Rollie Pollie’s Plastic Surgery: Did She Go Other Procedures Other Than BBL?

Rollie Pollie had a BBL surgery to shape her body; other than that, she didn’t have any other plastic surgery. Before having BBL, fans urged her to undergo weight loss surgery. She appears well, though, thus far.

Baddies West actress Rollie Pollie, whose actual name is Goldie Martin, is speaking about her experience having plastic surgery. At Goals Plastic Surgery, the confident plus-size queen showed off the first results of her double BBL. Her personality is significantly more pronounced. Fans were astonished by the reality star‘s decision to have surgery because, at her weight, she certainly doesn’t seem prepared for a dangerous procedure like BBL. Has she undergone additional plastic surgery?

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Rollie Pollie Did Undergo a BBL but Didn’t Have Any Other Plastic Surgery Procedures!

Did Rollie Pollie undergo any plastic surgery? The star of Baddies West, startled and surprised a couple of her followers on May 14 when she announced via Instagram Live that she would be getting a BBL. While some admirers applauded the star’s choice, Masika Kalysha, a former cast member of Love & Hip-Hop, warned the feisty internet celebrity to avoid the treatment owing to her weight.

Rollie Pollie had a BBL surgery. celebsindepth.comRollie Pollie had a BBL surgery.
Source: Instagram

Rollie also discussed how she wanted to have control over her post-surgery physique, which would not be feasible if she had anything other than BBL. She was concerned that weight loss procedures like gastric bypass and sleeve might not yield the desired outcomes. She said;

I don’t want to become too upset at this time because a lot of people don’t know why I’m having surgery, why I want it so soon, and why I’m not choosing the gastric sleeve. To start, I’m deciding against the gastric sleeve because I want to be able to shape my physique however I want.

Further, she said she is deciding against the gastric sleeve because she wants to be able to shape her physique however she wants. And she has no idea why her physique appears to be so small. She wasn’t small when she was 11 years old. So, what happens if she does have a gastric sleeve and becomes too small and depressed? And you do!

Many of Gia ‘Rollie’ Mayham’s fans and followers have referred to her as “tough” after a video of her receiving chin lipo was uploaded to Twitter. The Zeus Network is filming the actress’ surgical procedures. According to a tweet from the network, “We love and applaud her transparency and bravery through the process!!”

Goals One of the most popular treatments is double BBL, which combines the patented FlexSculpt method, which effectively eliminates extra fat from targeted areas, with autologous fat transfer to the buttocks and hips. The proportionate transfer of the aspirated fat into the buttocks and hips emphasizes a fuller, rounder appearance that is tailored to each patient’s unique body shape. Because the fat is transferred to the buttocks and hips in this procedure rather than only the buttocks in standard BBLs, it is referred to as a Double BBL.

Rollie Pollie appears well after the surgery thus far. celebsindepth.comRollie Pollie appears well after the surgery thus far.
Source: Instagram

Rollie addresses her “belly, arms, and her back” in a video that was uploaded to her Instagram account. She went on to say that semaglutide injections have lessened her cravings for fatty or sweet foods and increased her water intake.

In front of our eyes, Rollie underwent the Flex Sculpt and Double BBL operation, grinning and laughing as she described the procedure. Even as the fat was being pulled out, she let her stomach show to the crowd. In contrast to standard liposuction, which involves a far more intrusive scraping procedure in which fat is scraped from inside the body and vacuumed out, FlexSculpt uses a specialized air-pressure system to help gently draw away fat.

Rollie Pollie is obtaining the figure she wants, which is admirable; nevertheless, many of her followers are concerned that BBL surgery may not be the best course of action in her situation. They do adore her. They had fallen in love with the actress because of her outrageous sense of humor and her lack of regard for what other people thought of her. Her supporters were shocked by her sudden choice to sign with BBL, which sounded too irrational and like it was a result of her internalizing fat-shaming (what others had been saying about her).

Rollie Pollie didn't have any other plastic surgery. celebsindepth.comRollie Pollie didn’t have any other plastic surgery.
Source: Instagram

Fans and detractors have reacted and commented on Rollie’s surgery multiple times, raising questions about her safety for surgery and her BMI (body mass index). Apart from this, fans even wonder if she has undergone any other plastic surgery for her appearance. Well, no, she didn’t have any other cosmetic procedures other than double BBL.

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