Where Is the American BBQ Showdown Season 2 Filmed? Filming Locations!

Talking about the filming locations, the entire eight-episode of the American BBQ Showdown Season 2 is filmed in Covington, Georgia. The name of the property is EnChanning Occasions is located at 640 Channing Cope Rd, Covington.

People have been infatuated with the process of smoking, grilling, and eating grilled foods for generations. The American Barbecue Showdown provides viewers with an in-depth look at this process while also delighting them with some unhealthy competition. The judges and participants are a diverse group of brilliant individuals with diverse backgrounds and cooking skills. The eight-episode Netflix series dives more personally into the flavors of BBQ and the lifestyles of the pitmasters without reinventing the wheel of cooking competition shows.

The game takes place in a massive rural barn, with each contender assigned to their own backyard BBQ space, complete with a smoker and grill. Unlike many other food events, the presentation of the foods is significantly less essential in BBQ competitions than the actual flavor. The judges choose the proteins and the structure of the plates before the contestants know what they’re going to cook, sometimes even limiting them to a specific method of preparing the meat, resulting in a delicious end result.

And with the recent release of the second season of BBQ Showdown, many viewers have been curious to learn bout the show’s location and wonder where was the show filmed. Well, if you too are searching for the same answer, here is everything you need to know.

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The American BBQ Showdown Season 2 Is Filmed in Covington, Georgia!

Netflix’s The American BBQ Showdown introduces a new type of cooking competition to your television screens. The principle appears to be simple: the contestants must simply grill some nice food. But where was it really located? The entire eight-episode of the barbecue-cooking competition show was filmed in Covington, Georgia. The state’s barbeque style has grown in prominence in recent years, so it was an obvious choice for a location. Furthermore, Maverick TV USA Executive Producer John Hesling stated regarding their idea,

We thought a lot about the tone. We didn’t want a show with people screaming and fighting. You get sick of that after a while. We wanted to re-create that sense of happiness and community you feel when you’re cooking outside with your family.

The American BBQ Showdown Season 2 is filmed in Covington, Georgia. celebsindepth.comThe American BBQ Showdown Season 2 is filmed in Covington, Georgia.
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In September 2019, the reality show was taped on a cattle farm east of Atlanta. Following yellow boards with the term ‘SMKD’ (relating to ‘Smoked,’ a working title) after exiting the I-20 at Covington, one might reach the massive farm. The lovely property was discovered by James Brooke, a producer with All3Media America and a TV production instructor at Georgia State University. He examined a slew of alternative locations before settling on the farm.

In that regard, the property is owned by Drew and Brittany Smith, who had just finished building a 36-foot-tall barn when they were approached by Netflix. EnChanning Occasions is the name of the property, and the actual address is 640 Channing Cope Rd, Covington. Georgia’s hefty tax breaks were definitely the frosting on the cake for the production.

Furthermore, according to reports, the show also had a large production team, and the competition lasted three weeks. Later, John added,

Competition doesn’t get more delicious than in the world of barbecue, especially when it comes to our eight hopeful pitmasters as they stoke their flames against each other, and the clock, to be crowned American Barbecue Champion. Distinct flavors, techniques, creativity and humor are all on display as our barbecue competitors are put to the test in the hottest battle they’ve ever faced in American Barbecue Showdown.

Meet the Judges of BBQ Showdown!

Melissa Cookston (@melissa.cookston) is one of the judges for Netflix’s The American BBQ Showdown competition. According to a press release, she is the only woman to have won five entire hog titles, the only woman to have won the Memphis in May Grand Champion title twice, and the only person to have won three whole hog titles three years in a row.

Born and raised in the Mississippi Delta, Melissa Cookston is also the owner of the restaurant Steak by Melissa in Southaven, Mississippi, and Memphis BBQ Company in Horn Lake, Mississippi, Fayetteville, North Carolina, and Dunwoody, Georgia.

The American Barbecue Showdown is judged by Melissa Cookston and Kevin Bludso. celebsindepth.comThe American BBQ Showdown is judged by Melissa Cookston and Kevin Bludso.
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Melissa is joined by famous pitmaster Kevin Bludso (@kevinbludsobbq), the owner of Bludso’s BBQ in Los Angeles. According to a press release, he founded Bludso’s BBQ, a tiny takeout BBQ stand in Compton, California, in 2008. It has since expanded into an international empire, with a flagship restaurant in Hollywood, Bludso’s Bar & Que, a concession stand at the LAFC Soccer Stadium, a location in Proud Bird by LAX, and a sprawling restaurant and bar called San Antone by Bludso’s BBQ in Melbourne, Australia.

Furthermore, Bludso is also a cookbook author. His debut book, The Bludso Family Cookbook: BBQ Soul Food and Family, From Compton to Corsicana, was released in 2022.