BBQ Showdown Season 2 Winner, Thyron Matthews: Where Is He Now?

May 29, 2023 @ 5:35 GMT-0500
BBQ Showdown Season 2 Winner, Thyron Matthews: Where Is He Now?

Thyron Matthews, aka "Big T" was the winner of The BBQ Showdown Season 2's contest. He doesn't appear to be active on social media, and he now runs a catering company out of Iowa with his uncle.

The Netflix series BBQ Showdown, also known as The American Barbecue Showdown, is a barbecue fanatic's dream come true. Thanks to its skilled cast and accomplished judges who successfully elevate this specialized form of cooking without straying from the fundamentals, the cookery series has won the hearts of many. The show's recently released second season featured several noteworthy chefs, including Logan Sandoval, who almost missed being named the champion.

Season 2 of Barbecue Showdown, available exclusively on Netflix, debuted on May 26, 2023. The host of the program was Michelle Buteau. Kevin Bludso and Melissa Cookston serve as judges for this season. The two outstanding people had a big influence on the BBQ industry. Eight barbecue chefs from throughout the nation compete in The Barbecue Showdown for a chance to take home the $50,000 top prize.

People have been wondering about the winner of the show, and we are here to spoil the same result! So let us go into further details about the winner of season 2 of Netflix's BBQ Showdown.

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Thyron Matthews, the BBQ Showdown Season 2 Winner, Now Runs a Catering Company!

The BBQ Showdown and Season 2's overall winner was Thyron Matthews aka "Big T". He triumphed in the Barbecue Showdown, beating out eight other competitors from across the nation for the top prize of $50,000.

Though Thyron Matthews doesn't appear to be active on social media, he does appear to be leading a happy life as of this writing. Kevin Bludso (@kevinbludsobbq) and Melissa Cookston (@melissacookston) served as judges for this season's BBQ Showdown. These two outstanding people have had a huge influence on the barbeque industry. Thyron has been cooking meat outdoors for close to thirty years, so he is no stranger to the craft. Barbecuing was a regular part of his upbringing on a Florida farm, and he had a ton of original recipes to use on the grill or in the kitchen.

Thyron Matthews is the winner of The BBQ Showdown. celebsindepth.comThyron Matthews is the winner of The BBQ Showdown.
Source: Netflix Life

Although it's not exactly a backyard barbecue feast, the cooking competition series BBQ Showdown on Netflix has several pitmasters and barbecue professionals who compete to prepare the greatest beef, chicken, and hog. It was challenging competing alongside other contenders like Thyron Matthews, even though many of these masters of the smoke had won earlier contests and might be well-liked in their hometowns.

Thyron Matthews, who is from Oelwein, Iowa, entered the Netflix BBQ Showdown cooking competition, aiming to make a name for himself as a culinary expert and hoping to leave his day job as a jail warden in Fayette County, Iowa. Even though his meat was undercooked, he did well in the first task. He quickly found his groove and ended up crushing the second task, which required the competitors to employ various peppers to produce mouthwateringly spicy dishes.

Despite facing his fair share of opposition in BBQ Showdown, Thyron Matthews maintained his performance throughout the contest. His efforts only got better as the grand finale drew near. The cooks had to prepare cuisine using barbecue rigs fashioned out of discarded appliances for the fifth task. His rural origins made this appealing, and he easily defeated the opposition. For the sixth round, he teamed up with Logan Sandoval, and much to his delight, they triumphed in the team assignment.

Thyron Matthews is not active on social media. celebsindepth.comThyron Matthews is not active on social media.
Source: Cinemaholics

Thyron Matthews runs a catering company out of Iowa with his uncle. Of course, you can also purchase his sauce online if you want to top your clumsy attempts with it. For individuals looking to prepare excellent meals that are juicy and full of flavor, the brand has a wide selection of premium sauces and rubs. On the company's website, customers can also buy products. He plans to use the $50,000 and cutting-edge smoking equipment he won after winning the Netflix competition show, BBQ Showdown to advance his abilities and business.

Thyron Matthews has not officially stated whether he is still a warden at the Fayette County Jail, although it appears that he is doing so professionally. The winner of the Barbecue Showdown has achieved great success in his chosen industry, and you can visit his website (T&T BBQ) to learn more about how a true barbecue king conducts business. We hope that everything works out for him and his loved ones in the future and that his culinary aspirations come true soon.

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