appearances in other made-for-television movies, such as Woman on the Run.

From 2006 through 2009, Harris played FBI Agent Felicia Lang in a recurrent role on the Fox drama series Prison Break. She also made an appearance in Prison Break: The Final Break. She played Sheriff Sherry Liston in a recurring role on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation from 2011 to 2012. She has primarily played action-packed performers. She performs her duties to the best of her ability.