Does Anna Cathcart Use Braces for the Gap in Her Teeth?

Anna Cathcart doesn’t use braces despite having gaps in her teeth. Although she has not opened up about the reason behind not using braces, fans instantly commented about it, which has made her appear insecure as she doesn’t smile in any photos as she used to.

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Lara Jean‘s little sister Kitty undertakes a significant shift halfway around the world in the name of love and reuniting with her roots in the Netflix spinoff series XO, Kitty. The young matchmaker, who is originally from Portland, Oregon, travels to Seoul, South Korea, to enroll at the elite Korean Independent School of Seoul (affectionately abbreviated KISS), which her mother had attended. Dae, Kitty’s long-distance boyfriend, is a top student at the institution, so she intends to advance their relationship.

Anna Cathcart has done a great job as the lead in XO Kitty; who would have thought that the young girl would give her best performance? She has changed a lot since we first saw her when she was young. Now, she is adored by fans, but the thing that bothers them is her teeth. She doesn’t have straight teeth and has a gap between them, which made fans wonder about her not using braces.

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Fans Always Comment on the Teeth Gap of Anna Cathcart, but She Hasn’t Used Braces!

Despite having gaps between her teeth, Anna Cathcart (@annacathcart) does not use braces. Every action she takes is being attentively watched, and everyone is paying close attention to how she looks. Many of her followers are simply searching for her on Google. She doesn’t have straight teeth. As a lead actress and well-known personality, why hasn’t she used braces?

Anna Cathcart isn't using braces. celebsindepth.comAnna Cathcart isn’t using braces.
Source: Instagram

Since Anna Cathcart first appeared on TV at an early age, she doesn’t appear to be troubled by her gaping teeth. When she was six or seven years old, the emerging star made her acting debut in a few commercials, including ones for Crayola and Campbell’s Soup. She also grew up watching the Disney Channel, which served as her primary source of inspiration for her on-screen performances.

A rising star in the film industry, Anna Cathcart has already amassed a sizable following of admirers who are in awe of her impeccable acting abilities. Fans can always spot the smallest alteration in their favorite celebrity, though. As a result, when a spin-off series centered on Kitty‘s search for true love was announced, audiences were overjoyed.

You can see her Anna Cathcart gaping teeth if you look through her Instagram photos and videos. Yet she always smiles brightly and hasn’t had braces put on to straighten her teeth. In addition, her tooth spacing is visible in every scene, indicating that she hasn’t changed her appearance while playing a movie star. Some others think the actress is missing teeth, specifically her lateral incisors. She has chosen not to publicly address or confirm these rumors, despite the interest of her followers.

Anna Cathcart has gaps in her teeth. celebsindepth.comAnna Cathcart has gaps in her teeth.
Source: Instagram

People are accustomed to the fact that everyone in the entertainment sector pays close attention to how they appear and makes a lot of effort to look their best (creating a multimillion-dollar industry for hair, makeup, style, etc.). To conform to what society considers attractive, someone who does not like the way they look may even get plastic surgery. For celebrities, having the best teeth and the happiest smile is essential. As a result, even if they are imperfect—that is, not quite straight and aligned—they nevertheless complete the task.

Have you ever noticed how every photo of her with an open mouth and a smile is of Anna Cathcart when she was younger, even though she appears secure in her appearance? Since there isn’t a single photo of her grinning with her mouth open, it is clear that she now only grins with her lips pursed. She certainly gives her teeth a lot of thought.

Anna Cathcart doesn't smile with an open mouth as she used to. celebsindepth.comAnna Cathcart doesn’t smile with an open mouth as she used to.
Source: Instagram

Her small gaps, which are visible when she smiles and opens her mouth to talk, are acceptable. It’s not acceptable for her supporters to constantly point out how she has bad teeth and to give her unwarranted praise concerning her teeth. She is being affected by comments of this nature.